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11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

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June is over and the July 4th weekend is almost here, but you don’t have to wait another minute to start celebrating because today’s post covering all the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free is finally here. We’ve got some great new options for iOS device users to check out today, and be sure to head back to yesterday’s post where you’ll find a few more remaining freebies.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $1.99.

iOverwrite simply writes a large number of random files into the flash memory of your iPad, which overwrites any recently deleted data. This way, if your iPad comes into the possession of someone who can perform an un-deletion of files (like a hacker), your privacy is that much safer than if you had only cleared out your iPad.

Download iOverwrite


Normally $19.99.



SampleTank is a professional-quality sound and groove workstation that puts hundreds of world-class instruments and patterns at your fingertips: piano, organ, drums, bass, guitar, strings, synths, percussion, vocals and more!

SampleTank gives you 16 instrument categories for an expandable sound set of over 600 instruments that cover virtually every acoustic, electric and electronic sound you may need. Plus, each category includes instrument riffs and grooves, so you can immediately use the over 1,000 included patterns.

Its instruments give you unmatched realism, sound variety and audio performance: It’s a true premier for the iOS world. For the first time on this platform, hundreds of professional sample-based sounds and patterns can be easily accessed, layered and used for playing live. Now you can make music anytime and anywhere the inspiration hits you.

SampleTank comes with 136 instruments and over 1,000 patterns. You can expand your sound library a-la-carte via in-app purchase with 22 Sound Packs for each instrument category including Drums, Bass, Guitar, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Chromatic, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Synth Leads, Synth Pads, Trons, Voices, Ethnic, Percussion and Sound FX (or download the complete SampleTank Sound Packs bundle). You can also purchase the new SampleMoog™ – Mobile Edition and Miroslav Philharmonik – Mobile Edition downloadable Sound Collections in the in-app store to add over 200 of the best analog synth and orchestral instruments from these legendary libraries.

Though SampleTank works effortlessly with your device’s touchscreen, it also offers many other control options. Try it with the iRig MIDI interface to jam with your favorite MIDI controllers, just like you would a regular sound or synth module. For an even more portable experience, use iRig KEYS with Lightning® or iRig KEYS Pro mini-keyboard controllers to jam out while on the go. No matter how you use it, its built-in tools will inspire you to create professional sounding music anywhere your mobile life takes you.

The latest version of SampleTank includes plug-and-play support for iRig Pads, IK’s new ultra-portable groove controller. With it, you can use two different modes — basic and full integration — that let you control SampleTank and its drum machine-style PADS section with different degrees of flexibility. Just connect your iRig Pads and you’ll be ready to take your grooves to go.

IK has also unveiled a new sound pack called “The Grid” that’s tailored towards mobile beatmaking and electronic music. Available via in-app purchase, it includes 50 instruments and 50 patterns in two categories: DRUMS and a new SYNTH FX category. With it you can get kits for Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Techno, EDM, Breaks, House and more!

SampleTank delivers the same sound and performance quality that you’d expect from our high-end professional studio products — Plus lightning-fast sound loading and near-zero latency makes putting the groove in your pocket easy. So get in the pocket and get SampleTank.

• 4-part multi-timbral professional-quality sound and groove module
• Expandable sound library with 600+ instruments in 16 categories
• SampleMoog™ and Miroslav Philharmonik downloadable Sound Collections (via in-app purchase)
• 1,000+ melodic and rhythmic patterns for accompaniment or groove creation
• 4-track MIDI recorder
• Built-in insert effects and master reverb
• Sound and effects editing with multiple parameters
• Support for MIDI Program Change, Continuous Controllers and Virtual MIDI
• 128 User Presets
• Play interface with piano keyboard, scale keyboard and enhanced drum pads
• Designed in concert with iRig MIDI interface for iOS devices

Download SampleTank

Friendly FTP Client

Normally $2.99.

The Friendly FTP Client with all the functionality that you need.
– Supports FTP, SFTP
– Supports connect to multiple Servers at the same time
– Supports transfer multiple files & folders from/to multiple Servers at the same time
– File transfer process works in background (so you can do another job with FTP Client while waiting transfer process complete)

Powerful file manager
– Copy/Cut/Delete/Rename files and folders.
– Share your files with your friends.
– Favorites and Recent feature for access to your files easier.
– Copy files from your Mac & PC.
– Protect Everything with a password.

