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Andy Meek

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Since 2015
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Andy Meek is a reporter who has covered media, entertainment, and culture for over 20 years. His work has appeared in outlets including The Guardian, Forbes, and The Financial Times, and he’s written for BGR since 2015. Andy's coverage includes technology and entertainment, and he has a particular interest in all things streaming. Over the years, he’s interviewed legendary figures in entertainment and tech that range from Stan Lee to John McAfee, Peter Thiel, and Reed Hastings.

Power grid hacks

Russian hackers are still trying to find weak spots in the US power grid

November 28th, 2018

Well, here’s some electrifying news. At a forum for cyber researchers in Washington DC today, representatives of threat intelligence firm FireEye made clear that the US power grid, while strong and well-defended, is nevertheless the subject of continued, ongoing probes from Russian hackers. FireEye analyst Alex Orleans put it this way, in comments reported by …

Future predictions

AT&T envisions a future of caretaker robots, smarter homes and interactive movies

November 28th, 2018

When you think how far the world has come technologically-speaking since 1993 — well, it’s breathtaking, to say the least. Think about everything from how powerful smartphones are now to what today’s Internet connectivity enables, as well as streaming content and other digital conveniences obliterating the need for physical media, bricks-and-mortar and so much more. …

Apple Watch Series 4 ECG

watchOS 5.1.2 update will bring revolutionary ECG app to Apple Watch Series 4

November 28th, 2018

The software update that finally brings the highly touted electrocardiogram app to the Apple Watch Series 4 is expected to be out soon. Indeed, it’s soon enough that Apple has already begun circulating a training document giving key instructions on how Apple Store employees should interact with customers regarding the addition once it arrives with …

5G data

5G networks will serve 40% of the globe by 2024

November 27th, 2018

Hype is slowly building around 5G network availability, with companies like Samsung promising to heavily invest in building out the necessary infrastructure as well as handset makers teeing up 5G smartphones for release soon. In fact, on Tuesday, Sprint announced plans to bring 5G internet connectivity to nine cities during the first half of 2019, the cities …

Samsung market share

Samsung is still the top smartphone maker, but its numbers keep falling

November 27th, 2018

The Game of Phones (apologies to George R.R. Martin) is getting to be an increasingly tough one to play for handset manufacturers. Just consider, for example, new data from Counterpoint Research that shows Samsung (no surprise) remains the top smartphone maker in the world as ranked by global smartphone shipments. But even though Samsung is …

Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks

New details leak about four different upcoming Galaxy S10 models

November 26th, 2018

Ahead of its expected unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February, the leaks related to Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 have been coming hard and fast. Among the latest is the fact that three S10 variants have been certified in Russia, which underscores that Samsung is working on at least four different models of the handset. …