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Sprint finally beat T-Mobile for something

Published May 30th, 2017 6:46PM EDT
T-Mobile vs Sprint
Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Network speed comparisons often aren’t kind to Sprint. Among the big four carriers, Sprint has a nasty habit of coming in stone dead last on average speed and coverage, while longtime rival T-Mobile has been competing with Verizon for the top spot.

So you’d think that Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure would be glad to be ranked above T-Mobile’s bombastic John Legere for a change. But when the competition is to be the third-most-hated CEO in America, I’m not sure Sprint or Claure will be glad to have won.

Owler, a business analytics platform, has put together a ranking of the most-hated and most-liked CEOs in America. It’s not exactly a scientific survey, and as it uses Owler’s own users and data, it’s probably about as representative a survey as polling for Trump voters in a coal mine. But ranking CEOs is always fun, so let’s dive in regardless.

The most-hated CEO in America, according to the rankings, is United’s Oscar Munoz, with an average score of 21.5/100. Given United’s awful handling of the recent “re-accommodation” issue, I’m not really surprised. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer, who successfully took over a dying company and slit its throat, is second.

But third and fourth place both go to more surprising CEOs. Marcelo Claure, Sprint’s CEO, takes third place, while Legere comes in fourth. Wireless carriers in general aren’t all that popular, but it tends to be higher-priced services like Verizon and AT&T that get more complaints.

In particular, both Legere and Claure have sizeable social media followings and a high public profile, which you’d think would make them more liked, so it’s surprising they’re both more hated than the CEOs of Southwest and American Airlines. Guess that’s what you get for swearing about the competition.