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15 paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

Best Free iPhone Apps

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The Northeast is about to be slammed by a cold front that will take temperatures down into the negative numbers. Know what’ll warm you up later this week? A whole bunch of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free. Today’s post has 15 premium apps that are free downloads for a limited time, and you can grab even more if you head back to yesterday’s edition.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Tubot for YouTube

Normally $1.99.

Tubot is a YouTube client which has been developed and optimized specifically for iOS. It is a full-fledged alternative offering useful features for a better YouTube experience.

Organize Content
– Use multiple YouTube accounts
– Group subscriptions
– Sort subscriptions and playlists

– Minimize video player
– Continue playback where left off
– Mark videos as watched
– Background playback
– AirPlay support
– Preferred playback quality on Wi-Fi and cellular
– Watch history (+ pause and clear watch history)

Smart Search
– Search for videos, channels and playlists
– Search for videos in channel
– Additional parameters for video search:
– Order by (relevance, upload date, view count, rating, alphabetically)
– Video definition (high definition, standard definition)
– Duration (short, medium, long)
– Publishing date (last hour, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, last 365 days)
– Category (Film, Music, Gaming, …)
– Detailed search history (+ pause and clear search history)

Full-fledged Client
– Manage subscriptions
– Add, edit and delete playlists
– Add, edit and delete comments
– Share videos, channels and playlists

Optimized for iOS
– Sleek and clean design
– Synchronizes account data over iCloud
– Supports dynamic type
– Stores authorization data securely in keychain

Download Tubot for YouTube


Normally $1.99.

mo.Today is a personal assistant that helps you see your daily events and to-dos in a very simple way.
Manage your days by moving freely from ‘Today’ to a day in the past or the future.
Access all of your built-in calendar events and reminders, conveniently organized in one screen.
With mo.Today’s unique ‘Expose’ feature, actively look for the tasks you are ‘able to do’, rather than passively checking ‘to do’ items.
Just experience it right now.


1. Collect your ‘today’ in one screen.
– mo.Today shows all of your schedules and appointments, to-dos and reminders in one screen, in chronological order. Simply open mo.Today to remind yourself what to do at any given moment.
– To-do items are listed in the order they need to be completed: “undone” tasks from yesterday appear first, followed by today, tomorrow and after, then “someday”; you don’t need to assign priorities manually to decide what to do next.
– Check your days at a glance with beautifully designed overview and list modes, and easily switch between the two.

2. Move between the dates with ease
– Not only can you simply swipe the date card to yesterday or tomorrow like a real diary, but you can also jump straight to any date you want using easy-to-switch navigation modes (weekly, monthly and yearly).
– Each card shows you how many days are left until (or have passed since) that date. You can quickly return to today by double-tapping the date card.

3. Expose in Advance
– mo.Today’s unique feature, ‘Expose’, makes to-dos scheduled for future dates visible whenever you want so that you can prepare for them in advance. Without having to set an alarm, you can check not only to-dos for today but also the ones to be prepared in advance simply by opening mo.Today. Experience the joy of pro-active life with mo.Today’s Expose in Advance.

4. Date Calculator
– mo.Today’s convenient date calculator lets you quickly figure out the number of days in between two dates, or jump to the date any given number of days away from the current date card you are looking at. How many days away is today from the first day of AD 1? When is the 1000th-day anniversary since the first time you met your girlfriend? The answers are just a few taps away with mo.Today’s date calculator.

5. Change your own background
– Translucent UI of mo.Today lets your own images be the elegant background. Choose one from mo.Today’s several built-in offerings, or any images in your photo library.
– You can customize the look of mo.Today with Dark/Bright skin themes and six color combinations — make your own flavor of mo.Today.

Download mo.Today

easy! A deluxe brainteaser!

Normally $0.99.

Soooooo easy, yet so hard to master – this app will turn your brain to mush and drive you to despair.

This is how “easy!” works!

You get questions or statements made in logical contexts that are either true or false. Are tomatoes blue, does sand taste sweet, and can a finicky eater be eaten? Math problems and images add difficulty to the whole thing.

Swiping right means true and swiping left means false. You get three seconds to think per term. You can’t take too long and you have to decide quickly. For every correct answer, you get one point. After 5 correct answers, the theme changes. If you’re too slow or answer incorrectly, it’s game over.

This little logic app provides long-term motivation for the Hall of Fame – and it’s easy as pie to challenge your friends with just one click. Can you get the highest score?

That’s easy!
• 30 questions and statements
• 30 false answers and 30 correct answers respectively
• 3 seconds to think
• Merciless rating system
• Intuitive controls
• A Purple Monster

A deluxe brainteaser! Solve tricky logic questions in a limited time frame.

Download easy! A deluxe brainteaser!


Normally $0.99.

Running is tough! FuelYourRun is here to help.

Finding the motivation you need to get up and run is sometimes impossible. Whether you prefer hitting tarmac or the treadmill, FuelYourRun is a simple app that lets you quickly plan your runs, reminds you when it’s time and most importantly gives you the motivation you need to get up and go do it.


