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Car coverage including the best electric cars reviews from Porsche, Tesla, and more.

Uber Flying Taxi still not here, release date

Uber makes more empty promises at its annual flying car summit

May 8th, 2018

For the second time in as many years, Uber has gathered a thousand people in Los Angeles for the Elevate Summit, an event that “brings together 700+ of the world’s foremost on-demand aviation leaders in industry, government, and academia for 2 full days of programming.” Basically, it’s a circlejerk for people to talk in highly …

Chevy Bolt vs Tesla Model 3 2018: delivery date, details

Tesla isn’t the only one struggling to manufacture cheap electric cars

May 3rd, 2018

Unless you have studiously avoided the internet for the last 12 months, you’ve probably run into the dispute over Tesla’s production of the cheap-and-cheerful Model 3 at some point. Although demand for the Model 3 isn’t a problem for Tesla, its well-documented struggles to produce enough vehicles (and do so cheaply) has Tesla running out …

Model 3 Elon Musk

Elon Musk explains how a ‘Fluffer Bot’ slowed down Model 3 production

May 3rd, 2018

Tesla’s earnings conference call yesterday was interesting, to say the very least. At one point, an analyst asked Elon Musk about Tesla’s financial situation and the likelihood that the company would need to raise additional capital in the future. Musk, however, refused to answer the question and responded blithely: “Excuse me. Next. Boring boneheaded questions …

Tesla Autopilot NTSB data 2018

The statistic Tesla has been using for Autopilot safety is virtually meaningless

May 3rd, 2018

In January last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a report that seemingly gave the seal of approval to Tesla’s Autopilot system. “The data show that the Tesla vehicles crash rate dropped by almost 40 percent after Autosteer installation,” the report said, a number that Tesla has repeatedly touted since then as evidence …