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  • There are plenty of face masks for sale online these days, but many of them are from no-name brands that are completely unproven.
  • If you want a great face mask for everyday use that you know you can count on, Jointown 3-ply face masks are the best-selling masks on Amazon’s entire site and they’re down to their lowest price ever right now.
  • You can also pick up popular MagiCare KN95 face masks for $3.50 each to use in higher-risk situations, like on public transportation or when visiting a doctor’s office.
  • Additionally, Amazon has a special page on its website dedicated to face masks if you’d like to pick up some washable cloth masks as well, though they don’t provide quite as much protection.

Coronavirus lockdown restrictions are finally easing across the country, which is fantastic news. Unfortunately, it also means we’ve got front-row seats to watch what happens when stupid people decide they don’t need to take even the most basic precautions as economies reopen. Many states including California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and more are seeing huge spikes in new COVID-19 cases because quarantine fatigue has made people reckless. They’re not wearing face masks, they’re not using hand sanitizer, they’re not maintaining enough distance from others, and people are getting sick as a result.

People, please. Wear a face mask every single time you go out!

It  says right on the coronavirus page on the CDC’s website that you must “cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others.” If you don’t, you’re just asking for trouble. And even if you already tested positive for COVID-19, you still need to wear a face mask to ensure that you don’t spread it to other people. Do you really want to be responsible for anyone else catching the virus and potentially dying? No, of course you don’t.

Any cloth face covering will help protect you from the novel coronavirus as long as you also practice strict social distancing and good hygiene, which means using soap or hand sanitizer (which is back in stock at Amazon, including Purell) to clean your hands anytime to touch a surface in public. Beyond that, it will protect other people around you in case you’re infected with COVID-19. This is crucial, but it doesn’t mean you should go buying up N95 face masks meant for healthcare workers and first responders. There’s a huge shortage of medical-grade masks right now, and using masks that are meant for people who are constantly at risk is shameful and selfish. That’s especially true since there are so many different options right now on Amazon that are in stock and ready to ship soon.

Face Masks and Protective Face Covers On Amazon Price:$8.99+ Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now

Amazon now has a special face mask page on its site that is dedicated solely to face masks and other protective covers. You’ll find plenty of different options there that range from surgical-style masks to various cloth covers. If you’d rather not browse through them all, we totally understand and we’re here to help. That’s why we’ve rounded up the three best-selling face masks on Amazon right now.

First, 3-Layer Face Masks From Jointown are the single best selling masks on Amazon right now. These are great three-layer masks that do a much better job of protecting you and those around you than a bandana or most homemade masks. They’re available right now at a new lower price of $26.94 per box of 50 thanks to a discount and an on-site coupon, which works out to just $0.50 per mask.

Jointown Face Mask, Pack of 50 (5081) Price:$24.99 ($0.50 / mask) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now

Next up, we have similar LeadPro 3-Ply Face Masks. These are also top-sellers on Amazon right now and they do just as good a job as Jointown’s masks. 50-packs are available for $29.99, which works out to $0.60 per mask just like the Jointown face coverings normally cost. They’re a fantastic option if Jointown’s masks sell out or if you just want to try a new brand.

Price:$29.99 ($0.60 / mask) Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Buy Now

Last but certainly not least, we have the MagiCare KN95 Face Masks. These masks are much thicker than the first two options and they filter smaller particles as well. They’re also more expensive, but it’s not a bad idea to keep a few around for special circumstances like if you have to go to the hospital or a doctor’s office. I even use KN95 masks when I’m grocery shopping because you can never be too careful. These popular masks are on sale for $3.50 each today when you buy a 20-pack, which is the best price we’ve seen in a long time.

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