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8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free on July 26th

Published Jul 26th, 2018 12:33PM EDT
Best Free iPhone Apps

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Did you miss all the paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free that we shared with you yesterday? Well there are still a few freebies left if you head back to that post, but we’ve got a fresh new roundup for you to check out on Thursday. You’ll find eight different premium apps laid out below, and they’re all on sale for free for a limited time.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Subscribe to our feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published, and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.


Normally $0.99.

Puzzle mode in 2D:
– Collect all pixels.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Endless Mode in 3D:
– Collect pixels for more time.
– Find goal.
– You have 100 seconds.

Key Features:
– Multi-Fingered Exercises
– Mesmerising Soundtrack
– Arcade Sound Effects
– Rage Against Time
– Stumping Puzzles
– Retro Style
– 37 Levels
– Multiple Colours
– Pixels
– Endless (mindless) game mode
– 2D and 3D game modes
– No advertisements
– No in-application purchases

– This was a competition entry at Assembly Summer 2017 computer festival.
– 10th place in Game Development combo.

Download PixelMaze

Better Habits: Habit Tracker

Normally $3.99.

Ranked #1 in the App Store in over 25 countries!

Empower yourself to track habits you want with the best habit app on the market, loved by thousands world-wide. Better Habits is the only habit tracker that is backed by scientific research. With features including streaks, custom difficulty settings and a smart progress bar that grows or SHRINKS based on your performance.

– Backed by science
– Lose progress if you don’t perform
– Difficulty setting for each habit
– See your current streak and best streak
– See you progress over time, the peaks and valleys
– Intelligent affirmations of progress
– No ads
– Set a reminder for each habit
– Nag alerts that will annoy you until you do the action
– See your total lifetime actions performed
– See a full history of every action performed
– Full accessibility and voiceover support

Premium Features:
– Unlimited habits
– Multiple actions per day
– Advanced reminders

The Better Habits app has become one of the best apps to help you change your habits. The best habit app is not a goal-setting, stat-tracking, or coach-networking app. It’s a smart goal tracker that is laser-targeted on forming habits that last. Forty-five percent of all daily behavior is habit. Changing those habits can be incredibly difficult and many, unfortunately may never succeed at doing so because they don’t have a reliable habits building app that lets you track your daily tasks and build strong habits. It IS possible to change your core habits and many Better Habits users already have. We tap into your natural pain/pleasure triggers as you track your habits. You are rewarded for performance with visual anchored progress. When you fail to perform, you lose portions of that progress. Rather than a static, black and white, ‘all or nothing’ answer, we offer a sophisticated living algorithm that is backed by science and flexible to fit everyone. This is why many people all over the world consider our app to be one of the best habit-forming apps available.

The app is deceptively simple, and users are stunned at why — and how well — it works. Behind its elegant surface and easy interaction, is a union of serious study and complex technology that gently guides you along the path to success.

It’s time to form better daily habits and better your life.

Download Better Habits: Habit Tracker

Emotions – Video Editor

Normally $7.99.

With Emotions you can edit cool videos by adding moving emojis.

Now you can add;
∙ Floating ghosts,
∙ Shaking coffee cups or Bear mugs,
∙ Rotating smiley faces,
∙ Beating hearts,
∙ Flying money
∙ Zooming danger signs
…. etc. to your videos.

Be creative and put your favorite iOS emojis in motion.

Make cool videos with animated emojis for your social media.
Get attention of your followers with this latest video editing app.

How to use:

∙ Select a video from camera roll
∙ Quick tap to add an emoji for the whole duration of the video
∙ Tap and hold to add an emoji for a prefered duration.
∙ Change the animation, Emoji as you want
∙ Save to camera roll and then share to your prefered social media.


+ Easy to use editor
+ Output videos in Highest Quality Possible
+ Pick a video from any folder in your camera roll

+ Contact support in 2 taps – Email directly to developer’s inbox
+ Frequent updates and new features upon your request
+ No Ads – (We hate ’em).

Download Emotions – Video Editor

Universal Image Search Pro

Normally $0.99.

# Featured on Yahoo, AppShopper, and many Top websites & Blogs !
# Best App to search image online .
# Rated 4+ star (Avg) by users .
# A powerful App to get Image from popular image sharing website and search engine in single App.
# Top best results from every Image sharing website at one place with just single click .

