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Telsa issues voluntary recall for every Model S ever sold

Published Nov 20th, 2015 12:51PM EST
Tesla Model S Recall

Earlier today, Tesla issued a voluntary recall for every Model S ever sold due to a potential issue with the vehicle’s seat belt. A few weeks back, a Model S owner in Europe discovered that her front seatbelt became disconnected, apparently for no reason at all. After looking into the matter, Tesla realized that one of the bolts used to fasten the strap wasn’t assembled correctly.

As a result, and in an exercise of extreme caution, the Elon Musk led company is encouraging every Model S owner to take their car into a Tesla service center to ensure that everything is above-board. Tesla shares are down just over 2% on the news.

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“The plan now for owners of the roughly 90,000 vehicles on the road is to bring their cars into a Tesla service center, where a technician will check the car out for a few minutes,” Jalopnik writes. “If you’re extraordinarily concerned, you can actually test the belt out yourself by yanking on it with at least 80 pounds of force, which is a lot of force, but a tech is still going to need to check it out.”

For Model S owners who don’t live close to a Tesla service center, the company has indicated that it may be able to meet drivers at nearby Supercharger stations.

As a final point, and to alleviate any concern Model S drivers might have, it’s worth noting that Tesla hasn’t yet been able to replicate the issue in testing. Nonetheless, Tesla has notified various driver safety organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Yoni Heisler Contributor

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