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9 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on January 4th

Best Free iPhone Apps

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If yesterday’s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free wasnt’ enough for you, don’t worry because we’ve got a fresh new roundup for you to check out on Friday. Today’s list includes nine apps in total, but there’s one in particular that every single person needs to download ASAP. It’s the first one on the list below, and you’re crazy if you don’t install it. Trust us…

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

No Neighbor

Normally $0.99.

Completely stop spam phone calls that look like they’re coming from phone numbers similar to yours. No Neighbor is a call blocking extension sends these scam calls, known as “neighbor spoofing” or “neighbor spam” directly to voicemail, so your phone never rings.

Please note that No Neighbor sends ALL calls with the same area code and prefix as your number to voicemail. This means that if you have legitimate friends or family with phone numbers like that, their calls too will go directly to voicemail.

No Neighbor works only with phone numbers from the US and Canada.

Download No Neighbor

DJ Mixes

Normally $6.99.

DJ Mixes, electronic music from all around the globe, find all your favorite styles including, DJ live shows, electronic music podcasts and DJ music radios.
Automatically display within the app newest DJ mixes without you have to tap to anything.
DJ Mixes is a Universal app, compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Download DJ Mixes


Normally $1.99.

With the ever-evolving crytocurrency landscape reaching new heights, we found little in the way of coin discovery. As crypto enthusiasts, we decided to jump in and provide a way to stay current on the newest coins and where they’re available. Our current algorithm monitors over 100 exchanges and 2200 currencies and discovers more everyday.

We have implemented must-have discovery through multi-exchange APIs and are working on first class support for the most important exchanges as well as data enrichment. Upcoming features include tasteful notifications and exchange search.

Download CryptoCurrent

Puzzle Bonsai

Normally $0.99.

Puzzle Bonsai is a fresh and relaxing puzzle game where you take on the challenge of combining parts of the puzzle tree to form a correct equation. An excellent way to keep your thinking nimble every day of the year!


– Three different modes of play, words, numbers and shapes, each offering a unique challenge for different parts of your brain
– Easy, medium and hard difficulty levels with ten levels each combine to a total of 90 challenging levels
– Daily Puzzle mode, featuring new puzzles for every day of the year
– Visually compelling, animated, bonsai trees for every level to keep your mind in zen while you work on solving puzzles
– Relaxing oriental soundtrack and support for user selected custom music
– Game Center support


“Puzzle Bonsai is an excellent puzzle game. I really like how the entire game as a whole is presented to you and even though the puzzles can be really challenging, because of how mellow the game is and the music, you never really feel stressed out playing it.” – The Gamer With Kids

“Excellent multi-mode puzzle that really demands your full concentration.” “83/100” – Arcadelife

“the soothing graphics and music make this game a lot less stressful than math class” – Slide To Play

Download Puzzle Bonsai

Email Signature Pro

Normally $2.99.

Creating a great looking signature for your e-mail has never been easier.

Just input the information, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into the text/html field of your preferred e-mail client.

***please note:
There is the option to purchase additional Logo hosting. This fee is to cover the costs of hosting your logos on our servers. It is approximately $0.99. This is an optional purchase and if you would rather host the image yourself, feel free. Just paste the hosted image link in the logo url field.

What you can do with Signature Pro:
+Add a logo and get it hosted
+Add a name
+Add a title
+Add social media icons
+Add phone numbers
+Add e-mails
+Add addresses
+Add description text
+Add each element on separate rows
+Customize the background color
+Customize the title and name color
+Customize the detail text for each social media/phone/address etc item individually
+Increase and decrease the size of the logo
+Add URLS that make links clickable
And much more!

Download Email Signature Pro

Pixel Boat Rush

Normally $1.99.

Pixel Boat Rush is a frantic boat combat racing game! An easy to learn, hard to master, fun arcade racing game with loads of content! Featured by Apple countless times!

The gameplay mixes a one-touch racing mechanic with 2 weapon/defensive buttons. The progression features an in-depth career mode with RPG-like humoristic conversations with parodic characters, an endless mode and a boat crafting editor!


One-Touch Racing Mechanic:

Touch to accelerate, release to brake. Slow down on a wave to stick to it (bind speed requirement depends on the boat downforce, sometimes you have to slow down more). If you keep the gas pressed, you’ll jump off the waves. You can stick to water before the wave begins, but if you re-accelerate on a straight line, you’ll un-stick.

Releasing the gas while in the air will make you fall faster.

Obstacles and Power-Ups:

If air drag makes you quicker by staying on water, sometimes it’s best to jump. It could be for grabbing a power-up, avoiding an obstacle or a tricky set of waves.


Fighting with opponent brings a whole new dimension to the game. It not only adds action, but also tactical aspects, which quickly becomes a key for victory. For instance, slowing down to get behind an opponent to avoid being hit and let him deplete his bullet on another boat.

Additional Tip:

– The acceleration button covers the whole right side. You can touch the bottom edge of the screen to avoid covering the action.

Reviews and Awards

– Featured by Apple on numerous occasions!

