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First big coronavirus face mask sale cuts price to just 41¢ per mask

Published May 27th, 2020 8:02AM EDT
Image: Drazen Zigic/Shutterstock
  • Face masks with filters have been in stock and for sale for weeks now, and our readers have bought tens of thousands of boxes since the CDC recommends that we all wear them to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
  • Prices have come down in recent weeks, and the best-selling face masks on Amazon now cost just 70¢ each.
  • That had been the best price we’ve seen for top-rated masks until now, thanks to a special coupon that slashes the price of Sfave 3-layer face masks to just 41¢ apiece.

How is it possible that there are people out there who are still complaining about having to wear a face mask? Are you people insane?! It’s not just conjecture anymore, people… it’s a scientific fact that wearing a face mask and practicing social distancing protects you from contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus. Yet somehow there are still whiny people out there complaining that wearing a face mask somehow infringes on their freedom. Seriously, give me a break.

Unless you’re a moron, you understand how serious COVID-19 can be whether or not you have any known pre-existing conditions. You’ve also read all the expert opinions on the benefits of wearing a face mask anytime you’re outside your home. The CDC says it quite clearly on its website: “everyone should wear a cloth face cover when they have to go out in public.” If you do that while also practicing social distancing and using alcohol-based hand sanitizer (there’s plenty in stock right now at Amazon) anytime you touch objects or surfaces in public places, you’ll protect yourself and everyone around you from catching COVID-19. It’s so easy, you’d have to be crazy not to do it.

As far as face masks go, we can tell that BGR Deals readers are very responsible because they’ve bought tens of thousands of boxes of face masks over the past couple of months. If you’re running low or if you want to stock up on masks ahead of the inevitable second wave of coronavirus infections, we’ve got some fantastic news.

Prices of face masks have dropped dramatically over the past few weeks, and the best-selling Jointown face masks on Amazon now cost just 70¢ each. At that price, there’s no reason not to stock up on a few boxes. Before you buy those, however, we need to tell you about another option.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

Sfave 3-layer face masks have the same construction as Amazon’s best-selling masks. They also have the same design and great reviews. They’re not like N95 or KN95 masks, of course, though KN95 masks just arrived back in stock at Amazon and they’re down to $4 each. KN95 face masks are great for high-risk situations like taking public transportation, but regular 3-ply masks definitely do the job in normal circumstances as long as you’re also using social distancing and good hygiene.

70¢ each is already a fantastic price for something that could quite literally save your life, but a special limited-time deal on the Sfave face masks slashes the price even further. Use the coupon code F5CS46TK at checkout and you can get a 50-count box of 3-ply face masks for only $20.29. That’s less than 41¢ per mask! This coupon code is supposed to last through the end of the day on May 31 but we’re guessing these masks will sell out long before then. In other words, hurry up or you’ll miss out.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon
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