▸ GET MOTIVATED – see how many people have run today
▸ PLAN YOUR RUNS – plan the next 7 days and receive run reminders
▸ TRACK YOUR RUNS – keep track of your progress


◆◆◆◆◆ “Helpful app for everyone to keep yourself motivated to workout everyday.”
◆◆◆◆◆ “Very motivating and awesome. Love the simplistic design!”
◆◆◆◆◆ “Great running app, very useful and helpful.”

It takes just seconds to get up and running with FuelYourRun. But to help you get started FYR comes packed with a tour that takes you through all the main features of the app.

FuelYourRun is FREE for a limited time only so get it today!


Can I turn off reminders/change time?
Yes, you can set the time you receive reminders in the settings panel.

Does FuelYourRun connect with Nike+?
Nope, not yet but it’s in the pipeline.

Can I track individual runs?
At present FYR tracks run days, not individual runs.

When will new features be added?
Soon. As a 1.0 app FYR is focused on helping motivate you to get up and run. If you have an idea or feature request we’d love to hear it. You can send your feedback via the settings panel.

Download FuelYourRun


Normally $1.99.

Frax is an art program that puts the “equations of nature” in the palm of your hand. Frax is powered by fractal geometry, the same principle that creates patterns of self-similarity in our natural world. From spiral galaxies to hurricanes, from tree limbs to branching blood vessels, the universe is filled with endless variation and staggering beauty. Frax visualizes this natural geometric code, so you can explore vast animating digital landscapes and make a masterpiece on your touchscreen.

Zoom deep into your creations. Use multi-touch gestures to fly through and explore intricate shapes and patterns. Tilt-to-steer through animating digital worlds, as you challenge yourself to chart a course for a long and beautiful flight –all at a depth range of a trillion-to-one.

Unleash your inner artist with complex color gradients to smoothly tint and shade your fractal shapes, two light sources for glossy reflections, and novel textures. The combinations are endless: supersmooth or wildly chaotic, metallic sheen or pearly white, subtle shades, stark monochrome or screaming supergloss. Or upgrade to Pro to access almost 100 parameters and controls!

Then share your creations with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and text. Or invite other users to step into your animating world by sharing a live preset link. You can render high-quality images to your photo library or create ultra-high quality 50 Megapixel renders with an IAP. And for the first time, you can now record VIDEO of your Frax animations directly within the app! (Pro IAP required.) Our users have put their designs on canvas, posters, scarves, T-shirts and textiles. The creative possibilities are endless!

What will Frax inspire in you?

Download Frax

Smart Resume Pro

Normally $4.99

Build and submit a professionally typeset resume in minutes. Simply fill in your information, and Smart Resume Pro produces a clean, properly formatted PDF resume you can email directly, post online, or print out.

*** GET BACK TO WORK SALE! Regular price: US $14.99 ***

Now you have NO EXCUSE not to get your resume done!


Smart Resume Pro produces properly designed resumes that send a professional message.

Beware of Apps and guides that encourage you to make “fancy” resumes. Unless you work in a specialty industry, these gimmicks often send the wrong message:
– Using unnecessary colors and styles.
– Using fonts that are hard to read, or don’t render correctly on different platforms.
– Including your photo when one isn’t explicitly requested by the job description.

Smart Resume Pro helps you avoid these common mistakes and more, giving you an edge over other applicants.

It includes 10 professionally drafted examples you can use as a template.


Smart Resume Pro is designed with only one thing in mind: Getting you invited to that interview.

It has a full feature set with everything you need:
– Creates cross-platform compatible PDF resumes
– Email resumes directly
– Print in-App right from your iPad or iPhone/iPod Touch
– Export to 3rd party Apps such as Dropbox,, etc.
– Create unlimited resumes, one for each company if you want
– 10 professionally drafted examples provide a starting point, or inspiration
– Use pre-defined sections or create custom ones
– Add an optional photo to your resume
– Rearrange sections to suit your needs
– Create a specific cover letter for each company, properly addressed
– Integrated spell check to help avoid typos
– Optional fine adjustments to text and margin sizes to fit the page
– Live previews on the iPad

Download Smart Resume Pro


Normally $0.99.

Choon is an alternative audio player. It enhances your control over the library by providing clean interface and gestures.

– Add songs on the go. Just swipe right the song, album or even playlist to play it next
– Cue sheet support. Download cue files via iTunes or Safari to manage your podcasts or mixes
– Quick playlists
– Background LastFM scrobbling
– Color scheme based on the artwork of now playing track
– Quick access to current playing artist or album
– Customize fonts
– Search over all your music library
– Rate your tracks
– Compatible with iTunes Match
– All metadata like play counts and track ratings is synchronised. Available filters are Playlists, Songs, Albums, Artists and Podcasts.

Download Choon


Normally $0.99.

iNoticed is your personal note application for taking notes on the go. Attache Images, select your font size, set your color and share your beautiful note with your friends.
Want to keep your thoughts secret? No problem, with iNoticed you can set a passcode for each of your secret notes and use touchID to get access to them.
Getting confused by the huge number of your beautiful notes? With iNoticed searching your notes is easier than ever before.

