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Best Tire Pressure Gauge

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A flat tire — or at least one that’s severely deprived of air — is always a nuisance. While it’s not the end of the world, nobody likes the way a car drives when there’s not enough air pressure. If it’s completely flat, then we’re talking about a safety issue. The same goes for an overinflated tire, which makes your car take longer to stop and is more prone to skidding. While some of these instances aren’t always in your control, there are ways you can monitor the situation — namely, by regularly checking your tires’ air pressure. To do this, you’re going to need a reliable tire pressure gauge that can properly assess the situation. There are plenty of tire pressure gauges on the market today, but which one, exactly, should you choose? That’s where we come in. Here are some of the best tire pressure gauges on the web.

Best 100 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge

For a full-range, 100 PSI tire pressure gauge that will get the job done time and again, the Vondior Tire Pressure Gauge is your best bet. This gauge is highly calibrated and accurate, with a PSI range of 1-100. It also features a swiveling valve connector that rotates on its axis for added convenience. Additionally, the gauge’s large dial with swivel valve hookup makes it easier than ever to measure air pressure at any tire angle. The best part is, this traditional tire pressure gauge doesn’t require any batteries or charging, yet it still delivers precision results every time.

Tire Pressure Gauge - (0-100 PSI) Heavy Duty, Certified ANSI Accurate with Large 2 Inch Easy to… List Price:$17.99 Price:$15.99 You Save:$2.00 (11%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator Set

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone and purchase a tire pressure gauge and inflator for when your tires inevitably read low, the Astro 3018 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator will do the trick nicely. The gauge is powered by standard AAA batteries and contains four times the lifespan of other digital tire pressure checkers. It’s ultra-durable, thanks to its new 21” stainless braided hose and rubber sleeve cover. It contains precision accuracy and 0.1psi resolution for use with TPMS and features an LCD screen and digital readout that details your KG, PSI, and BAR measurements. For simplicity, the device also contains an easy-to-use two-position lever for both inflation and deflation.

Astro Pneumatic Tool 3018 3.5" Digital Tire Inflator with Hose Price:$78.49 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Value Tire Pressure Gauge

The TEKTON Instant Read Digital Tire Gauge With Lighted Nozzle is a cheaper alternative that can still do an accurate job of reading your tires’ pressure. With a lighted nozzle and display screen, this digital pressure gauge gives you an easy-to-read and accurate reading every time. The gauge itself is also super easy to use; a simple push-button is used to turn the device on and off and find the desired range, while the nozzle easily seals to the valve for fast and precise measurement. All things considered, you’re not going to find a better deal on a tire pressure gauge than this device, period.

TEKTON Digital Tire Gauge | 5941 Price:$12.00 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission