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Best Steel Wool Sponge

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Trying to scrub the driest and most caked-on pieces of food and debris off the insides of your pots and pans can really be a workout for your arms and forearms. Sometimes a regular old soapy sponge is just not enough. You’ve tried to get the little bits of cupcake batter out of the cupcake mold or the crusted on parts of eggs dried to the inside of the pan. You need something indestructible that can really be used for attacking the hard-to-get pieces of food. With a steel wool sponge, you’ll be able to scrape away the parts that were left behind. These are great to work on metal pans and pots, as they provide a harder surface that a normal sponge does. The steel wool fibers will get to the bottom once and for all when it comes to the crud that is left over. We’ve highlighted five of the best steel wool sponges on the market to help you when it’s time to clean up.

Keep your kitchen covered with a large pack

With the versatility to be used in many different areas of the kitchen, the MR. SIGA Stainless Steel Scourer, Pack of 12 is a solid option. Each of them weighs 30 grams, so they won’t take up much room in your kitchen or even be hard to hold. These will clean pots, pans, grills, and ovens, allowing you to run them over any kind of metal surface. You’ll get rid of grease and any stubborn dirt that may be clinging to your areas. These are heavy duty and durable, so you can get plenty of uses out of them. They are soft but have a stretchy feel to them that makes them durable.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 12 that each weigh 30 grams
  • Will clean pots, pans, grills, and ovens
  • Gets rid of grease and any stubborn dirt
MR.SIGA Stainless Steel Scourer,Pack of 12,30g List Price:$15.99 Price:$12.99 ($1.08 / Count) You Save:$3.00 (19%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

A lesser pack in quantity, but not quality

Easy to store, the KTOJOY 6 Pack Stainless Steel Sponges is great for the kitchen and the bathroom. Made of 410 stainless steel, these can be used repeatedly. Each one measures 3″ x 3″ x 1.37″and allows you to clean easily. You can clean these by rinsing them off. Made from tightly coiled steel, the circular design follows a hand profile for easy usage. Each of these possesses a high surface area. They are flexible, soft and stretchy while featuring superior grip. The ergonomic design makes them easy to hold.

Key Features:

  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Made from tightly coiled stainless steel
  • Ergonomic design follows a hand profile for easy
6 Pack Stainless Steel Sponges, Scrubbing Scouring Pad, Steel Wool Scrubber for Kitchens, Bathr… Price:$6.99 ($1.16 / Count) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Battle grease on uncoated cookware

If you have had trouble cleaning your uncoated cookware, then you should check out the Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubbers, 3 Pack. These are great for pots, pans, broilers, grills and stoves. Each of them is long-lasting and durable, so you can use them over and over again without having to replace them. They cut through and remove tough soil and burnt food quickly, meaning you won’t have to scrub and scrub to get it clean.

Key Features:

  • Great for pots, pans, broilers, grills, and stoves
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Cuts through and removes tough soil and burnt food quickly
Scotch-Brite Stainless Steel Scrubbers, Ideal for Cast Iron Pans, Powerful Scrubbing for Stubbo… List Price:$9.74 Price:$2.48 ($0.83 / Count) You Save:$7.26 (75%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Make a cost-efficient decision

You won’t find a better bang-for-your-buck purchase for steel wool than the Red Devil 0321 Steel Wool. You can choose between eight pads or 16 and you can choose how coarse or fine you want the steel to be. This will clean and polish stainless steel and it will also remove rust spots from chrome. You can prepare surfaces between putting on more coats of varnish. These are ideal for most household chores and projects and they can be used for buffing and polishing furniture. Removing dried paint drips and auto finishing are just a few of the duties these can handle.

Key Features:

  • Comes in either eight or 16 pads while being offered in different textures
  • Will clean and polish stainless steel while removing rust spots from chrome
  • Ideal for most household chores and projects
Red Devil 0321, 000 Extra Fine, (Pack of 8) Steel Wool, 8 Pads Price:$7.33 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Get that cast iron pan clean

Cast iron pans have been known to rust after a while. In order to clean the rust out of it, you can use The Ringer. This has a patented XL 8″ x 6″ design that’s built for durability. This looks like chain mail and is machine soldered. This is set to last as long as your cast iron skillet and it washes off the grit and keeps the flavor locked in to the skillet. You don’t need to use any soap or detergent when you’re utilizing this. This is a multi-purpose scrubber that can be used on a number of surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Built for durability with an 8″ x 6″ design
  • Looks like chain mail and is machine soldered
  • Washes off the grit and keep the flavored locked in to the skillet
The Ringer - The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner, Patented XL 8x6 Inch Design List Price:$34.99 Price:$17.99 You Save:$17.00 (49%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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