Key Features:

> Passcode and touchID for every note

> Organize your notes by using colour tags

> Attach images and set the font of your note

Download iNoticed

Smart Cycle Alarm PRO

Normally $0.99.

Sleeping is one of the most important part of our life.
The sleep is responsible for our mental health, physical health and the quality of our life.

The damage from sleep deficiency can occur in an instant (such as a car crash), or it can harm you over time.
Sleep deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems. It also can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, and get along with others.

Smart Cycle Alarm was specially developed to help you sleep smart.

When we sleep, we experience different sleep states, from deep sleep to light sleep.
The state you are in when your alarm clock goes off will decide how tired you feel.

The intelligent Smart Cycle Alarm monitors the signals received from your body, to wake you up softly, when you are in the lightest possible sleep state (natural waking phase), feeling refreshed and relaxed, instead of tired.


– Wakes you up in the lightest sleep state;
– Detailed graphs and statistics for every night;
– Special settings and options for your preferences;
– Pleasant selected sounds to wake you up;
– Wake up with your iPod music;
– Counts and tracks your heart rate;
– Customizable wake up phase, from 10 to 90 min;
– Customizable snooze;
– Use vibration as backup;
– Works in background;
– Sleep aid sound to help you fall a sleep, regular and intelligent, with 11 different sounds;
– Uses iPhone’s proximity to save your battery;
– Export Database as a CSV file;
– Help information;
– Share your sleep data on Facebook, Twitter or via Email;

– Because Smart Cycle Alarm uses iPhone’s accelerometer, you must be able to place the iPhone correctly next to you.
– To prevent your device to turn off during the night, make sure you can keep your device connected to the charger.

Download Smart Cycle Alarm PRO

Recipes Cook Book

Normally $2.99.

Recipes is a cooking book and an organizer. featuring a beautiful design. put all your recipes in one place and search or edit them really easily
you can browse your recipes in a beautiful list
Some features
– Easily add and edit your recipes and organize them really easily
– you can prevent screen dimming while you are cooking so you don’t have to keep unlocking your device to read the instructions
– The app have tools like weight converter so you can convert between measurements
– You can share your recipes via email
– Organize your recipes into multiple categories
– You can the recipe ingredients to a shopping list
– The application is VoiceOver compatible so even if you can’t see the screen you will be able to use the app
– Enhanced for iOS9 and you can easily search for your recipes from the spotlight
– You can add multiple directions so u can easily know the steps

Download Recipes Cook Book

Live Bubble

Normally $0.99.

Live Bubble meters microphone volume and generates realtime soap bubbles. It uses gyroscope and camera to give you a immersive augmented reality view of bubbles. You can take snapshot and share images.

Download Live Bubble

Ambee for Philips hue

Normally $0.99.

*Philips hue bridge required to run this app

Dynamic light scenes for Philips hue.

Download Ambee for Philips hue


Normally $0.99.

KittyKey, the iPhone and iPad keyboard that purrs, includes 10 cat themed keyboards with cat sounds like purr and meow as you type, Kitty Chat Stickers, Cat Kaomoji & Jumbo Cat Emoji.

– 10 designer cat keyboard themes inspired by our favorite furry friends! Includes English Autocorrect and awesome spacebar cursor control.

– Select from 12 different cat sounds while you type, including purr, meow, hiss, and even roar! Switch back to the regular keyboard click sound at any time.

– Over 50 original Kitty Chat Stickers to send in messages, emails, and most social apps! They are SO Fun! Just click the paw on the keyboard!

– Cat Kaomoji (Word Pictures): We love Japanese Kaomoji but hate how hard they are to type! Now you can quickly insert Cat Kaomoji without having to remember!

– Jumbo Cat Emoji are just a paw click away!

KittyKey is purr-fect for all ages! Don’t wait, download today!

Download KittyKey

Crash the Comet

Normally $4.99.

Basically you need to control the comet, and keep it flying on the track.
Look easy, but the comet will continue speed up. It is not easy!

Specially on two hands mode, you may crash immediately.

Remember, this game is a Big Challenge.

Download Crash the Comet


Normally $0.99.

From a crazy college night to a casual get together, always track your estimated blood alcohol content with Wingman.

Wingman’s sleek and intuitive design makes it easy to track your drinks and to see your estimated blood alcohol content level. Just plug in you gender, age, height, and weight the first time you open up the app, and then let Wingman do the rest.

Select your drink from the four options, wine, beer, mixer, and shot, and the app will display your current EBAC and number of drinks.

Don’t want to go through all the trouble of finding and opening the app? Pull down your notification center and add drinks in the handy Wingman widget.

Join the hundreds of others who are using Wingman today!

Remember this is just an estimation of your blood alcohol level, not an exact level. Please drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive.

Release Notes 2.1
+ Swipe right for a preview of the new timeline feature coming in our next big update.
+ Improved app personality.
+ Moved share button to settings page.
+ More accurate BAC formula.
+ Brought back widget to the notification center.
+ Added 3D touch.
+ Added links to our website, Twitter, and Instagram in profile.

Wingman 2.0 Release Notes
– Hold down on a drink button to now specify the ABV!
– Notifications to remind you to add a drink
– Bug fixes

Download Wingman

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