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Store All of Your Spices With These Convenient Spice Jars

January 7th, 2020 at 3:55 PM

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Cooking a delectable meal requires the perfect combination of seasoning and spices, amongst other things. But for all intents and purposes, the meal’s flavor is largely based on what ingredients you use. For those who like to get a bit creative in the kitchen, so to speak, there is no spice that isn’t considered “fair game,” leading to some interesting and downright delicious combinations. If you want to always have a plethora of spices on hand, you should get some spice jars to store them. Whether you like to purchase your spices in bulk and need a smaller container for everyday use or just don’t like their original packaging, getting your own pack of spice jars can be far more convenient, at least from an organizational standpoint. Furthermore, it makes it easier to mix and match in ways you, frankly, never thought were possible. And if you’re someone who keeps all of their herbs and spices on a spice rack in the kitchen for full display, getting matching spice jars is basically a necessity. For those in the market for an inexpensive spice jar set, well, you’re in luck — there are plenty of great deals on the web right now. Let’s look at some of the best of them.

Best Traditional Spice Jar Set

The SimpleHouseware 12 Square Spice Bottles (4oz) w/label Set is the perfect traditional 12-piece spice jar set that will fit exactly on any spice rack. In addition to the twelve, 1-3/4″ x 4-1/8″ bottles, the full set comes with 48 different spice labels — from simple vanilla to saffron, to black pepper — and 20 different blank labels so you can put whatever you’d like in the bottle, whether that’s a homemade blend of herbs and spices or anything else you can think of. These simple, yet elegant spice jars look great on a shelf or boxed away in a spice organizer. Plus, they’re ultra-durable, and we found that their simple design makes for hassle-free storage and easy organization. Each label can be placed on an easy-to-read part of the bottle, so you’ll never have trouble locating your desired spice again, especially considering they’ll now all be in one place.

SimpleHouseware Spice Jars 4 Ounce Square Bottles w/label, 12 Pack List Price:$19.99 Price:$15.87 You Save:$4.12 (21%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Spice Jar Set

Of course, if you need more than 12 different bottles for your vast collection of herbs and spices, you might want to opt for something that gives you additional options. And from a sheer value standpoint, you’re not getting a better set than this Aozita 36 Pcs Glass Spice Jars with 612 Spice Labels. This set, quite literally, has it all, as it includes 36 square empty glass spice jars, 36 shaker lids, 36 metal caps, two different kinds of waterproof spice jar labels (three in total: pre-printed clear PVC labels, chalkboard labels, and blank slate labels), and a collapsable, easy-to-use funnel to transfer your spices into their new homes. The assortment of labels, which includes 612 preprinted round spice labels in total and 32 completely blank labels, essentially ensures you can store all 36 of your herbs, spices, and ingredients with any custom name you want without mixup. Furthermore, these 4″ x 1 3/4″ jars contain a 1 1/4″ opening, allowing for a variety of different uses both in the kitchen and outside of it. You can opt to use them as traditional spice jars or even as little jars for creative activities or DIY products. They’re made of ultra-durable, high-quality lead-free glass, so you won’t have to worry about them easily breaking. And even if they do, they come with a full money-back guarantee, making this a completely risk-free purchase at its very core.

Aozita 36 Pcs Glass Spice Jars with Spice Labels - 4oz Empty Square Spice Bottles - Shaker Lids… Price:$35.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Magnetic Spice Jar Set

From both an aesthetic and functionality standpoint, this set of 12 Magnetic Spice Tins & 2 Types of Spice Labels from Talented Kitchen is a great option for your home spice collection. The set comes with 12 metal tins, two types of pre-printed labels (PVC and chalkboard) and a magnetic conversion chart to get you started. Additionally, this magnetic set features an abundance of labels — 113 Clear PVC Spice Labels and 126 Chalkboard Spice Labels, with 96 of the most common spice names and 17 blank stickers to give you a high degree of autonomous customization. These 3 oz. jars are a little shorter than a traditional spice jar, but they make up for it elsewhere, with dimensions of 2.5″ D x 2″ H. Conversely, the best part about these containers is how securely you can seal them, thanks to their magnetic lids. All in all, they’re easy to seal, store, and organize, making them a no-brainer option for spice racks and cabinets everywhere.

Talented Kitchen 12 Magnetic Spice Tins and 2 Types of Spice Labels. 12 Storage Spice Container… Price:$19.95 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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