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10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

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Yesterday’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free was a terrific one, and you can still find a few remaining apps in that post that are free downloads if you hurry. But we’ve got 10 fresh iOS apps for today’s post, of course, and you’ll find them all listed below. Be sure to grab the ones you like before these sales end.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $0.99.

Start a timer by knocking/tapping on your iPhone! Your iPhone can even be in your pocket!

The Nok timer is the essential interval timer for cooking in the kitchen, working out at home or the gym, studying at home, or other small tasks that require repetition. Nok allows you to customize up to 5 timers with individual names and times for the ultimate interval timing experience. No need to go through the lengthy process of unlocking your phone, finding your clock app, and resetting your timer — simply knock twice to set it again. You can even tap the alarm on or off through your pocket!

* Works in your pocket!
* Works in the background and with music playing
* Customizable color interface
* Set up to 5 timers with customizable names, intervals, and colors
* Double Tap/knock to start and pause timer
* Pre-alarm feature to alert upcoming timer before it ends (in seconds)
* Lock/unlock interface to prevent accidental tapping
* Alarm with both sound and vibration

With a sleek, customizable interface that is almost as intuitive as breathing, you’re guaranteed to love this app. The two-tap system is easy to learn and even easier to use.

Great When Used For:
* Gym Activities. Time your reps and rests without overdoing either. Stay on top of your fitness regimen and never guestimate your workout times again. Have the perfect workouts! No more slacking off in the gym!

* Kitchen Activities. Steep your tea just the way you like it. Stop over-boiling your eggs. Let your dough set for just the right amount of time for perfect cookies every time.

* Classroom Activities. Time pop quizzes, memory exercises, classroom speeches, discussion time, and more!

* Parental Guidance. Great for time-outs and taking turns alike, not to mention homework intervals and laundry times. Parents love using Nok to ensure a harmonious household.

* Beauty Activities. Use Nok to perfectly time your hair and nail treatments to maximize the benefits of your beauty products and save money in the long run.

Download Nok

Voice Notes Pro

Normally $6.99.

Record directly to MP3 for you & share the recording with your friends at the touch of a button.

Add notes, to-dos, tags, markers & photos to your audio recording in second with this useful app.

1. Direct recording MP3 audio format – Minimum file size, and can share to any platform.

2. Interrupted to continue

3. Tags

4. Notes

5. Photos

6. Markers – A marker lets you quickly locate a position in a recording

7. Calendar

8. Timeline

9. Starred – Favorites

10. To-dos

11. iCloud – Any recording can be Move into iCloud or Removed from iCloud.

12. Archive – Recordings can be compressed into a zip file for sharing.

13. Video – Recordings and photos can be made for video sharing.

14. PDF

15. Sharing

16. Search

17. ID3 Tags

Download Voice Notes Pro


Normally $5.99.

Vlad – Find your way to the sky.

Vlad was born under the surface, but he always dreamed of the sky. Help him to fulfill his dream.

By taking the control of his environment, help Vlad meet the spirit of each world to unlock the next one.

Move objects with different powers, avoid scary creatures and collect needed artefacts through each level. This will allow Vlad to reach the sky. But be careful, gravity will always catch you up so mind the gaps and be strategic!

•A unique and staggered atmosphere
•Explore the underground, the surface and the sky
•Weird, cute and scary creatures
•Strategy and anticipation will be your best allies
•45 puzzles requiring your brain

Download Vlad

BubbleText Keyboard

Normally $0.99.

For a limited time only, get BubbleText for free in celebration of Gay Pride! Please spread happiness in BubbleText!

BubbleText Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is a new keyboard that enhances your old keyboard and allows you to type in text surrounded by bubbles. Show more emotion, creativity, and flair when typing on your mobile device. Be more spirited in your next text, email, or Facebook post using BubbleText Keyboard and show off the full potential of your device running the iOS 8 or iOS 9 software.

Download the keyboard that has remained in the featured section for over 14 months!

Key Features:
◦BubbleText Keyboard adds pizzazz to all of your favorite apps like iMessage, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Safari, etc.
◦It is NOT LIMITED to its own app.
◦You can use it anywhere you would use Apple’s keyboard, with the exception of secure password text fields.
◦Your privacy is protected!
◦We do not require “Full Access” like many other custom keyboards, so we never have access to what you type.
◦With beautiful circular keys, your keyboard buttons truly represent the bubble font being typed.
◦Don’t worry if you miss a circle while typing, each button’s radius extends beyond the visible circle for better accuracy.
◦You can even type numbers in bubbles!
◦It is easy to switch between BubbleText Keyboard and Apple’s keyboard, just as you would with an Emoji keyboard.
◦Customize the look and feel of your BubbleText Keyboard by selecting from over 20 different color schemes.
◦NOTE: BubbleText font will always print in black like ⓣⓗⓘⓢ. Punctuation will not be in bubbles.
◦Want to see BubbleText in color? Within the BubbleText Keyboard Application, play around with beautiful text and background color combinations.
◦Take screenshots within the app and send as image files just as you would any other screenshot.

