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9 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Published Apr 11th, 2017 12:09PM EDT
Best Free iPhone Apps

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It wasn’t easy to follow up yesterday’s post covering the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free, and there are even still a few freebies in there to enjoy. We think we might have pulled it off though, and we’ve got nine fresh apps for you to check out on Wednesday.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $1.99.

It’s proven that the weather has a big impact on asthma patients. Asthmatic is an app made by and for asthma patients that predicts up to 5 days in advance how the weather will affect your lungs and tells you which precautions to take.

Unlike other forecasts that only focus on pollution, this app takes all environmental factors into account, has a clean interface and is available WORLDWIDE. Meaning that you can track the quality for any location you like, even when traveling abroad.

How does it work?
Factors such as temperatures, humidity levels, pollution, ozone levels, indoor climate, etc., can all trigger symptoms or asthma attacks. It’s hard to keep track of all those different factors and often you don’t realise the conditions are bad until you start getting symptoms.

Asthmatic calculates the air quality based on a big variety of weather conditions and then gives you a score ranging from poor to excellent. Each day has a description which tells you which conditions are bad and gives you advise on how to deal with those. The forecast is shown for the upcoming 5 days, current day included, so you can even plan ahead when to take your medication or when to avoid exercising outdoors.

– Worldwide availability. Get the forecast for any location on earth.
– Add or delete one or more locations.
– A detailed forecast for up to five days in advance, current day included.
– The air quality based on weather conditions. (poor to excellent)
– A detailed daily rating from 0 to 5.
– A list of perfect and bad weather conditions for each day.
– Daily tips and advise related to the forecast.
– A detailed weather forecast.
– Display temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Download Asthmatic


Normally $2.99.

Hyperburner is a high-speed space flier set in a distant colonial solar system. Take your ship through increasingly dangerous courses, unlocking endless-mode leaderboards as you go. Built for mobile with smooth and responsive free-steering, playable in portrait or landscape.

Pocketgamer Gold Award:
“From the amazing aesthetic to the perfect controls, everything about the game hums with the sort of quality that makes every second you spend with the game a joy”

– Fast-paced gameplay, instant respawns.
– Master six unique zones each with five challenging stages.
– Test your skills against a list of high-speed endless-mode goals.
– Unlock better ships as you progress.

Download Hyperburner

Fake Location

Normally $0.99.

With Fake GPS Location app you can fake your location and pretend that you go many places in the world!

Mask your location by searching for a certain address (full address or only city/state/country) or famous places.

Share a screenshot to trick your friends and make them make them surprised.

Download Fake Location

Animated Pixel Emoji

Normally $0.99.

Show off your emotions with Animated Pixel Emoji. Specially designed to send to your friends and stick all over your text messages.

Download Animated Pixel Emoji

Prism HD

Normally $1.99.

Prism HD is an inspiring exploration of real light shining through glass prisms and splitting into natural rainbows beneath your fingers. Interact with a variety of beautiful scenes, or create your own. Completely accurate in math and physics, you will be amazed at the feel of life in the light exploding from just a few simple prisms.

* Debuted at the Future Canvas 2 iPad art exhibit in San Francisco.

* Featured on the Atmospheric Optics Picture of the Day:
– “Prism HD is an iPad/iPhone App combining optics, accuracy and beauty.

* As seen on
– “There is a certain beauty in manipulating theoretical light and angles
of refraction and watching what happens”

* Also featured on KRON TV San Francisco

* Used as inspiration by professional artists and architects.

Prism HD uses sophisticated ultra-fast ray-casting to simulate tens of thousands of individual rays of light as they pass through a variety of colored or clear glass prisms. As you move and rotate the prisms and the light-source, the light reacts instantly to your touch, sending showers of beams across the screen. The beams combine and split in a fantastic array of natural rainbow patterns that you will recognize from the real world around you, but have never been able to interact with freely before. The result is an accurate simulation of the natural world with a surprisingly emotional power.

