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Mike Wehner

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jupiter storm

Watch this massive Jupiter storm swirl forever

February 4th, 2019

Jupiter, the mighty “king” of planets, is one of the most interesting objects in our Solar System, and not just because it’s really really big. The gas giant is covered in a swirling mass of clouds and storms that put any weather patterns on Earth to shame, and scientists would love to learn more about …

starship engine firing

SpaceX just fired its new Starship engine and it sure was neat

February 4th, 2019

SpaceX has a big year ahead of it as it continues to fulfill rocket launch contracts for clients eager to send stuff into space, but it’s the company’s Starship project that has gotten the most attention from science fans. The Starship platform, which boss Elon Musk says will be the project that travels to Mars …

ocean color climate change

Climate change is actually changing the color of the ocean

February 4th, 2019

Climate scientists have long since warned that human activity and pollution is rapidly warming the Earth, and it’s a consensus that we’re at or near a “tipping point” where, if we don’t do something soon, there may be no going back. The consequences of doing nothing are many, and a new study by MIT suggests …

stem cell diabetes

Scientists may have found a way to cure type 1 diabetes with stem cells

February 4th, 2019

Stem cell research may be controversial but it’s showing incredible promise in treating a number of long-incurable diseases. The latest target for scientists working with stem cells is type 1 diabetes, and a new study reveals that it’s possible to convert stem cells into cells capable of producing insulin, potentially opening the door to a …

israel moon landing

Israel is about to launch the first privately-funded mission to the Moon

February 1st, 2019

Getting to the Moon takes an incredible amount of technical know-how, engineering excellence, and of course money. That’s why embarking on a lunar landing mission is typically done by a government-funded space agency rather than private citizens, but the rise of commercialized rocket launches is helping to change that. This month, Israel plans to become …