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11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Best Free iPhone Apps

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With all of the news focused on Google I/O 2016 today, Apple fans might be feeling a little left out. Don’t be jealous, iOS users, distract yourself instead by loading up on paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Today’s list includes some of the best freebies we’ve found all week, including a free in-app purchase for a great Reddit app, a cool app that lets you add filters to Live Photos, an app that lets you use your iPhone as a wireless number pad for your computer, and plenty more.

You’ll also find several remaining free downloads in yesterday’s post to help pass the time during I/O.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Beam for reddit

Display Pack in-app purchase normally $1.99, currently free.

Enjoy reddit on iOS

Beam is a reddit client that’s built to browse. It uses the best attributes reddit has to offer and contains great improvements that change the way your browse. Whether you are an avid reddit user or new to the scene, enjoy it with Beam.

Key features

– Mediaview
Quickly browse through media.

– Night mode
Comfortable reading at low-light.

– Favorites
Easy access to your favorite subreddits.

– Rich newsfeed
Full-size media allows you to easily scroll through all of reddit.

– Share the fun
Our share service lets you share the content you love where you want.

And much more..

– Multireddit support
– Create posts
– Multiple accounts
– In-app messaging
– Filter and search subreddits
– Up and downvote posts
– Threaded comments

Join the r/beamreddit community and let’s discuss the development of Beam together.

Download Beam for reddit


Normally $4.99.

A full sized keyboard is only a tap away. Enjoy the luxury of an extended number pad to power through your spreadsheets at the coffee shop. Or compose a ditty on the beach using Simple Entry for Finale and Sibelius (unlocked with in-app purchase). Leave bulky keyboards at home and use NumPad as a lightweight alternative for those moments when you need a few more keys.

NumPad easily connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac, Linux, or Windows computer.

Don’t miss a beat using NumPad with Sibelius and Simple Entry for Finale.

Familiar numeric pad layout means using NumPad is already second nature.
NumPad is proudly made by MartianCraft.

– WiFi connection shared with your computer.
– Screen Sharing (Leopard, Snow Leopard) or Remote Access (Tiger) enabled or any VNC Server.
– For Windows and Linux, a VNC Server is required (RealVNC and TightVNC recommended).
– Server Setup Instructions are available within the app.
– Compatible with Sibelius 6 or up.

Download NumPad


Normally $0.99.

SlowMo helps you to create slow & fast motion videos in seconds! It also supplies various fancy filters to help you beatify the video!

Download SlowMo

Live Crop

Normally $2.99.

Add zoom and pan effects into your video after capturing a movie on camera.
Crop a video at the different times where you want.
Easy to add Ken Burns effect into your movie.

– Drag a crop button to trim or change the duration of animation

– Tap crop button to edit the cropping
– Tap + button to add a new crop point

– Tap a graph on the video thumbnails to change the speed of animation

Download Live Crop


Normally $0.99.

Filllter for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus enhances your live photos with premium filters and allows you to share your live photos on your favourite platforms.

Features and highlights:

– 18 high quality filters and counting
– Edit photo size, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more
– Save as live photos and share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr or via iMessage and Email
– You can also set a live photo as your lock screen and home screen wallpaper
– Supports video export in high quality

Download Filllter

Dot Lock Notes 2

Normally $4.99.

Welcome to Dot Lock 2 – A Way To Secure Your Important Things – Apple Watch app!

Now secure your Important Things on your Apple Watch.

– Exciting new addition.
– Elegant Design.
– It’s all about Beauty and Design

Dot Lock Notes 2 provides a secure way to keep your secret notes, important passwords, details, etc. SECURE! WITH this app your notes will be secured with a DOT LOCK PATTERN which will provide access to only you who knows the secret code that you have set. No one else will get access to your notes.

Now be assured that with this app you can really find an extremely secure way to keep your bank details, passwords, law related details completely and safety secured.

This includes:
Dot-Lock pattern.

HOW TO USE: Apple Watch App

1. Set the Dot-Lock passcode and remember it on your iPhone, by tapping Set Lock.
2. Tap the same Dot-Lock passcode on your Apple Watch.
3. The app will reveal your important things only when the passcode matches.

Download Dot Lock Notes 2


Normally $1.99.

Listen to your favorite radio station everywhere. In your car, at the beach, or at home. Choose your favorites from our selection of over 25,000 stations from all over the world.

● You have more then one iOS device? No problem. RadioApp synchronizes your favorite stations via iCloud.
● RadioApp supports AirPlay to let you stream your radio stations directly to your Apple TV or other supported devices.
● Our station database is always growing and with our automatic update system you receive new stations nearly instantly.
● Listen to your favorite radio station at home or on the go.
● Set a sleep timer and listen to your favorite station while relaxing.
● Choose from a beautiful background collection to give RadioApp a personal touch.

Download RadioApp


Normally $0.99.

“Managing your contacts have never been so easy!”
CBackup is the easiest way to backup and restore all your contacts with just one tap! You can even find and Merge duplicate contacts.
No sign up process or any accounts required, It just works!

• Easiest and robust way to backup – Backup all your contacts with just one tap!

• Export – Quickly export your backups to iCloud, Dropbox or send through Email.

• Merge duplicates – Merge all duplicates or select the ones to merge.

• Built in Restore feature – Easily restore your contacts from backup history with just one tap! You can even restore single contact from the backup history files.

