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Nintendo’s official merchandise storefront on Amazon is here just in time for Black Friday

Nintendo Black Friday deals

No question, Nintendo’s myriad products are among the most sought-after deals in advance of this year’s Black Friday frenzy, whether it’s the Nintendo Switch console that remains incredibly popular, plus games for the console, and much more.

In case you needed one more outlet to turn to as you seek out hot Nintendo deals, it seems the gaming giant has opened a new official Amazon storefront for its merchandise, which you can check out here. The fact that Black Friday is nearly at hand may have factored into the question of why now, and as you can see yourself the storefront is a source for everything from Nintendo-branded toys to clothing and a wide assortment of other finds.

Below, you can what the storefront actually looks like — and as you’ll probably notice, the theme here seems to be offering up as much Nintendo-branded merch as possible that’s separate from the games themselves. That includes items like Legend of Zelda action figures and Mario Kart remote-controlled toy vehicles.

If you’ve got a Nintendo fan you’ll be shopping for his holiday season, it might be especially helpful to have a one-stop-shop like this one in case you’re looking for ideas for non-game gifts and weren’t sure where else to start your search:

We should add, in case it wasn’t obvious, that this merch storefront is distinct from the existing Nintendo-branded storefront the company has had through Amazon for a while now.

Meanwhile, as you continue your Black Friday shopping, don’t forget that Nintendo also has a number of solid deals that you can find from major retailers like Walmart and Best Buy as well as through Nintendo itself. Some of those deals include this $299 Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe bundle available at Walmart, as well as discounts on a slew of Nintendo Switch games available through Amazon.

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