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Full gallons of hand sanitizer cost less right now at Amazon than tiny Purell bottles

Published Jan 18th, 2021 12:41PM EST
Image: Goffkein/Adobe

It has now been about a year since the novel coronavirus pandemic first began, and Powecom KN95 face masks are still the most popular items our readers buy. They cost $25.99 these days instead of $45 per 10-pack, and our readers have been loading up on them while coronavirus case numbers and deaths continue to soar all across the US. Best-selling AccuMed cup style KN95 masks are also quite popular right now, and they’re available at a discount that slashes them to just $2.12 each.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

It should go without saying that hand sanitizer is also extremely popular these days with our readers, and people are buying it online for a few different reasons. Purell is impossible to find in stores in some areas of the country, and there are also plenty of people who are still trying to avoid shopping in stores if they can help it. The good news is that on top of those reasons, now you have one more: Hand sanitizer is often much less expensive online these days than it is in stores.

Purell is obviously the most popular hand sanitizer brand among our readers, and Amazon has plenty of Purell in stock right now. Not only that, it’s offering some shocking discounts — prime examples include 31% off Purell hand sanitizer pump bottles and 4-packs of 1-liter Purell bottles at the lowest price we’ve seen in months.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

Purell sold directly by Amazon is indeed available at great prices, but it’s often only available in bulk. Single bottles are in stock as well, but they’re only with third-party sellers and only with gouged prices — head over to Amazon right now and you’ll find that a decent-sized pump bottle of Purell costs a whopping $25!

If you have Purell bottles at home already or any other hand sanitizer bottles that you can simply refill instead of buying new ones, there’s a sale right now on Amazon that you definitely need to take advantage of. It’s a terrific brand that is exclusively sold by Amazon, and it has the same 70% alcohol content as Purell, according to the manufacturer. The brand is called Clean Revolution and you will be shocked at how inexpensive it is right now thanks to a sale on Amazon.

Remember when we told you that a single 12oz bottle of Purell can cost as much as $25. Well, you can pick up 1-gallon jugs of Clean Revolution Hand Sanitizer for just $13.77 each. That’s 128 ounces for under $14 when 12-ounce pump bottles of Purell can cost as much as $25!

This is a fantastic deal indeed, but it’s only available for a limited time so pick up a few bottles now before it’s too late.

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