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8 paid iPhone apps you can download for free today

Best Free iPhone Apps

We’ve got a great list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free to kick off the new week. There are eight different premium apps and games included on today’s list, and they’re all available as free downloads for a limited time. These sales will be over before you know it though, so hurry up and grab them instead of emailing us to complain when you miss them.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published, and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

NoVu: GIF Keyboard Background

$0.99 in-app purchase for 100 points is currently free.

The only keyboard app with over 150 cool fonts, full GIPHY support and over 10,000 stickers to express yourself!

A FUN NEW customizable keyboard optimized for the social media lover.


* The only keyboard with a library of over 150 available fonts.
* The only keyboard with gorgeous high-resolution full screen wallpapers.
* Full feature GIPHY integration providing instant access the entire GIF library.
* The first enhanced keyboard with quick feature Control-Bar.
* Integrated online store is the best way to access, organize and enjoy your personal library.
* The most stunning keyboard available in the app store.

NoVu’s enhanced design includes the NEW Feature Control-Bar and more space between keys for a more accurate and attractive way to type.

Take control and add a new dimension of interactivity to your keyboard. The Control-Bars feature rich design enables instant access to all your favorite Animated GIF’s, Stickers, Fonts, emoji and more.

This feature can be activated by either 3-D touch or long-pressing the Space key. Once activated the user slides the control button left/right to precisely position the cursor for quick and accurate editing.

Capture the moment with a GIF and express the emotion, inside joke, or clever response you want to share. Type a few words into the search or casually browse the library by mood, memes, or movies. Send the right animated GIF to express exactly what you’re you’re trying to say, directly from the NoVu keyboard.

NoVu includes hundreds of beautiful keyboard wallpapers including full screen for your Home Screen, Lock Screen and even WhatsApp™ chat wallpaper. When downloading a fullscreen wallpaper, a copy is saved to your photo library to use throughout your iOS device.


150+ FONTS
NoVu has over 150 incredible fonts, adding personal touch to your texts, snapchats, tweets and Facebook shares. Swipe up on the integrated font bar, located directly over the space-bar, to quickly access all your installed fonts.

Upgrade your emoji with thousands of high quality stickers, including the complete EmojiOne™ library for double the emoji FUN.

Visit for more information.

Linking NoVu with Facebook and Twitter users can earn free points by sharing their latest downloads with friends and family.


PRIVACY – We take privacy very seriously.
NoVu NEVER Collects any personal data without your explicit permission.

NOTE – Some features require in-app purchases.

Download NoVu: GIF Keyboard Background


Normally $2.99.

TaskOrganizer – App with a new approach to the management of tasks lists.

The possibility of dividing tasks lists into various areas will help you to sort all your tasks and easily get access to them. For each area, you can give a rate of the current situation, set an icon and choose a colour.

Making up collections of tasks, you can separately keep and work with the tasks for the day, month, year and even with aims for a whole life. With the help of the project settings, you can set your own collections you need.

The most simple function of a random choice of the next task will help you to do more tasks daily. The app allows you to make a choice from all the tasks or from the tasks with pointed priority.

Key Features:
– Customizable areas
– Unlimited set of collections tasks
– Multiple projects
– “Accelerator productivity”
– Setting priorities for the task
– Adding tags for task
– Percentage of each area
– Percentage of all the collection on the whole
– Pleasant not boring interface with a coloured circle in the center.

Download TaskOrganizer

Disaster Prediction App

Normally $2.99.

The Disaster Prediction App will show you the current state of the sun, it’s effects on earth, earthquake events, and areas of the earth likely to have large earthquakes. There is a space weather portion of the App and an Earthquake portion of the App. The space weather portion includes the most vital information for alerts for when to pay attention – but most importantly this is your in-hand warning system if the sun ever decides to really rock-and-roll. If we are about to take the big storm that changes the world forever, you’ll know about it beforehand.

The earthquake portion of this App is based on daily observations of a correlation that exists between certain solar phenomena and seismic activity. Our earthquake forecasting model has been able to forecast the location of large earthquake events on five different continents. The app always watching, so you’ll never have to!

Download Disaster Prediction App

Scelta – Monitor Your Weight

$3.99 in-app purchase to unlock all features is currently free.

Your weight fluctuates daily. In contrast to other apps Scelta compares weekly averages and shows your real weight progress!

If you have ever used a scale regularly you know this problem:
Your weight fluctuates from day to day and it’s difficult to say whether you gained weight, lost weight or just had a heavy day. Salty food, hydration status, sleep, stress, and hormonal fluctuations are just some of the many factors that can influence your weight heavily in the short term.

