You don’t need to have an in-ground pool to help your kids cool down on a hot summer day. Sure, you could send them outside with a sprinkler and tell them to run through it. That’s always been a popular option when the days get really warm. But if you have little kids, that may not be the best option for them when they are young. Dumping buckets of water on your head can feel refreshing for a few moments, but that extended cool is hard to reach. Buying a kiddie pool can be the answer to all of your problems. Having a kiddie pool is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for your children before they’re ready for a bigger pool. Allowing them to get wet can introduce them to what a pool or the ocean is really like. If you’re interested in supplying joy for your kids during a heat wave, check out our picks for kiddie pools and break out the pool toys.

Best Inflatable Play Center

Rather than just a circular kiddie pool to fill with water, make their playtime more adventurous with the Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center. This center includes a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, and a ring toss game that comes with four inflatable rings. It can hold up to 77 gallons of water and you can blow this up with a pump. The water sprayer portion attaches to your garden hose to help keep kids cool during the summer months. There is also a ball roller game and a toss ball game that provides you with six plastic balls to play with. The entire center measures 117″ x 76″ x 53″ and is meant for those ages two and older. There are so many activities here that your kids won’t get tired of them.

Best Wading Pool

Perfect for small children and toddlers, the SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool is an educational toy as well. This has a learning mat as the base, so your little ones can play word games and enjoy learning while cooling off. The inflatable pool is meant for kids 12 months or older and there’s minimal water, so there’s less of a risk. It is BPA- and phthalate-free and made from high quality materials. This is scientifically proven to help your child’s development. The reusable pool features a soft and supportive rim that shoots streams of water into the air.

Best Extra Large Kiddie Pool

Hosting a pool party? You’re going to want more area for kids and parents to enjoy, which is why the Jasonwell Foldable Kiddie Pool makes so much sense. It measures 63″ x 12″, so there’s plenty of room to splash around. This is portable and foldable, so you won’t have trouble putting it up, taking it down, or storing it. You don’t need to inflate it and it takes almost no time to set up. It’s great for kids and dogs, as you can use this to cool down your good boy or girl too. It is made from extra-tough PVC that’s thicker and and slip-resistant. It’s environmentally friendly.

Best Small Kiddie Pool

Either your child or your dog can enjoy a little dip in the Fuloon PVC Pet Swimming Pool. The smallest option for this swimming pool is 32″ x 8″, so if your son or daughter is small or your have a small breed of dog, they’ll have fun in it. It is durable and foldable, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere. The bottom is slip-resistant, making it easy to stand up in. This can be used as an outdoor water pond and even a bathtub for your child or pet. The built-in plug makes draining a fast process.

Best Mini Pool for Pets and Humans

Big enough for humans and pets to enjoy, the FrontPet Foldable Dog Pool is great for your home. It is large in diameter, checking in at 50″ x 12″. This is made from extra-tough PVC material, so you’ll be able to use it for a long time. It’s great for your animal to hop in or even yourself to step into to get your feet wet. The pool drains and folds easily, so you can bring it with you anywhere you and your family or dog is.