Our Some Reviews –

@This app is amazing,you can search a thing and find what you really want which one you want,
byFile vendergeli -Mar 24, 2016

@I like the way it is designed, very well done. Thanks.
byXiache – Mar 20, 2016

@Super App!!! Super Like!!! Excellent
bymarygrace128 – Jan 28, 2016

@Perfecta para buscar imágenes en varios buscadores
bypeterbox – Feb 16, 2016

@Excellent Image Search
excellent image search that use different search engines
byاليتيم – May 9, 2016


Key feature of App:-
* Image from many website to in a single APP
* Search results from Google
* Search results from Bing
* Search results from Flickr
* Search results from
** App show top results from search engine and show it within the app
* Save image to phone
* Easy to switch between search results
* Clear view of image , no text or other media

Advantage of this App:-
* Save a lot of time of User to Search Image on Internet
* Get the best results from different search engine and image sharing website
* Very less in size .so take less memory .
* User friendly Design
* Just Single Click to Switch Different Website Results .
* Write once in Search Text box , Universal Image Search will search for all Six Image Sharing Website .
* Very Easy way to Search Image Online .
Thank you !!

Download Universal Image Search Pro

Color Accent

Normally $0.99.

Color Accent lets you add accent effect (also known as splash or highlight effect) to your photos in seconds. Simply tap to select colors to keep and make rest of your photo Black and White.


• Powerful image processing engine

Easily pick accent / splash colors to highlight
Pick unlimited number of accent / splash colors

• Beautiful and simple user interface

Magnifying glass lets you easily pick precise colors
Paint on photos to remove or add colors

• Change Hue and Saturation for accent colors
• Film-inspired filters and presets
• Full resolution support
• Universal app

Download Color Accent

Tank Battle – Mini War

Normally $4.99.

It is a very classical tank battle game like NES Battle City. Almost everyone should played this type of game before.

We modified this classical game, and bring it back to 21 Century.
Mini War is 2nd Generation, the 1st Generation is Super Tank Battle. Mini War inheritance all advantages of Super Tank Battle. And we have added many new elements into it.

Game Rules:
– Defense your base
– Destroy all enemy tanks
– If your tank or your base is destroyed, it will game over

– 5 different difficulty levels (from easy to crazy)
– 3 type of different game zones (Normal, Danger, and Nightmare)
– 6 different type of enemies
– Your tank can have 3 Level upgrade
– Helper tank, now you can order it to hold position
– Many different type of map elements, you can see the screenshot
– Every map elements can be destroy
– 4 types of different board size, 26×26, 28×28, 30×30, and 32×32
– Helping items, which can help you to finish the game
– 280 maps can be played.

* Different difficulty levels should meet different people need. Expert player can direct choose Crazy level.
** When finish normal zone, danger zone will be opened. After finished danger zone, the nightmare zone will be opened. In danger and nightmare zone enemies power will be greatly increased.
*** Every 2 to 4 months we will add new maps into Mini War, just like Super Tank Battle. Super Tank Battle is now have 500 maps inside.

Download Tank Battle – Mini War


Normally $1.99.

PT-Helper consists of physical therapy and wellness exercises for the ankle, back, elbow, hip, knee, neck, shoulder and wrist. Keep your physical therapists assigned exercise program with you at all times by adding exercises into your Favorites list.

Download your physical therapist’s prescribed exercises using the Therapist’s Code provided to you by your therapist using PT-Helper CONNECT. Your assigned exercises will appear on the front page underneath your therapist’s company name or logo.

Enabling Sync Results will send your completed exercise information back to your therapist to keep them informed on your progress.

PT-Helper helps you follow through with your home exercises for quicker recovery from your injuries and ailments with improved mobility.

Key Features:

Animated exercise programs to lead you through your Favorite exercises
Multiple illustrations within each exercise to clearly show proper exercise form
Written exercise description
Timers for hold and recovery times to pace your exercises
Repetition and Set counters
Add pictures or videos to prescribed exercises for unique exercise form instructions


Create your own list of Favorite exercises
Specify Hold, Recovery and Rest times for each exercise
Specify Repetitions, Sets, Weights, and Exercise Band color for each exercise

PT-Helper is designed to help you overcome these common issues with doing physical therapy exercises at home:

Losing your exercise papers and not remembering which exercises you need to do
Not understanding the exercise images that are part of the handout
Not having your exercise papers when you have time to do your exercises
Losing track of your repetitions
Losing track of how long to hold each set

PT-Helper does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physical therapist or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Download PT-Helper

Block vs Block

Normally $2.99.

We modify the world most attractive puzzle game on PC / NES / FC / PS. How to play it is no need to explain. iOS “Block vs Block” allow you play against computer, or human (iPad only).

– 16 different shapes
– 4 different special items
– VS mode

Very attractive graphic, very easy to control, very strong computer player. What are you waiting for? Download and enjoy it now!

Download Block vs Block

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