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6 paid iPhone apps you can download for free on April 12th

Best Free iPhone Apps

Whether you’re wasting the day away watching the Masters or hard at work finishing up everything you need to do before the weekend, you could probably use a few free apps. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what we’ve got here, and if you’re even luckier, you might find a few extra freebies still available on yesterday’s post.

This post covers paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. BGR is not affiliated with any app developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app anyway, you will be charged by Apple. Some apps may have additional in-app purchases. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these posts are published and you’ll avoid missing the sales we cover.

AirDisk Pro

Normally $1.99.

AirDisk Pro allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can connect to AirDisk Pro from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by drag & drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer.

AirDisk Pro features document viewer, PDF reader, music player, image viewer, voice recorder, text editor, file manager and support most of the file operations: like delete, move, copy, email, share, zip, unzip and more.



Support MS Office, iWork, Text & HTML


An ability to in app create your own audio playlist with repeat, shuffle, background playback and remote control from multitask.


Files transfer between PC/Mac with password protected.


Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, Zip, Unzip, UnRAR, Create File and Folder.


File sharing with other iPhone/iPad devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with automatic search of nearest available devices around you.


Drag and drop files upload via your PC/Mac web browser or USB via iTunes File Sharing.


Built-in text editor that allows you to edit your text files or source codes on your iOS device.


An ability to create text files, image captures, video records, voice recordings and import pictures from photo library.


An ability to protect your files from viewing by others.

Use your fingerprint to unlock AirDisk with TouchID support. (iOS 8 only)


iCloud Drive, Dropbox & Google Drive.


This app is developed for both iPhone and iPad, you need to purchase only once.



– Able to in app create audio playlist.

– Plays all MP3 files from a folder as a playlist.

– Repeats and shuffles songs.

– Supports background audio playback.

– Supports Audio Remote Control from multitask.



– Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, AAC)


– Movies (MP4, MOV, MPV, M4V)

– iWorks (Pages, numbers, and Keynote)

– Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

– RTF (Rich Text Format)

– RTFD (TextEdit with embedded images)

– PDF Documents

– Plain text

– Source code

– HTML web pages

– Web archives

Download AirDisk Pro


Normally $0.99.

Cosmicast is a beautiful podcast player built with iOS design guidelines in mind. It’s as useful as it is gorgeous. With a customizable grid layout and three sets of themes to choose from, it’s most definitely a podcast player for you.

There are no complicated user accounts or settings to configure. You can pick it up and get started immediately. This is made even faster with OPML podcast importing, and a handy discover section that’s categorized effectively in a minimal manner to show you only what you want to see.

The stunning podcast player makes listening to your favorite podcasts a joy, and tapping the large controls give you a wonderful haptic response. Long-holding certain buttons presents further options to enhance your experience and fine-tune aspects of the app. The player is always accessible from any page via a swipe up gesture with two fingers. Awesome.

We’ve also thrown in some cool things like Drag and Drop podcast rearranging, 3D Touch support, iMessage Stickers, and Siri Shortcuts! We hope you enjoy using Cosmicast!

– Beautiful and clean interface

– Light mode, dark mode, and true black dark mode

– Column grid sizing

– Discover new podcasts by genre or region

– Search for or paste podcast URLs to add them

– Download episodes for offline playback

– No account required

– Supercharged podcast player, accessible from any screen with a swipe up gesture using two fingers

– Long-hold the skip duration buttons to change the durations

– Long-hold the play/pause button to change the playback speed

– Tap the podcast artwork in the player for more options

– Sleep Timer

– Volume Boost

– View related content by the same author

– Pick your audio source

– Drag and Drop podcast rearranging

– 3D Touch Peek and Pop

– 3D Touch Quick Actions

– iMessage Stickers

– Siri Shortcuts

– Notifications for downloads

– Import and export podcasts as an OPML file

Download Cosmicast

Epica 2 Pro – monster camera

Normally $1.99.

The second generation of the coolest camera comes! The most funny camera application in the world!

New poses, New special effects and New scenes! Just in seconds, you would become the magicians, paladins, muscular men or lovely rabbits,everything you have ever wanted before!

To be the coolest among your friends? The only thing you need to do it is to press the shutter.

Features of Epica 2 Pro:

-No advertising, no watermark, and include 6 FREE pose packs.

-New added classifications: Wizard, Fun, Hairstyle, Amazing, Necromancer, Paladin, Barbarian, Archers, Bodybuilding, Animals…

-New portfolios will be added soon and it will be all Free.

-More filter functions can make your photos cooler.

-Provide poses for instruction,challenging your imagination.

-Share your creation with friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, Flickr, Tumblr…

-Available for iOS 11, and compatible with iOS 10/9.

Download Epica 2 Pro – monster camera

Safety Photo+Video

Normally $1.99.

Safety Photo+Video lets you keep your most private images and videos private. This app lets you passcode protect your most sensitive media so that prying eyes never see anything you don’t want them to see. You can even upload new pics and videos from your PC, via web browser or iTunes file sharing.

