We’ve all been in a scenario where we were trying to find a specific building or home and had to drive slowly up the road and squint at the numbers to see what they were near the front door. Struggling mightily to find the right address is frustrating for people visiting your home and you’ll likely hear about it from them if this is the case. If you’re someone who doesn’t have their address numbered on the outside of their home, that’s a ridiculous move. Assuming you do want to put a new touch on the address sign at your place, there are plenty of options to choose from. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite ones to give you a lay of the land when it comes to address signs. Let’s take a look at our picks for the best address signs so you don’t have visitors ruining their eyes trying to find your home.

Best Illuminated Outdoor Plaque

Make it easy for people to find your address when you have the LeiDrail House Numbers Solar Powered Address Sign. This is a waterproof system and metal frame that can withstand rain, snow, and hot weather. It’s wireless and easy to install, requiring almost no time out of your day to set up. The solar address sign has a modern design, making the numbers simple to read. The size of the numbers is four inches and the numbers are stickers that are durable. After six hours of charging during the day, this will light up for eight to ten hours during the night. This is packed by six pieces of SMD white LEDs, as these use amorphous silicon solar panels to get the charge from. You’ll get a full refund after 30 days if you aren’t happy and this comes with a one-year warranty.

Best Oval House Number Plaque

You’ll be able to customize your entire address on the Customized Solutions Customized Home Address Sign. This is mounted with exterior grade mounting tape that is attached to the back of the sign and is included with your purchase. It is suitable for outdoor use, as it won’t rust. There are four different colored backgrounds you can choose from: black, green, burgundy, and gray. The letters and numbers will be white. This comes with a high gloss aluminum finish and UV protective coating. It measures 12″ x 7″ and is an oval shape that you’ll be able to customize before you order it.

Best Rectangular House Number Plaque

Adding curb appeal and resale value to your home, the Whitehall Personalized Cast Metal Address Plaque comes in four different colors. An elegant custom address plaque gives you extra detail to boost your home’s appearance. Made from cast metal, each one is custom made in the United States. You can use up to five numbers on the plaque and it measures 11″ x 6.25″. You can choose between black with gold numbering, black with silver numbering, bronze with gold numbering, and green with gold numbering. You can install this in minutes and it will last a long time. This has a traditional look and styling that gives you plenty of visibility.

Best Black Floating Numbers

Depending on the outside color of your home, you may want a darker set of numbers like the Hy-Ko Products FM-6/3 Floating House Number Black. The distinctive mounting system allows for the numbers to flush mount or keep them slightly away from the wall. These give your home a 3-D effect when it comes to looking at the numbers. The font is really easy to read and the numbers are large, so if any emergency services ever have to try and find the address, they’ll be able to. The mounting hardware is included as is the floating mount template.

Best Nickel Floating Numbers

For a lighter look to your address sign, opt for the Distinctions by Hillman 5-Inch Floating Mount House Brushed Nickel. These are made from zinc alloy and brushed with a weather-resistant nickel finish, allowing you to see them from the street. These also provide a 3-D effect, so shadows can cast the back to help you see. The thread fit is truer and the angle accuracy of the post fits the bill. You’ll need some tools to put it up, but the installation won’t take long. The package includes the mounting hardware for these floating numbers.