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Learn more about yourself with DNA tests that are discounted at Amazon

Published Dec 24th, 2021 7:12PM EST

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It never hurts to be informed. Finding out what is different about our body and what makes it up can be interesting but also lifesaving. You can go to your doctor’s office and they can run blood work tests but that can cost a lot of money. At-home DNA tests are another way to get the information you want.

With DNA tests that you can use in the luxury of your home, they can offer up solutions to your problems. But they typically force you to spend a lot of money. Thankfully, at Amazon right now, you can save a bunch of money. That’ll surely come in handy during the holidays. Here are the best deals on DNA tests at Amazon right now.

DNA tests from 23andMe

Seeing the screens for 23andMe
23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service on screens. Image source: 23andMe/Amazon

Start at the beginning with the 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service. These DNA tests offer you your ancestry composition, allowing you to discover the origins of your DNA. It tells you where in the world you come from. You will learn about generations prior and where they descended from as well as ethnicity. It also lets you opt into DNA relatives, matching you with your relatives who also have the service.

You will drill down the details of your ancestry to see how certain family members ended up where. See overlapping chromosome segments between you and your matches to help you triangulate new relatives. It will also lay out how your DNA affects your taste and smell preferences. Your ability to match musical pitch is affected by your DNA.

All of this is in a private and secure platform, so you don’t have to worry about your data. Your traits and ancestry are for you to know and up to you on how much you want to share. If you purchase this now, you’ll save 20%. Get it for only $79.99.

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Get more info for your health

With more information regarding your health, the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service gives you a personal genetic DNA test. This lets you know your genes. You will learn how genetics can influence your chances of developing certain conditions or if you’ve inherited any. The ancestry and trait features allow you to map out your family tree. It can match your DNA from across 2,000 regions to pinpoint more about your ancestors.

Health predisposition reports are used to help you see what you may experience in the future. You’ll also receive wellness reports. You’ll enjoy health information on top of everything from the Ancestry + Traits service. This is down to just $129 right now, saving you $70.

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Even more info

23andMe health and ancestry screens
Features from the 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service. Image source: 23andMe/Amazon

There are more DNA tests to take a look at. If you want more than the previous two options, the 23andMe Premium Membership Bundle is also discounted. This provides you the full Health + Ancestry and Traits + Ancestry services. But it also gives you premium reports and features. The one-year membership includes exclusive access to DNA insights to help you learn about your health. They are delivered to you throughout the calendar year.

You can also retain access to these reports through the annual membership fee. The premium DNA insights help you remain proactive in your health and wellness journey. This learns about your DNA by collecting your saliva. You’ll save $90 if you hurry up and get this for just $139. Learn more about your ancestry and DNA with 23andMe.

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