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Best Core Strength Equipment

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Something that many people aim to achieve in their lives is losing weight. Others try to have the most sculpted body they can, including trying to work hard on their abs. Being able to actually see ab muscles on your body is a feat in itself and shows how hard that person has worked at it. But even if you don’t have defined ab muscles, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on your strength. Having an engaged core can help you in the long run, as it keeps you from getting injured and won’t limit you as you get older. It is better to have solid core strength, as you’ll likely develop less back, neck, and leg problems as you age. If you’re in the market for some core strength equipment, we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken a look at some of the best options for adding core workouts to your exercise regiment. Read below for items that can help you on your way to a six-pack.

Roll it out

Best Ab RollerImage source: Amazon

With an ultra wide base that allows you to turn and work all your core muscles, the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller is a great choice for all levels of users. It has built-in resistance from the carbon steel spring, so this will last a long time and will give you a mean workout. The spring uses an interior kinetic engine to amplify the targeted exercise, which is a big help when you’re on the ground, trying to force yourself through a demanding session. It’s simple to store, as you can take the ergonomic handles off. You won’t need to adjust your grip and your hands won’t get tired. They are also angled upward, giving your arms and back muscles an additional workout.

Key Features:

  • Built-in resistance from the carbon steel spring
  • Angled, ergonomic handles
  • Ultra wide base
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance, At Home Core Workou… Price:$39.99 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Work out quickly

Best for Fast ResultsImage source: Amazon

You won’t even need 10 minutes a day to commit to your core if you have the Core Max PRO. This will help you build up ab muscles in just eight minutes a day and it is an extremely efficient and effective machine. It comes with pro grade resistance bands for even more exercising possibilities. The power-assisted rebound system provides resistance and support in both directions, which maximizes results and minimizes strain. You can customize your workout, thanks to three resistance levels. It folds for easy storage and comes with a nutritional guide, digital download workout videos, healthy meal prep videos and a fast results workout chart.

Key Features:

  • Comes with pro grade resistance bands
  • Power-assisted rebound system
  • Three resistance levels
Core Max PRO with Resistance Bands Abs and Total Body Smart 8 min Workout & Cardio Machine, Red… Price:$124.00 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Crunch your core wherever you are

Best Bands and Sliders SetImage source: Amazon

Enhance your glutes, legs, and core when you use the Cacti Performance Fabric Resistance Bands and Core Sliders. This will help you sculpt your hips, legs, butt, and thighs, as they are low-impact but high reward. This is ideal for strength band workouts and comes with two core sliders for working out all muscle groups. Lined with non-slip rubber grips, the cotton resistance bands won’t slide, snag, or rub while you’re working out. These can be used during workouts like pilates, yoga, PX90, CrossFit, and more regiments. You can just toss these in your gym bag.

Key Features:

  • Three bands and two sliders
  • Lined with non-slip rubber grips
  • Can be used during many workouts
Fabric Resistance Bands & Core Sliders Exercise Set - 3 Booty Bands & 2 Strength Slides for Leg… Price: Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Plank for longer

Best Balance BoardImage source: Amazon

You’ll love how frequently you can use the Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board. This is a round board that helps you work on your stability and strengthen your core muscle groups. Your posture will improve with repeated use and it can target tendons, ligaments, and joints. This is a 15.75″ diameter surface that is non-slip, so even if you’re sweating, you can hold on. It is a 360° rotational board with up to 15° of tilting capabilities. It is a compact board that can be used in home or professional gyms. This can support up to 300 pounds.

Key Features:

  • 15.75″ diameter
  • Rotates and tilts for your exercises
  • Target tendons, ligaments, and joints
Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board - Wobble Board for Physical Therapy, Balance Board for Stan… List Price:$19.50 Price:$18.50 You Save:$1.00 (5%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

Vibrate for the gains

Best Platform Exercise MachineImage source: Amazon

Using the LifePro Waver Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is a unique way to get the results you want. This fitness platform can help you sculpt your body and butt. It creates a full body vibration when you’re standing on it that stimulates musculature, meaning there’s extra muscle contractions to activate more strength. You’ll be boosting your metabolism, improving circulation, and burning unwanted fat by using this regularly. it is user-friendly with multiple speeds for different exercisers. There is a remote control that helps you get the most out of it. It won’t take up a ton of space in your home.

Key Features:

  • Boost your metabolism and improve circulation
  • Sculpts your body and butt
  • User-friendly with multiple speeds
LifePro Vibration Plate Exercise Machine - Whole Body Workout Vibration Fitness Platform w/ Loo… List Price:$269.99 Price:$199.89 You Save:$70.10 (26%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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