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6 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on April 23rd

Best Free iPhone Apps

If you missed yesterday’s roundup of the best paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free, definitely go back and check it out because there are still a few freebies left in there. We’ve got a fresh new roundup for you on Tuesday though, and you’ll find six new iOS apps listed below.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

FISHI – Fisheye Camera

Normally $0.99.

A fascinating world through the eyes of four fishes.

Try out different fisheye lenses with your photos and videos.
It looks a little distorted, but your outcomes will be different from the usual.
Adjust the curves of the fisheye through the bubble eye function.
The bulging fisheye leads you to a wider world.

Choose your background music in the video mode and create a fantastic clip.
If you hold the eye button, it will be recorded. If you release it, it will pause.
Connect your favorite cuts to create your own music videos.

Download FISHI – Fisheye Camera

Spinny Up!

All in-app purchases for character upgrades are currently free.

Spinny up whilst avoiding the enemies. The tap and hold mechanics will test your skills and control. Small taps will help you navigate tight areas but when the road is open hold firm and fly up as fast as you can.

Challenge friends with native sharing across multiple platforms. See if you can top the Game Centre leaderboard.

Good Luck!

Download Spinny Up!

My Gratitude Journal

Normally $2.99.

Your SECURE and PRIVATE diary of life’s best moments, GRATITUDE is scientifically proven to drastically change lives.


“I tell all my friends to get this. It’s absolutely changed my life!” – Frank S., Brisbane

“I tried every single diary app out there, and Gratitude is by far the best.” – Maria M., NYC

“The difference between Gratitude and the other gratitude apps is that Carla truly cares about her customers and helping others.” – Russel B, CA

Increasing your happiness has the same impact as DOUBLING your income!



Less stress and anxiety
Way quality sleep
Zests up relationships with loved ones
Increases your self confidence
Strengthens emotions
Higher focus at work & play
Boost your career


+ fun, easy and fast way to capture the day’s best moments
+ import your Gratitude app entries
+ 100% private
+ gentle reminders to help you along
+ personalized progress
+ unique emoji’s to capture the spirit of the day
+ fun rewards for writing
+ passcode protection
+ export to a lovely PDF


+ personal journey & progress
+ buddy system
+ more rewards
+ purchase a printed hardbound version of your journal
+ and MUCH more

Download now and start training your mind for a healthier, happier life.

Download My Gratitude Journal

Sheep Legion 2

Normally $0.99.

◆(○^~^○)Free for a limited time(June 1 ~ June 30)!

◆Sheep Legion, the world’s most popular single player game last year!At the request of players,Sheep Legion 2 is coming!Thank you very much, every player!We will continue to work hard in the future to update the game.

【New gameplay】
O(∩_∩)O The player control hero more easily and more interesting!

【New challenge】
(^ ▽ ^) In the game,we will record the highest score of the player,so challenge yourself to try something new.

【New rank】
(=^ω^=) Game Center support.The top 10 of the player’s name will be displayed real time in the game.Who is the most powerful player?

\( ^▽^ )/ And….. more to come!

Download Sheep Legion 2


Normally $4.99.

Mast is a beautiful Mastodon app built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as feature-packed as it is gorgeous. With customisable content and themes, it’s most definitely the perfect choice.

The stunning timelines make reading the latest content a joy, and tapping the on-screen elements gives you a wonderful haptic response. Long-holding anywhere in the app quickly lets you toggle themes, and Siri Shortcuts let you do the same, and more. Awesome.

We’ve also thrown in some cool things like 3D Touch support, Today Extension, Share Extensions, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, Siri Shortcuts, and an iPad app! We hope you enjoy using Mast.

“What is Mastodon?”, you may ask. Well, it’s a federated and decentralised social network. Think of it as email, where you can choose your provider, yet talk with almost anyone from anywhere regardless of their choices. The instances on Mastodon and Pleroma give users freedom to find their community, whilst allowing everyone to talk with each other with the level of visibility that they want. The content warning feature makes it safer, and the increased character count makes it far more expressible. It’s what microblogging should have always been.

– Beautiful and clean interface
– Fast and lightweight
– Light mode (day), dark mode (dusk), darker mode (night), true black dark mode (midnight), and midnight blue themes (you could even set up Siri Shortcuts to do this for you magically)
– Themes and customization
– Multiple user accounts
– Supercharged toot composition screen with a powerful media gallery, text styling options, ASCII text face insertion, instance emoticons, now playing content insertion, picture pasting, and user autocomplete
– Browse and add GIFs to toots when composing
– Powerful media app-drawer with a gallery slider, and drag-and-drop deletion
– Polls support (create, view, vote)
– Supercharged media viewer and Picture-in-Picture videos that can be dragged around
– Dedicated chat-like direct messages section
– Swipe actions to like/boost/reply (swipe right)
– Swipe actions to mute/block/report/translate/share (swipe left)
– Alt image text addition and viewing support
– Pinch the screen anywhere to toot a screenshot
– Schedule toots for the future
– Filter toots
– Endorse accounts
– Translate toots
– Threaded toot conversations
– Notifications and activity
– List creation support
– View pinned and liked toots
– View muted and blocked users
– Gorgeous profiles with links
– Dynamic hashtags, related, and user search
– Content warning overlays (shake to display again)
– Dynamic history view
– Adjustable segments
– Instance emoticons display and composition support
– Account locking and follower requests
– Customizable gestures
– iPad app
– Hardware keyboard shortcuts
– 3D Touch Peek and Pop
– 3D Touch Quick Actions
– Today Extension
– Share Extensions for Photos and Safari
– Siri Shortcuts
– Watch app with timelines and profile, works over cellular
– Cute iMessage stickers
– Joyful haptics and alerts
– Real time streaming
– Push notifications
– URL schemes
– Subtle volume indicator
– Dynamic app icon changing
– Useful settings to customize as you see fit
– Image and video audio to text conversion
– VoiceOver accessibility for the visually impaired
– Universal iOS app (iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro)
– Supports iOS multitasking on the iPad (Slide Over and Split View)

(Requires a Mastodon account)

Download Mast

Handy Measure-Measuring Tool

Normally $4.99.

Handy Measure uses the distance of objects seen through your device camera. Simply aim your device at any object in your environment, and Handy Measure will display the distance to that object on top of the camera image. With its cool 3D camera overlay grid, using Handy Measure is very fun and intuitive!

Find out how far it is towards that boat at the other side of the lake. Measure how tall buildings are. Use the app as a hunting or range-finder. Measure your friend’s height. The possibilities are endless!

Measure how far it is to the other end of the field or how far away that 8-point buck is. Use Handy Measure for measuring golf shot distance, parking spaces, door openings in addition to using it for home and gardening. The possibilities are endless!

By using basic trigonometry, Handy Measure uses device camera lens height and the tilt of the angle to compute the measured distance (height and width can also be measured with the Upgraded version). A basic animated tutorial on how to use Handy Measure is included.

-User friendly interface and 3D engine
-Measures distance. Can be updated to measure height and width! (Upgraded version)
-“Dynamic Photos”: Analyze and adapt measurements after photo is taken (Upgraded version)!
-Switch on flashlight for measurements in the dark
-Share your results on social media or by email!
-Includes the possibility to calibrate your iPhone/iPad for most accurate results!
-Displays accuracy of measurements
-Make a snapshot of the image with measurements and store it in the photo album for later use.
-Supports Metric and Imperial units.
-Animated tutorial to explain the measurement procedure.

Download Handy Measure-Measuring Tool

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