“Read More” to learn why you should download this App today!

How many times has this happened to you? You lend someone your phone, and they just rifle through your pictures and videos as if it was their own. Don’t you hate that? If you have photos or videos that you would rather not have other people looking at, then you need Safety Photo+Video. With this app you can quickly and easily passcode protect your most private or sensitive media so that nobody but you can find them.


1. Use your fingerprint to unlock app with TouchID support. (iOS 8 only)

2. Intruder report, app will capture photo of the intruders while they attempted to access your app

3. Decoy password to cover your real privacy

4. Dot pattern lock style for higher security

5. Developed for both iPhone and iPad so you only have to buy it once

6. Photo Geotag and EXIF data viewing

7. Supports Video

8. Create albums for your photos

9. Passcode lock for individual album

10. Passcode locking style

11. Choose from two stylish themes

12. Easy to use interface

13. Take private photos and videos from within the app

14. Easily import photos and videos from your photo library

15. Export photos to your iPhone/iPod Touch

16. Supports move, copy & paste

17. Full Retina display support

18. Upload/download from PC to iPhone via web browser/iTunes File Sharing

19. Share photos and videos via Bluetooth with other devices that have Safety Photo+Video installed

With three stylish and easy to use lock designs, you can customize your passcode style without compromising your security. Now you have the choice of using the standard combination lock style, keypad style, or the new dot pattern; all of which can easily access those personal items with ease. Customize each of your individual photo albums with their own unique passcode and lock design for additional security. Since Safety Photo+Video uploads and downloads directly from your PC via your iPhone web browser or iTunes file sharing, your prized photos will never land in your camera roll. Instead, they will automatically be transferred directly into the app! directly and away from prying eyes.

Safety Photo+Video now supports video for those once-in-a-lifetime moments that you want to hold onto. You can either import your videos from your photo library, or take videos directly from within the app. Customize your albums any way you like, as this app supports move, copy & paste options also. Feeling generous? Share your photos and videos via Bluetooth with other devices that have Safety Photo+Video installed on them.

Download Safety Photo+Video now and you can be sure that what goes onto Safety Photo+Video is for your eyes only.

Download Safety Photo+Video

Scythe Synthesizer

Normally $5.99.

Scythe iOS app is designed for iPad. It has a powerful synthesis engine and makes it easy to create and discover sound designed.

The wavetable creator enables the creation and editing of wavetables and is integrated directly into the system to preview your creations with the current session status. You can override the oscillators to see how your creation mixes with your session’s sound.

The controls have been minimized to allow a simple workflow with the same complex modulation that you might be used to. If you are new to modulation, Scythe app for iOS makes it simple with drag and drop, from source to oscillator control.

Now with CoreMIDI and Audiobus Midi input and Inter-App-Audio, Scythe synth can be integrated into your studio or workflow.

Scythe synthesizer iOS app comes with presets and library wavetables for quickly hearing some of its possibilities.

AudioShare allows importing and exporting audio with Scythe synthesis iOS app easily.

Generate custom wavetables by importing your sounds using AudioShare or iTunes file sharing, record using IAA out or directly in Scythe synthesizer app and export using Audioshare or iOS sharing options.

Please note for best wavetable generation results, sounds with low frequency content or enough spectral content is required.

Top Features of Scythe iOS app:

– High quality wavetable synthesis

– Wavetable creator

– Filter Delay effect

– Modulation control of all oscillator parameters

– Easy to learn user interface

– MIDI input – CoreMIDI & Audiobus 3

– Inter-App-Audio

– AudioShare support for importing and exporting

– Global tempo control for syncing LFOs to note duration

– Easily record, playback and export audio

– Library wavetables and presets

– Max waves = 128 = 8 voices * 2 oscillators * 8 unison

Download Scythe Synthesizer

Stage Fright

Normally $0.99.

Welcome to the show where each monster performs its own song! Which one is your favorite? Did you like the performance? Be the jury, play with the fun stage elements, and sing along with great songs about being yourself and always looking on the bright side. The music of Stage Fright combines optimistic, educational elements with the power of awesome, catchy pop songs. Stage Fright is presented by the handsome host Bluno and suitable for children and adults of all ages. After each performance you get to decide whether you liked the song or not, but there are no losers at Stage Fright: the monsters deal with criticism with a smile and always see the bright side. Each monster is different and has its own funny way to sing about what it’s like to be tall, hungry, colorful, and many other things. If you can’t get enough of the Stage Fright songs, you can buy the whole album with full versions of each hit on iTunes.

When you buy the app the first three monsters are already included. The other monsters can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

• Monster singing competition game for kids aged 2 to 6

• Each monster has its own stage with unique stories and fun tap actions

• All monsters exclusively designed for the app

• Includes brand new, entertaining songs for children and adults

• High quality songwriting and production

• Encourages children because every monster who steps on stage is a winner

• Great educational value through positive and thoughtful lyrics about being yourself

Download Stage Fright

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