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch must be running iOS 8 or higher and you must follow the keyboard instructions when first opening the BubbleText Keyboard Application in order for the keyboard to properly install for use in all applications. Apple requires these installation steps to be taken for all Custom Keyboards.

1. Open your device’s “Settings” application.
2. Select “General.”
3. Select “Keyboard.”
4. Select “Keyboards.”
5. Select “Add New Keyboard…”
6. Under “THIRD-PARTY KEYBOARDS,” select “BubbleText Keyboard.”
7. Your keyboard is now installed. Use it in any app on your mobile device.

Download BubbleText Keyboard

Planet of Cubes : Multi Craft

Normally $0.99.

Planet of Cubes is the first true MMO block building game with one global infinite world.

Team up with other players from all over the world and build online together! Chat with other players with in your “View Distance” when you build. Teleport to any player directly from the Chat or from the Players List windows. Control your “View Distance” in Options.

Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet made of cubes and start your creative joy today. Only you can build on your own chunks – but watch out your chunk rentals expiration! Once your rental is expired someone else can rent it and lock you out from modifying.

A single chunk consists of the 16 x 16 square blocks and 256 blocks in height. You can turn “SHOW MY CHUNKS” mode and easily spot all of your chunks – in this mode the Planet of Cubes is displayed in grey but your own chunks are displayed in color.

The whole single and beautiful Planet made of cubes is shared among all multiplayer users online worldwide! Ancient castles and cathedrals, lost ships and aircrafts, flying islands, cities and megalopolises, military basis, Egyptian pyramids, epic monuments and many other exciting objects and places are waiting for your exploration in this infinite Planet.

The game has compass and current coordinates display to make navigation through the endless infinite world easier. You can also chat with all players who are visible within your current “View Distance” range.

You cannot build or dig inside the Spawn Zone and on the chunks belonging to other users. All cubes inside the Spawn Zone have TTL value of 0. Thus to build something make sure to leave Spawn Zone where TTL indicator is greater than 0.

TTL indicator shows amount of time till all changes of the Planet at the current place will be rolled back to the initial state. For example, TTL = [0h : 0m] means you can’t change the Planet here. TTL = [8h : 30m] means all changes will be rolled back in 8 hours and 30 minutes unless you rent this place for up to 30 days period.

Make sure to select your own skin from 160+ available skins. You will have random skin assigned upon your first login to the Planet.

Planet of Cubes game gives you infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for all of your creative, constructional and survival needs.


• One global infinite Planet made of cubes available to all users across the world
• Unlimited amount of players worldwide
• Teleport to any player with in your “View Distance”
• Rent your own chunks, build and chat globally
• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore
• Built-in chat in Multiplayer mode with multi-color messages support
• 160+ player skins available
• 7 themed skin packs
• 2 different Block Texture Packs to select from
• Multiplayer works over Wi-Fi and 3G
• No need to setup and/or host a server
• No subscription or additional fees required

Download Planet of Cubes : Multi Craft


Normally $3.99.


Snap, Edit & Share your photos, easier than ever!
Our powerful and beautifully designed tools will help you add beautiful frames, filters, text and so much more to your photos, in the most creative & playful way ever!

• High-Quality Filters
Apply stunning filters to your photos, easier than ever! Choose between a beautiful collection of stunning filters to make your photos achieve the specific look and glow you want.
We will continually be adding more filter packs for your photos to enjoy!

• Stunning Effects
Choose from a perfectly categorized collection of stunning effects such as Spot, Bloom & Gloom to easily make your photos stand out!

• Beautiful Text
Simply add beautiful text to your photos with many artistic fonts to choose from. Express yourself, with the most perfectly designed text editing tool for your phone!

• Artistic Frames & Borders
Add beautiful frames and borders to your photos, easier than ever! Tons of designs to choose from, all for free!

• Simple Sharing
Share your favorite photos with your friends in just 1 tap! Our simple sharing features, allows you to post your pics to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever social network you use, faster than ever!

Tag your photos on Instagram with #AuraCam and follow @AuraCamera for a chance to be featured on our official Instagram

Download AURA


Normally $0.99.

Do you want to make typing on an iPad and iPhone 6 faster and simpler? Try ThumbTyper.