Upload your files to ftp server

– Capture your photo/video then upload them to your FTP Server immediatly
– Record anything then it will go to your FTP Servers.

Support almost file formats

Download Friendly FTP Client

English <-> Spanish

Normally $4.99.

More than 50,000 people around the world using English Spanish app everyday for their daily conversation.
The app comes to world to leverage your English and Spanish as well with these cool features:
1. Search English and Spanish common sentences with just a keyword
2. With images as sample
3. Save all words searched
4. Easy to connect to community to share what cool you see just a tap.

Download English <-> Spanish


Normally $0.99.

Find the nearest coffee shop to you or any location in the world. Just launch the app and see your nearest coffee shop or search for specific address. Now supports all types of Coffee Shop including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonalds as well as smaller coffee shops. Get directions or call the coffee shop.

Universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Buy once, run on all devices.

• Find coffee shops, coffee shop hours and amenities around you.
• Shows distance from your location (or a location you choose) to any coffee shop.
• Shows coffee shop name, address, current status (open or closed) and phone number. On iPhone, selecting phone number will call the coffee shop.
• Get directions to the coffee shop using Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bing Maps or Waze.
• Swipe and move map to new location and do a new search.
• Get directions to the coffee shops using the Share option menu.
• Share coffee shop directions using Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Email or AirDrop.
• Search locally or around the world for any coffee shop you want.

Includes almost 21,000 coffee shops in 63 countries.

Download CoffeeFind

Snap to Call

Normally $4.99.

Catch Phone Numbers & Email Address on the Go!!

The only app that not only grab numbers and text from written document but also use the Phone Numbers or E-mail Address instantly so you would be able to make an Instant Phone Call, Send Sms to any Phone number or even Email

—————— Special Features ——————

– Extract Numbers from anywhere and make an instant call, or send sms or add to contact

– Scan E-mail Addresses & send Quick Mail with just One Click

– One click Add to Contact Phone Number after scanning

– No need to waste time to write numbers and text by hand

– Remarkable scanning quality gives results in seconds

– See complete history of your previous scan

– Easy modify and Change any scanned number

– No Internet Connection Required, Process happens inside the app

– Unlimited Storage capacity


Please Note: To get the best results tap on screen to center the image then click on Camera icon. Always take snap when image is well focused


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

What is Snap to Call?

Snap to Call is an app specially designed app for iOS Devices. The purpose behind is to make your life easy and comfortable. With “Snap to Call” you can grab the text or number from anywhere and make an instant use. The only app that not only grab numbers and text from written document but also use the Phone Numbers or E-mail Address instantly so you would be able to make an Instant Phone Call, Send Sms to any Phone number or use as a recipient to send E-mails

My images contain text and number, but the result is not good?

If the text font is too small or the background noise is too high (for example a background image) then this process will fail like every other character recognition tool.

The recognized text file contains unclear text and characters, How to get best results?

Recognizing text or numbers from any image is not easy job. It depends mostly on the quality of the image, font, brightness etc. Make sure that the quality of the image (includes brightness, color, font) is enough good to extract text from it.

How long will it take to recognize my image?

The text recognition time depends on a lot of factors. First of all, it is the image quality. The average time of recognizing one file is several seconds.

Download Snap to Call


Normally $0.99.

Here comes an authentic cartoon art style 2D belt scroll arcade action!

Can your fingers catch the speed of the ninja?
A new operation system enables speedy, smooth action!
A great adventure will start to take back a stolen scroll!
Many obstacles, including evil ninjas, ninja dogs, monsters, demi-humans, zombies, traps, castles, dungeons, will prevent your adventure!

Explore a broad world map and push into the castle of vice!
Then, take back the scroll!
▪ Select among four ninjas!
– Select one from ninjas of fire, water, thunder, and wind!
You can use secret characters by achieving records!!
Can you find iOS original characters!?

