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  • N95 face masks for healthcare professionals are still in very short supply, and the options that are out there are typically price-gouged.
  • Buying KN95 face masks instead is a terrific idea and there are plenty of options right now on Amazon.
  • One of the most popular masks with our readers is the Powecom KN95 face mask, which happens to be the only KN95 mask currently available from Amazon that has been tested by NIOSH and authorized by the FDA.

At this point, it seems like most people have come to terms with the fact that the novel coronavirus pandemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Well, most sane people have come to terms with it, at least, since there are still crazy coronavirus deniers out there who think the pandemic is a hoax or isn’t really as serious as health experts claim. The rest of us know that COVID-19 is something we’ll all have to be concerned with for at least another year, which is when vaccines and coronavirus cures should be widely available. Until then — and even for a long while after that — we’ll all have to continue to take precautions to slow the spread of the potentially deadly virus.

It’s really not all that complicated because there are only three main things you need to do. First, practice social distancing by staying away from other people. This is especially important indoors but needs to be observed outdoors as well. Second, practice good hand hygiene by washing your hands anytime you touch an object or surface in a public space. Since soap and water aren’t always readily available, be sure that you always have Purell on you — 4-packs of 1oz Purell bottles, 6-packs of 6oz Purell bottles, and 12-packs of large 16oz Purell bottles are all in stock today at Amazon. Want a much better value? 12-packs of Germ-x in pump bottles are back in stock as well at Amazon.

The third thing you need to do also happens to be the most important: wear a face mask. Anytime you leave your home for any reason, even if it’s just to take a walk around the block, you need to wear a face mask.

For low-risk situations like being outdoors or going grocery shopping where you’re in a large open space with high ceilings, basic face coverings are fine. There are plenty of cloth masks on Amazon right now, and the retailer’s best-selling 3-layer coronavirus face masks only cost $0.50 each. For higher-risk situations, however, you need a better face mask that does more to protect you rather than just keep you from spreading COVID-19 if you’re already infected.

N95 face masks are highly sought-after right now, but there are two reasons you shouldn’t necessarily buy them. First, N95 masks are still in very short supply for healthcare workers and other people on the front lines of the war against the novel coronavirus. And second, most N95 masks you’ll come across online are severely price-gouged. Instead of getting N95 masks, you should consider KN95 masks. Good KN95 face masks are just as effective as N95 masks — the “95” in both ratings means they block at least 95% of small airborne particles — and they’re far less expensive.

Amazon is something of a mess when it comes to KN95 face masks because there are tons of options that are completely untested and unproven. With that in mind, we’ve got three great options here that you’ll definitely want to check out.

First and foremost, Powecom KN95 face masks are the only KN95 masks on Amazon that have been tested by NIOSH and are on the FDA’s list of authorized KN95 masks. Of note, NIOSH’s testing found that these masks are up to 99% effective as opposed to the 95% minimum for a KN95 mask. You’ll easily pay $100, $150, or even more for a 10-pack of comparable N95 masks, but these FDA-authorized KN95 masks from Powecom only cost $44.99 per 10-pack. Grab them today, however, and you’ll only pay $25.99 — that’s just $2.60 per mask! What’s more, this is a straight discount as opposed to a coupon, so you can buy as many packs as you want at this price instead of just one.

Powecom KN95 Face Mask Reusable, Disposable Masks on FDA EUA List, Protection for Dust Pollen,… List Price:$44.99 Price:$25.99 ($2.60 / mask) You Save:$25.20 (56%) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now

Those are definitely our top choice and they’re the best-selling KN95 masks among our readers, but there are two more great options we want to share. If those masks sell out of if you’re looking for some variety to ensure you get masks with the best possible fit, check out COVAFLU KN95 face masks and SupplyAID KN95 face masks. The COVAFLU masks are by a British healthcare company called Clinova, and they’re extremely popular on Amazon at just $3 each. SupplyAID masks are just as effective, and 5-packs are in stock right now.

COVAFLU KN95 Disposable Fold Flat Face Mask (Pack of 10 KN95 Face Masks) Price:$29.99 ($3.00 / mask) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now
SupplyAID RRS-KN95-5PK KN95 Protective Mask, Protection Against PM2.5 Dust. Pollen and Haze-Pro… List Price:$16.99 Price:$19.87 ($3.97 / mask) You Save:$2.26 (13%) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now

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