Golf is a really hard game. It takes endless amounts of work, effort, and practice to become remotely good and, even then, you’re bound to have a terrible day on the links every once in a while. But the more you play, the better you should, presumably, become. Consistency is key and you won’t be able to get away with just showing up for a tee time and shooting a low score, unless you’re naturally gifted. Most of us just need to practice as much as possible and a way to do that at home is by getting practice golf balls. Regular golf balls are obviously expensive and not something you’re in the market to lose very often. With practice golf balls, you can put up a net or get a mat and practice your iron and wedge shots. Getting your swing down is so important so we’ve highlighted some of the best practice golf balls on the market. Shoot your lowest score after picking up any of the five balls below.

For the most realistic feeling

You might as well use something that feels like hitting a real golf ball, which is why the Callaway HX Practice Golf Balls are a great purchase. These are durable, soft-flite golf balls that come in either packs of nine or 18. You can choose between lime green, orange, or pink, allowing you to pick whichever ones you prefer. These balls feature Callaway’s patented HEX dimple pattern, so they look like a true ball. This will help you simulate actual ball flight in a scaled-down, controlled distance. These won’t carry very far, so you can practice many different shots, especially for your short game. You will be able to keep them in a mesh carry bag to store easily.

Key Features:

  • Offered in packs of nine or 18
  • Feature Callaway’s patented HEX dimple pattern
  • Help you simulate actual ball flight

Golf is expensive so keep the costs low where you can

Going out into your backyard and working in the grass to practice shots like you’re in the rough on a course is smart and with the PrideSports Practice Golf Balls, you’ll be able to get more shots in. This is a tremendously cost-efficient option that allows you to see those balls, even in high grass. That’s because these are bright yellow with a soft, dimpled foam texture. You can hit these as hard as you can and they won’t travel far, so you don’t have to worry about blasting them into the woods. You can use these indoors or outdoors and these won’t cost you a ton. You’ll get 12 balls in each pack.

Key Features:

  • Yellow so you can see them easily
  • Soft, dimpled foam texture
  • Comes with 12 balls

For those who hack away at their balls

You want a real life feel when you’re practicing in your yard and you’ll get that with the SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls. These are regulation size golf balls that are much stronger than the alternative of plastic that many practice golf balls are made of. These are indestructible and resistant to dents. They are specifically designed to have a limited flight capability, so you practice on all kinds of swings, whether you’re working on long irons or your wedges. It can only go approximately 45 yards, no matter how hard you swing. This allows you to train in limited spaces.

Key Features:

  • Regulation size golf balls that are much stronger than plastic
  • Limited flight capability
  • Can go a maximum of 45 yards

For those who need many practice swings

Getting a large pack of balls allows you to not have to chase down a select few and the Faswin 100 Pack White Plastic Golf Training Balls is a solid option. The diameter of each ball is approximately 41mm and the white color of the balls makes them easy to spot in any terrain. Each one has 26 holes in it to ensure a more true spin and accurate distance of regular size golf balls. These are all hollow and get a lot of airflow so they won’t fly very far. These are great for practice ranges, backyards, or indoor simulators.

Key Features:

  • Comes with 100 balls
  • Diameter of each is approximately 41mm
  • 26 holes in each ensures a truer spin

Practice indoors when you can’t do it outside

You don’t want to be knocking things over inside your house and with the GoSports Foam Golf Practice Balls, you can better control the flight. This comes with 16 sturdy foam balls that can be used inside or outside. This features a realistic dimple texture that will show you true trajectory despite limited flight capabilities. This is a safer alternative to swinging on real golf balls. These come in a sturdy tote bag that helps you keep them organized.

Key Features:

  • Features a realistic dimple texture
  • Comes with 16 sturdy foam balls in a tote bag
  • Safer alternative to swinging on real golf balls