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Audio coverage including the best wireless headphones, Bluetooth noise-cancelling earbuds, wired headphones, and more.

Why Did Apple Kill The iPod Classic

This is why Apple killed one of its most beloved and iconic gadgets

October 28th, 2014

Although it’s become fashionable to use your smartphone as your music player these days, those of us who are hardcore music fans this fall mourned the loss of the iPod Classic, the iconic digital music player that offered us up to 160GB of storage. Business Insider notes that Apple CEO Tim Cook on Monday talked …

Sony Walkman Hi-Res Audio

Hands-on with the new Walkman: Sony is bringing the music player back to life

September 3rd, 2014

Long before cell phones replaced MP3 players, before the iPod eliminated any trace of competition, there was one name that was synonymous with portable music: Walkman. Sony’s Walkman line has been through countless incarnations since its debut as a cassette player in 1979, but the latest might be the most interesting in recent memory.

Why Are Beats So Expensive

Why Beats headphones are so ridiculously overpriced

September 1st, 2014

Beats headphones aren’t exactly beloved in the audiophile community and yet Dr. Dre’s company still gets away with charging an obscene $300 per pair for its Beats Studio Headphones. Why? A new MKBHD video that went viral over the weekend does a nice job of breaking things down: Basically, Beats can get away with charging …

Apple iTunes 24-Bit Music

Here’s one way Apple might make you care about iTunes again

April 11th, 2014

Can iTunes stay relevant in the era of Pandora and Spotify? That’s a key question that Apple is trying to answer as it mulls a major overhaul of its iconic digital music store that has seen revenues from music sales drop in recent years while streaming services have grown ever-more popular. MacRumors points us to …

Nokia Portable Media Player Leak Guru

Nokia’s ‘Guru’ portable media player allegedly leaked

October 21st, 2013

It would appear that Nokia is planning on expanding its hardware lineup rather extensively in the near future. Last Thursday, a patent and subsequent video revealed Nokia’s frist attempt at a smartwatch, complete with six screens and interchangeable pieces, and now an image has leaked that seems to show off an MP3 player from the …

Sonos PLAY:1 Hands-on

Sonos PLAY:1 becomes a less expensive Trojan Horse for just $199

October 14th, 2013

The barrier to entry in the world of Sonos has normally been reasonably high. The company’s products sell in the $400 plus range, with the Sonos PLAYBAR retailing for $699. On Monday, however, Sonos is introducing the PLAY:1, a portable speaker that’s smaller and more compact than the PLAY:5 and PLAY:3, and less expensive as …

Ford Sync Spotify Integration

Ford Sync’s new Spotify integration signals further decline of traditional radio

February 26th, 2013

We had the opportunity to tour the Ford booth on Tuesday at Mobile World Congress, and were treated to a first-hand walk-through of the newest version of the company’s Sync in-car media and voice command technology. Chief among the new features is Spotify integration, giving subscribers ubiquitous access to the streaming music service by way …