Do you have a propensity to spill on yourself? Dribbling a bit of your drink on your shirt or pants can ruin an entire day, especially if you have a big meeting that you have to attend looking like a mess. To make life easier, you should probably be using a straw to drink through. You’re less likely to spill and it’s much easier to grab and sip rather than having to pick up the cup and lift it to your lips. Of course, there are drinks that you can’t sip through a straw but for every non-piping hot refreshment, there’s plenty of others you can enjoy. While you probably have seen, plastic straws really shouldn’t be used anymore, as they are a hazard to the environment. Paper straws tend to get soggy and you have to replace them every time you use one. With a glass straw, you’ll be able to sip most kinds of liquids, even thicker ones, and they will glide through easier. Glass straws are more sophisticated and can be made to have a tilt or they can be straight. We’ve found five of the best glass straw sets for you to take a look at. Stop spilling and get a glass straw.

Check out our editor’s pick

For those who only need a few glass straws, there’s the Hummingbird Glass Straws. Each one is made by glass artists with certified BPA- and lead-free glass. These straws are 100% non-toxic and won’t cause any health problems, like plastic straws can. The borosilicate glass is extra strong and won’t break, lasting for a long time. These come in a pack of four and include a cleaning brush to get any pesky chunks of fruit from your smoothie or colada dislodged. They are dishwasher safe and can quickly be washed. They are made with a bent neck, make it simple to keep on the rim of your cup.

Key Features:

  • Four straws all with a bent neck
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Made by glass artists with certified BPA- and lead-free glass

The skinny straw to fit in your drink

Adding a set of straws like the ALINK Skinny Glass Straws will really fit in well with your kitchen. These come in a set of eight, four bent and four straight, and either clear or multi-colored in choice. These are 7mm in width to add to your glass. They are each 10.5″ long and the set comes with two cleaning brushes. The heavy glass can withstand wear and tear and works well with both hot and cold beverages. Each is made from borosilicate glass that is BPA- and lead-free. All of these are fine to be washed in the dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • 10.5″ in length
  • Heavy glass can withstand wear and tear
  • Dishwasher-safe

Get some of both

You may not need eight straws, but you would want variety. The JimJim Glass Straws Set is a solid option because you can get two bent straws and two straight straws. Each one is nine inches in length and is handmade for a nice finish. These are good for the environment and free of any hazardous materials. You can use these with hot or cold drinks and you won’t be adding to any pollution.

Key Features:

  • Two bent straws and two straight ones
  • Handmade for a nice finish
  • Nine inches in length

For great bang for your buck

You’ll appreciate the cost effectiveness of the Hiware 8-Pack Reusable Glass Straws. You can choose between multi-colored straws or clear ones and you’ll get four bent straws and four straight ones. The colored straws are red, rhodamine red, orange, yellow, blue, sky blue, green, and gray. These are BPA-free and safer for the environment. You should hand wash these and they come with cleaning brushes to get any remains out. Eight in a pack is great for your wallet.

Key Features:

  • Eight pack either multi-colored or clear
  • BPA-free and safer for the environment
  • Hand wash only

If you prefer bent straws

Easy to sip from, the KORSREEL Reusable Bent Glass Drinking Straws, Set of 6 are a smart buy. These are shatter-resistant, so they will last a long time. Each one is handmade and eco-friendly. All of them are bent and are easy to clean, as you can just simply rinse them. Two full length cleaning brushes are included with the six straws. Pick between multi-colored sets and clear ones for better options.

Key Features:

  • Handmade and eco-friendly
  • Bent and easy to clean
  • Comes with two full length cleaning brushes