Often overlooked as just a simple way to control the temperature in your house, most people don’t pay attention to their thermostats unless they’re sweating or freezing. That has changed for many people over the last couple of years as smart thermostats have invaded our homes. They aren’t just conveniently controlled from your smartphone (who wants to get up to change the temperature?) they also end up saving you money.

By taking into account when you’re home and when you’re out, you don’t have to worry about heating or cooling an empty household and wasting money. Also, did you know that when the air conditioning reaches the target temperature with a forced air system, the coil is still cool? So why not take advantage of this and still run the fan to grab that extra cool air for free?

That’s just one great feature of the latest batch of smart thermostats. It’s also part of what makes the Ecobee 3 smart Wi-Fi thermostat our top pick among them.

Another neat thing the Ecobee 3 offers before we get this party started… remote sensors.

How many people have their thermostat installed in the room they are most often concerned about keeping the temperature comfortable in? No one. With the Ecobee 3, you can utilize remote sensors to help tell the main unit what rooms you care about, instantly customizing your comfort and reducing wasted energy.

Also, this Ecobee supports HomeKit, meaning you can control it via Siri and other HomeKit compatible devices.

We’re giving away a brand new Ecobee 3 Wi-Fi smart thermostat with HomeKit, just follow the rules below to enter. Good luck!

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Also, if you aren’t the lucky winner this time around, the Ecobee 3 is certainly worth considering to replace your existing thermostat. Of note, Amazon’s price is currently lowest around.