* Simple controls.
* 13 beautiful pre-set scenes.
* Every scene can be easily customized.
* Fully multi-touch.
* Tuned for all devices:
from iPod Touch to iPad 3, including Retina support and iPhone 5.
* Regular prisms: triangles, squares pentagons, etc.
* Star-shaped prisms with any number of points.
* Perfectly circular prisms, which accurately simulate drops of water.
* Each prism’s shape and color can be easily changed.
* Simple control of optical properties like Index of Refraction and Dispersion.
* Written in 100% Objective-C, C++, and OpenGL for maximum performance.

* Many natural phenomena are accurately reproduced:
** Refraction, Dispersion, and Partial Transmission
** Snell’s Law and Total Internal Reflection
** Caustic Reflections
(Have you ever noticed the curved reflections inside a coffee cup ?)
** Natural Rainbows are easily illustrated using a circular prism
** Accurately shows real-world optics behind atmospheric halos such as Sundogs.

Hundreds of thousands of individual rays of light are simulated each second.

Every ray obeys three simple laws of optics:

1. Refraction:
Light bends as it passes from one medium to another.

2. Dispersion:
Blue light ‘refracts’ more than red light.

3. Transmission and Reflection:
When light passes from one medium to another,
some of it passes through and some is reflected.
When these simple laws of nature are combined in a powerful computer such as an iPad,
the experience is captivating and beautiful.

Download Prism HD


Normally $0.99.

TaskOrganizer – App with a new approach to the management of tasks lists.

The possibility of dividing tasks lists into various areas will help you to sort all your tasks and easily get access to them. For each area, you can give a rate of the current situation, set an icon and choose a colour.

Making up collections of tasks, you can separately keep and work with the tasks for the day, month, year and even with aims for a whole life. With the help of the project settings, you can set your own collections you need.

The most simple function of a random choice of the next task will help you to do more tasks daily. The app allows you to make a choice from all the tasks or from the tasks with pointed priority.

Key Features:
– Customizable areas
– Unlimited set of collections tasks
– Multiple projects
– “Accelerator productivity”
– Setting priorities for the task
– Adding tags for task
– Percentage of each area
– Percentage of all the collection on the whole
– Pleasant not boring interface with a coloured circle in the center.

Download TaskOrganizer

Fontz 2

Normally $1.99.

This app is simplely the best Font App on the AppStore if you dont believe us check out all the features and *****DOWNLOAD NOW for the SALE******

– Many many text fonts styles to choose from
– Choose a color from the spetrum of colors the app offers
– Beautiful design
– Take beautiful photos
– Choose photos from your library
– Share your customized pictures for the world to see

Download Fontz 2

Reminders Widget

Normally $1.99.

Add reminders to iOS built-in reminders app from notificatin center withou unlocking the device. Save time to look and scroll through all your tasks and reminders.
The app offers the following features:
-View due or over due reminders from all groups in one place
– View all lists reminders in one place
– Add reminders from Widget without unlocking device
-View each reminders group list by itself
-Switch between reminders groups
-Scroll to view all reminders in each group
-Sort reminders by name or due date
-Complete reminders
-Tap on reminder to open Reminders app
More features will be added based on customer’s feedback. Please try our “Week Cal Widget for iOS calendar” app that implements a week view of iOS calendar events in notification center.

Download Reminders Widget

Circle Flip Pro

Normally $1.99.

Flip, flip, flip!

– 16 characters
– Simple One Touch Control
– Online leaderboard
– Endlesss Gameplay

– Tap to Flip
– Don’t touch on spikes
– Collect diamonds to unlock new characters

Download Circle Flip Pro


Normally $1.99.

Have you ever wished that all the social media apps were all in one single app there’s your answer, Spher has all the major social apps in it including:

– Instagram
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Youtube
– Google+
– Pinterest
– Dropbox
– Evernote
– Linkedin
– Tumblr

And many more, there are over 20 social media apps in this application

Download Spher

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