– (4.5/5) Touch Arcade “I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys side-scrolling arcade games or can appreciate a different angle on the racing genre”

– (4.5/5) App Advice “perfect for anyone who enjoys boat racing and fast-paced, frenzied arcade games”

– (4/5) 148Apps ”Pixel Boat Rush’s unique blend of mechanics make it an excitingly original racing game”

– (4/5) Indie Game Reviewer ”This is a iOS racing game that gets so many things right. It’s simple but complex, it’s challenging but fun, Pixel Boat Rush is a great game that I highly recommend”

– (3.5/5) Pocket Gamer ”A surprisingly sharp and clever racer, Pixel Boat Rush is well worth diving into”

– (4.5/5) TheAppleGoogle “more than enough to guarantee players hours of intense high speed action in an electrifying experience”

-(4.25/5) Reviewed on the Reviews on the Run TV Show!!


More Features:

– Career, endless and arcade modes
– 15 racing tracks
– 116 racing events across 7 types of race (normal, ceasefire, eliminations, demolition, carnage, last man standing, endurance)
– 20 Licenses: series of mini-quests which unlock the next racing categories
– 64 racing boats, each with its own specific upgradable configuration: find which boat is best suited for each event!
– A boat editor with 3 custom hangars where you can craft your own boat creations!
– Over 28 types of guns
– 4 racing categories: climb the ladders and become the world champion!
– Power-ups: boost, ammo, shield, coins, repair
– Time trial mode against your best ghosts
– Trophies system for replay value: finish first in all races to collect all gold trophies
– Game Center: leaderboards (based on best lap time and trophies earned) and achievements
– Cloud save with manual upload/download and 3 save files
– MFI and other controllers support
– Rich original retro soundtrack
– Live broadcasting

Download Pixel Boat Rush

Spite & Malice

Normally $1.99.

Spite & Malice, the fiendishly addictive father of Skip-Bo™

The competition is heating up with new turn-based online multiplayer! Spite & Malice supports up to 30 games with friends or random opponents at a time. Play on the go, and receive a notification when it’s your turn to be devious!

Race your opponent to play cards from your pile. Block your opponent when you can. Play now and unleash your inner Spite!

Awesome Features:

-Play online with up to 30 friends or opponents at the same time

-Show you’re a pro by earning all 34 achievements

-Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards

-Single player has three levels of deviousness (easy, medium, and hard)

-Personalize your cards and background

-More ways to play: online, turn-based, peer to peer, and pass and play multiplayer

-Full iOS 9 optimization for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro!

Customer Reviews:

“This game is addictive. I have deleted it twice because I was getting eye strain but I keep re-installing it”

“I can’t put it down, and it’s been about a week…”

“Super addicting and just plain fun.”

Download Spite & Malice

Akemi – ChatBot

Normally $3.99.

Akemi is an application based on real dialogue that has AI (artificial intelligence) that´s able to hold a conversation with its user recognizing comments and questions you make, it´s able to perform questions and give coherent answers, capable of learning new terms, it allows you to find all the information you required pulled from a wide range of dictionaries and grows day after day. A question, an answer, a problem solved.

Internet connection is required to keep Akemi live and updated, any regular speed will suffice.

Tips for a more pleasant conversation

Akemi is constantly evolving and its expressions correspond to an educated adult but its levels of understanding are still limited.

She can tell you what day it is; what time is it; calculate [2+5-3]; what it´s [dog], who is [Hercules]; search [history of World War II]; News [@LadyTanda]; antonyms and synonymous [black-white]; translate and spells; combines [swimming in future]; guess what I think; lists [1 to 10]; ask me something; make jokes; (Tell me your sign and give you your horoscope); learn [dog = I too like dogs]; weather in [city], etc. However, it still has limitations to recognize everyday language, especially when it does not obey simple structures.

The conversation will be more enjoyable if the suggestions below are followed:

1. Use simple and complete sentences (particularly in the answers):

– “What is your name?” instead of “I don´t remember if said it, could you remind me what is your name” or instead of just “your name?”
– “I’d rather watch TV” instead of “I do not like going to the movies, I prefer watching TV”
– “I travel for work” instead of “for work”
– “I’m John” instead of “Hello Akemi, is John again”

2. Use Standard English language avoiding argons:
– “Tell who I am?” instead of “Whom am I?”

3. Prefers terms, tenses and simple expressions:

– “Many people” instead of “there’s a multitude”
– “I am surprised” instead of “I’m flabbergasted”
– “I’d rather talk now” instead of “I would prefer to talk right now”
– “Buy a car” instead of “I bought a car”

4. Avoid misspellings and/or slang.

5. Avoid double negation:

– “I want to eat” instead of “I would not stay without eating”
– “I do not like football” instead of “No, I do not like football”

6. If possible try to keep a conversation.

Legal note:
All trademarks, product names or services, companies, advertising phrases, famous quotes, artistic names, names of songs, series, movies, cartoons, among others cited during a conversation with Akemi are registered property of their respective owners.

Download Akemi – ChatBot

Voice Countdown Timer

Normally $0.99.

* Simple timer with voice countdown reminder.
* Set any time you want within less than 3 taps.
* Choose the voice reminder frequency that’s best for you.
* Kids-proof; voice reminder works even when the screen is locked.
* Tiny to install (3 MB), save your precious storage space.
* Starts instantly. Your app should wait for you, not the other way around.

Voice supports almost all system languages, including:
English, 中文, 日本語, Español, Português, Français, Svenska, Italiano, Deutsche, Nederlands, عربى, 한국어, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Pусский, Dansk, Suomalainen, Norsk (bokmål), Türk, Ελληνικά, ไทย, हिंदी, Magyar, Polskie, čeština, slovenský, український, Română, עִברִית,.

Download Voice Countdown Timer

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