▪ Master legendary ninjutsu!
– You can master ninjutsu by getting scrolls.
Can you master the legendary last ninjutsu!?

▪ Get legendary blade!
– It is not only ninjutsu that helps you!
Get legendary blades with the power of shinobi!

▪ Level system
– Allocate points obtained by increasing your level to Power, Strength and Ninriki.
The higher your level, the stronger the blades you will have!

▪ Available game mode
– You can select a game mode from Easy, Normal, and Hard.
The more difficult the mode you complete, the higher the score you can achieve…

▪ Animation, graphics, and system
– Smoother animation has been achieved by displaying 3D data in 2D.
– Numerous effects have been used for ninjutsu, weapons, and monsters.
– You can enjoy unique new combos shot from skill.
Download now to shoot the ninjutsu!

Download Ninjas


Normally $o.99.

AirAV can play almost any file format video/audio/subtitle. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices using iTunes File Shareing or open Wi-Fi transfer in the settings and use web browser to load files on your PC,then it can be played at once. With built-in UPnP client, it can stream/download media files from almost all the UPnP/DLNA media servers to your iPhone/ipad/iPod.

1.Support almost any video formats: WMV, AVI, MKV, RMVB, RM, XVID, MP4, 3GP, MPG…
2.Support almost any audio formats: MP3, WMA, RM, ACC, OGG, APE, FLAC,FLV…
3.Support smi, srt, ass, ssa, sub txt subtitle. almost all the Media Servers:
– Mac OS
MediaShare, TwonkyMediaServer, TVMOBILI, PS3 media server, Majestic, EyeConnect, Vuze,MediaLink,Orb, Playback..
– Windows
Win7 Media Player, TVMOBILI, Asset UPnP, FreeMi, XBMC, TVersity, Wild Media Server, TwonkyMediaServer…
– Linux
QNAP,Iomega, DS-207+, Synology DS101, DS106J
– Phone
Sony Ericsson C905

1. Can you recommend a media server?
You can download MediaShare from Mac app store.The MediaShare is developed by us.
For windows, you can use win7 Media Player, FreeMi,TVMOBILI, TwonkyMediaServer…But some file format the FreeMi does’t support, you should change the file suffix to ‘mkv’.

2. How to use win7 as a media server?

3.How to download the files from media servers to your iphone/ipad/ipod?
Read the help in AirAV.

Download AirAV

Bill Tracker and Reminder

Normally $1.99.

With this handy app, you’ll never pay a bill late again. Bill Tracker and Reminder tracks due dates, amounts owed, and confirmation numbers for payments.

You always need a simple tool to control how much you want to spend this month. Essentially you need lists with bills, and a calendar where you can see your overdue payments, planned payments, and check what has already been paid off.

Features of Bill Tracker and Reminder:
– Track information about each bill including due date, amount due, whether the bill has been paid, confirmation numbers for payments and more.
– Easily create recurring bills
– See complete history for each account: every bill and payment

Download Bill Tracker and Reminder

Basic Calc Pro

Normally $1.99.

Focusing on the most basic calculation system

This calculator is focused on the most basic calculation system than other calculator apps.

Excluded engineering calculations. It shows present modifications. It provides calculation history.

This is for common people using in the most easy ways.
It is available for people seeking the simplest method.

Basic Calc Pro for iPad
– No Add
– Calculation history
– Universal app
– Intuitive design
– Able to see present modifications

Download Basic Calc Pro

Talk To the World

Normally $7.99.

Real Voice Phrasebook, Fully Offline) Interpret within any 2 languages of 13 languages (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Thai, Vietnamese and Czech)

** Extensively including all travel dialogues during overseas (such as Number, Time, Weather, Transport, Accommodation, Communication, Sightseeing, Shopping, Greeting People, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Emergencies and Health)

** All the dialogues including real person voices records, along with the printed words. You may easily show the words to anyone when you needed.

** Parkour Lab is a leading studio focusing on professional Travel App. We have more than 200 Travel App in Apple Store and are always ranking top. We know the travelers’ needs and we hope to bring more conveniences when you are traveling around the world.

Download Talk To the World

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