This is the breakthrough application, the first split keyboard which has been designed specifically to enable you to type with just two thumbs. 
Now you will be able to hold your iPad with both hands and work in comfort on a train, a bus or a plane. 
And, after only two hours of training, you will be able to type as easily as you can touch-type. It is ideal for work on the go.

– For those on the go
– Two times easier and two times faster
– Convenient under most conditions
– Easier typing
– Optimized for iPad and iPhone 6

Download ThumbTyper

Super Calendar

Normally $4.99.

iOS Premium Calendar

Most versatile calendar app and widget in the app store!

– day view, list or time view for day events
– customize list view for day events
– turn on/off month view in the widget
– choose from one of 10 styles for month view in the widget
– more customization options

Also the most customizable calendar app in the app store!

– 6 different views easily accessible through swipe.
– Light, dark, color or picture theme!
– Search your events.
– Customize day, week, month, agenda views with templates/styles.
– Table style or list for day view
– 11 different styles for week view
– 11 different styles for month view, 11 different styles for its agenda view
– 13 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode
– 3 useful year view styles allowing easy navigation to any day, week or month
– 11 different styles for agenda view including a countdown mode
– 8 different styles for Reminders
– Adjust font size for events, choose font
– Choose from 100+ different colors for individual calendars
– Easy settings
– Option to choose default view
– And so much more

– Optimized for iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus
– This has not been tested with iPhone 5 and below, so it may not work with these older iPhones.

Download Super Calendar


Normally $0.99.

Keep track of your fitness selfies and weight!

– See your visual and weight progress on a timeline
– Take a photo and enter weight
– Add cool effects to your photos
– Save and share photos

– Supports both imperial(lbs) and metric(kg) weight units

Download Selfit

The Greedy Cave

Normally $0.99.

In a land far, far away there once was a vast continent called Milton. It was a land where the power of rule came by the sword and the arcane, where Men who devoted themselves to the blade or to magecraft, could become the finest warriors, wisest wizards or the greatest adventurers. In this land, there are several kingdoms divided by borders but united through history. Countless stories of alliances, upheaval, and moments of peace bedeck this tapestry, but that is a tale for another day.

Our story begins in a remote kingdom to the north, Iblis, an obscure and oft-forgotten place. It is a wild and barren land, a place where its people scrape a living from the earth, mining minerals for the lords of the south. On occasion, adventurers would stop by for the night but never linger. Until one day, a fledgling adventurer lost his way and stumbled into a hole. The story might have ended then had he not come back, but return he did, with sacks of gold and glittering treasure.

Like a fierce gale from the north, news of his fame and fortune fanned across the kingdoms overnight, and kings sent their bravest warriors and adventurers to clear the cavern of monsters in search of treasure. Even peasants wanting a part of this newfound wealth partook in these expeditions. In no time at all, a bustling town had sprung up in this forgotten place. People set up camps, and formed their own groups to explore the cave. Clever merchants not missing this opportunity, built taverns and shops near the cave, selling equipment and potions to eager adventurers. At first everything seemed fine. As explorers delved into the caves, they encountered new creatures and discovered new treasures. Mysteries continued to poured forth from the cave, yet nobody knew where the source of the secrets lay. However, as the explorations continued, the balance of wealth beyond the cave began to waver, and cracks appeared among those adventurers who had previously worked arm-in-arm. The latecomers or weak, limited to wandering the upper levels of the cave, could only watch as the veteran adventurers brought treasure after treasure from the deep. They began harboring dark thoughts as they watched the veteran adventurers grow arrogant from their largesse, ordering people around, hoarding secrets from the rest. The place became a festering pool of suspicions and greed, mired in jealous rage.

It started with an adventurer disappearing in the cave. Rumors circulated he had found some legendary treasure and hoarded it for himself. Others said he had been guided to another world by some mysterious magic force in the cave. Still the unspoken belief was that he had been murdered by a rival party and was buried somewhere beneath the caverns. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but people have continued to disappear ever since. As more people have gone missing, some adventurers have called it quits, others cling to hope, and a few continue to wait and see. Which brings us to you, an ordinary young man, coming into this extraordinary circumstance with purposes unknown to others. May you find what you seek in …

In “The Greedy Cave”, you are a brave adventurer tasked with exploring a mysterious cave and battling all kinds of monsters.

Use your wits to defeat them, learn different skills, gain mighty equipment, challenge evil monster bosses, and decipher the mysterious surrounding this cave…

Game Features
·Randomly generated cave levels provide a different game experience every time!
·Hundreds of monsters to defeat!
·Hundreds of equipments to collect!
·Hundreds of quests and achievements to conquer!
·Enchant/Reform/Level up/Gold collecting, and more abundant systems to explore!

Download The Greedy Cave

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