To know what’s really going on you need to compare averages to each other. – eg. the average of the last 14 days to the average of the 14 days before. The difference, also known as delta, between these time spans is a very informative indicator of what really happens to your body weight.

Scelta calculates this “scale delta“ for you and makes weight tracking approachable, meaningful, a lot of fun and incredibly motivating.

Data visualisation of the next generation:
• Your real progress: Scelta compares your average weight for the selected time span to the previous time span, eg. 7 days vs 7 days prior
• Linear regression instead of peaks and valleys: A line of best fit shows your actual weight trend graphically
• Reach your own goal: select eg. “- 1 lb per week” (or “- 0,5kg per week” depending on your local unit) and see at a glance how good you’re doing by taking a look at your adherence percentage
• Hear your weight: Swipe on the graph to see the exact value of a data point and its linear regression, hear and feel (on devices with Taptic Engine) the value of your weight entries (you’ve never seen, heard or felt your weight this way!)
• Scelta shows your total progress and how far you have come since you started your goal
• After setting a new goal (eg. a lean gaining phase after losing fat) you can still go back to older goals to see your previous progress
• See a graph of your goal adherence for every day since you first set your goal. Swiping on it reveals your weekly rate of weight change and how well you adhered to your goal in the 7, 14 oder 30 day average comparison on that day. There has never been anything like it before.

And because everything is more fun as a game:
• The RPG where you are the main character: Collect Scelta Points by reaching your own goal and level up
• Prolific story: Unlock many different achievements for your adhering to your weight adventure
• Online leader boards: Compete with your friends or users worldwide to see who accomplishes their personal weight goals best

Losing weight on a fat-loss diet, keeping your lean-gaining phase in check or if you’re just trying to maintain your current weight:
Weight Tracking has never been this fun!

What position will you reach with your personal progress in the leader boards?
Download Scelta now and try it today!

Download Scelta – Monitor Your Weight

Selfie Touchup

Normally $1.99.

The easiest method to make automatic touchups to your portrait and selfie images.
– Simply take an image or load it from your photo library
– Use a slider to make the skins smoother and younger looking
– Use a slider to adjust the size of the nose
– Use a slider to whiten the teeth (the app detect teeth automatically)

If there is more more than one face in the image, the app detect all of them and you need to just tap on the face to select the face

No in-app-purchase is necessary.
All the processing is done on your device and images are not uploaded to a cloud server for processing.

You can store the modified image on your device at the original resolution or share it in social media from within the app

Download Selfie Touchup

Player Clock

Normally $0.99.

Player Clock is a clock with an integrated music player
*continuous color change (all colors).
*LED design.
*full rotation support.
*show, hide date.
*auto colors change.
*on, off auto lock.
*show music player buttons.
*show CD Cover.
*use you entire iPod music.
*clock mode 12h, 24h.

*change the colors with finger swipe left or right.
*change brightness with finger swipe up and down.
*change the music volume with two fingers swipe up and down.

Download Player Clock

Blur Bokeh

Normally $2.99.

Create nice social media profile picture with the app.
Show to your friend to amaze them.
Print and frame as unique gift ideas.
Send it to your loved one.
User friendly and easy to use!

Create your own Blur Bokeh photos without DSLR camera. You can have bokeh photo instantly with this app. Transforms your photo into various gorgeous effects by adding bokeh to your photo! All beautiful effects are designed together by professional photographers and real artists to provide you the most amazing effect to your photo.

Key Features :
1. Instant effects.
2. Erase unwanted bokeh on your face.
3. Live camera effects.
5. Save to photo album.

Download Blur Bokeh


Normally $2.99.

Have fun sending emoji & Stickers to your friends and loved ones with iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook and any other messaging app!

The emoji are compatible across devices so the receiver doesn’t need to have the app installed (or even an iPhone) to see them.

No one knows your dog’s personality better than you. DogMoji is the first emoji stickers app that lets you share your love of Dogs with friends.

No matter what your dog’s personality, share it with all new Dog stickers and emojis. There’s a Dog sticker for everyone!

– 7+ emoji packs emoji and stickers
– 200+ high-quality, hand drawn Emojis and stickers
– Husky , shepherd , Husky , Pug , corgi , Yorkie and more breeds
– Activate the emoji and stickers pack you want to use & ignore the rest
– Easily switch between emoji packs
– Tutorial included for quick & easy installation
– Also works with Facebook comments!

Download DogMoji

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