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ESCORT Radar’s latest radar detector is the most informative yet

Published Jun 9th, 2020 1:11PM EDT
Featured Escort Radar

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Many people like to have as much information as possible about most topics in their lives. News junkies find themselves pouring over the Internet or newspapers constantly wanting to stay up on the goings-on around them. Rarely do they want to be late to the party when it comes to a new topic or even a new technological advance. Having the latest tech can be a passion, especially if you’re someone who feels safety is extremely important. With its newest device for your car, ESCORT Radar continues to live on the edge of technology.

Available today, the ESCORT Redline 360c is the latest and greatest driver alert system added to its amazing line of radar detectors. A radar detector makes so much sense while you’re driving, as you’ll be able to avoid speed traps and other alerts, which are such a hassle. But this goes multiple steps further, with the built-in features and real-time alerts.

This has unbelievably long range that doubles the previous models, thanks to the dual antennae. This features a patented Redline Stealth antenna that is designed to keep cars invisible from detection. It combines an all-new Software Defined Radio architecture and AutoLearn® technology to give you more accuracy across more frequencies, saving you from possibly being detected. It can be yours for only $749.95!

Add pic Redline

You’ll be able to identify where the source of the detection is coming from while you’re driving, thanks to the front and rear radars, and the cloud-based technology built in links it up to one million annual ESCORT Live crowd-sourced alerts for areas with speed traps and red-light cameras to further your awareness. You will be informed with this detector, thanks to the in-car software and GPS-based threat map updates that all come through with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. The Redline 360c has an impressive processor, the Blackfin DSP chip, for 25x the processing power.

Driving undetected is possible with the TotalShield™ technology. This will provide you with location accuracy within 2.5 meters with the built-in Telit GPS receiver. The speed sensitivity is intelligent, boosting your alert accuracy. Perhaps the best part about this new detector is the false alert filtering it boasts. This multi-layer system automatically learns and rejects irrelevant alerts and IVT to identify which threats are legitimate and which are false.

You’ll feel as covered as possible when you have the ESCORT Redline 360c, as you’ll have cutting-edge technology along with a community of resources at your fingertips. $749.95 is a small price to pay for protection while you’re driving. So if you’re someone who needs to be in-the-know while driving, feed your news-hungry mind with the ESCORT Redline 360c, available right now. Visit ESCORT Radar’s website now and be protected.

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