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Best Handheld Harmonica

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Feel the Southern twang flowing through you as you put a harmonica up to your lips and start to make sweet music. A staple of blues culture, the harmonica provides a distinct sound and makes for a great accompanying piece to help accentuate different parts of a song. Those who are trained on harmonicas are a unique breed that can impress almost anyone. With the ability to play in different keys, you can harness your harmonica skills and add a great touch to your music. We’ve taken the liberty of finding you three different harmonicas that can suit your needs and become a staple of your percussion section.

Best Harmonica Varieties

Offering 13 different keys to suit almost any musical need, the Hohner Special 20 collection can help you reach as high or low of a note as you want. The smooth plastic body responds easily, so you can play it quickly and really kick up the pace. Made with German quality and craftsmanship, the brass reed plates are recessed into the comb. It will project loudly and there are 10 holes to blow through. The stainless steel cover plates won’t rust and it’s a very comfortable instrument to play. It comes with a carrying case, so you’ll be able to protect it and it fits nicely in a harmonica holder.

Hohner Harmonica, A (560PBX-A) Price:$39.48 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Harmonica for All Skill Levels

If you want to keep the same harmonica throughout your playing career, then the Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica is a terrific option for you. It’s designed to be easy to hold and it has a distinct, classic tone. The molded PVC comb and brass reeds keep the pitch steady and it comes in seven different key options. It has a traditional shape and the chrome metal covers make it comfortable. It comes with a vented, hard plastic case, so it’ll slide right into your pocket if need be.

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica, Key of D List Price:$14.99 Price:$12.99 You Save:$2.00 (13%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Best Harmonica for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere and the Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica is a great one to start with. It measures 10 x 2 x 3 cm, so it’s easy to hold for any age. The copper reed plate is covered by a stainless steel protective cover. You’ll get a rich blues sound with this, especially in the key of C. Swan tests every single harmonica before it is distributed to ensure top quality. To avoid any dust and scratches, you’ll receive a protective plastic case. You can clean it by hitting it with your hand on one side and wiping away anything that may have been blown into the harmonica.

Swan 10 Hole 20 Tones Harmonica Key of C Blues,Mini Harmonica for Beginners Price:$9.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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