• Reminders – Get automated reminders so you don’t forget to backup your important contacts regularly.

• No Backup size limit – Tested with over 5,000+ contacts.

• Multiple Share – Share multiple contacts with Family, Friends and Colleagues.

• Offline Backup – Your backups are automatically stored locally within the app in the Backup History.

• Universal format – It backups your contacts in vcard (*.vcf) format which is a universally recognized format. That means you can restore your contacts in any Smartphone, Pc or Mac.

• Supports Multiple contacts delete feature. You can even Remove all of your Contacts with just one tap!

• iOS 9 Supported!

Download CBackup

Awake Timer

Normally $0.99.

How often do you find yourself trying to stay awake, but keep falling asleep?

Awake is a simple timer that will ensure that you stay awake. It’s really simple to use: just start the timer and touch the central button before the time is up otherwise a sound alarm will wake you up.

Each time you shut down the alarm the timer will start again so that you continue to stay wide awake.
No need to reconfigure the timer each time you want to use it, it will start again and again to make sure you do not sleep.

Even if you turn off the app, it will send you notifications in background!

And to avoid to stop the timer by mistake you will need to confirm twice.

Use this app if you want to stay awake when you have jet lag, a long night, or if you have to take care of a baby in the middle of the night!

Choose from ten different timer durations : 1, 2, 3, 5 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

There are nine different alarms :
– alarm clock
– electronic alarm
– car horn
– spaceship
– emergency
– bike horn
– struck bowl
– bowl low & loud
– zen gong.

Download Awake Timer

One Touch Dial

Normally $0.99.

#1 Speed Dial and T9 dial/smart dial app in the Apple store.

One Touch Dial reached:
#1 in Utilities in 63 countries!
Top 5 in Utilities in 95 countries!
Top 10 in Utilities in 112 countries!

Connecting with people has never been easier with T9 One Touch Dial!

With our speed dial app it takes only one tap to connect with your favorite contacts.

Make calls, text message, Skype, Instagram, connect with social networks and much more without leaving the app!

With T9 One Touch Dial you can:
-Google Chrome
-T9 smart dial
anyone in your contacts

One Touch Dial also has a T9 combined dialer/smart dial. With T9 smart dial you can:
-Quick and Easy search by part of a contact name or a number. At no time you will be able to find a person in your iPhone contact list and dial his number right away.
-Quick dial
-Quick Message
-One Touch Dial allows you to display search results on the whole screen.
-recent Call History

One Touch Dial T9 is an amazing speed dial app that enables you to create speed dial icons to connect with people with one simple touch via phone call, text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, Skype and much more!

Assign a contact icon or a favorite photo and choose up to 5 ways to connect: Call, Text, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter and URL

T9 One touch Dial has a very intuitive and user friendly interface.

T9 dialer.

You can create up to 15 one touch dial icons per screen.

You can assign up to 5 specific actions to your speed dial image.

You can assign different sizes to the icons.

You can create an unlimited number of one touch icons to Call, Text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Skype and URL.

You can choose your favorite photo or image for each speed dial icon. You can even assign a color to the image.

You can pinch to zoom in/out to change the number of contacts you would like to see.

You can choose from a larger variety of preset icons and background colors.

One Touch Dial has unique and fully customizable speed dial icons.

How to use the app:

Download One Touch Dial

Alarm Clock Wake Up Time

Normally $0.99.

The New Fully Featured Alarm Clock Wake Up Time App is the Ultimate Timepiece.

Built in Player -wake Up and Fall asleep listening to your favorite music from your music library.

Our Alarm Clock works even if you put your device in silent mode and “Do Not Disturb” is ON.

Alarm Clock Wake Up Time is the finest and most reliable alarm clock app because it combines the functionality that you are looking for with stylish and user-friendly design.

The Alarm Clock Wake Up Time is a customizable alarm clock app that has been developed specifically for users, who appreciate a beautiful design, convenience, and ease of use and comes with a huge range of features that make it the most functional alarm clock app available.

The Alarm Clock app features a gorgeous display. The display is fully adjustable. It will show either a 12 or 24-hour clock with large and conspicuous numbers. Small icons will show which of the alarm clock modes is currently active.

* Ease of use:
Set your alarm clock with a simple slide of your finger.

*Alarm Clock Sounds:
Alarm Clock comes with different alarm clock sounds. It also gives you the option of using your favorite songs as an alarm as well.

* The Alarm Clock Wake Up Time also features a vibrate mode function. If you turn off the alarm clock ringtone volume, vibrate mode will set “On” automatically.

*Alarm Clock Snooze Times:
Snooze times are fully adjustable, allowing users to set variable snooze times, and the alarm can even be set to fade in for a gentler awakening; while it even has a function that allows you to simply touch the screen or shake the device to activate snooze and temporarily turn off the alarm.

The stylish design of the Alarm Clock app includes an amazing interface that makes it simple to fully customize your alarm clock with a choice of clock faces, hands and dials

*Custom Backgrounds:
Option of using your own images as the background.

Alarm Clock volume is adjustable for light and heavy sleepers.

*Brightness Slider:
Slide up and down to dim the screen.

*Built in weather information.

There are a few alarm clock apps out there already, but the features that are included in this Alarm Clock easily make it the most functional and stylishly designed alarm clock app that has been designed for users.

Download Alarm Clock Wake Up Time

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