Every year, after brutal winters, millions of people look to spring to be a long awaited beacon of hope for the rest of the year. Spring cleaning is something that we all do, as we ready our homes for nicer weather. If you own a house, that likely means one of your chores is to clean the gutters. Getting rid of the debris that collects from the fall and the winter is a must, as there’s typically more rain during that time and you’re going to want your gutters cleared. If you’re a first time homeowner, you may not have any idea what you need to use for the gutter cleaning job. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve hand selected some of our favorite gutter cleaning tools to give you a leg up on your duties and help you say goodbye to any buildup. Let’s take a look at our picks.

Best Gutter Cleaning Wand

Being able to get into those hard to reach areas is a feat and the Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand. This wand has a telescoping pole that easily extends from 40 inches to 70 inches, allowing you to reach those tough spots. Even better, the nozzle rotates 180°, allowing you to position the spray where you need to. You’ll be able to angle the spray head up or down in four different positions to achieve the stream you want. The sweeper head is made from zinc, so it’s durable. It’s also lightweight and non-corrosive, ensuring that it will last multiple seasons. There’s a padded, non-slip grip that won’t hurt your hands due to cold water temperatures. This is a versatile tool with a ratcheting action head for easier use.

Best Gutter Cleaning Kit

Afraid of going up on ladders? Now you don’t have to in order to clean your gutters, thanks to the Toro 51667 Gutter Cleaning Kit. You’ll be able to clear out the debris with your feet firmly on the ground. This is proven to reach farther than the competition, making your job a whole lot easier. It is specifically designed to maximize airflow through the entire tube and direct debris forward and out of your gutters. This kit is chock full of the equipment you need, including a gutter nozzle, shoulder strap, connection collar, and five extension tubes each measuring 20.6″. All of this is backed by a two-year warranty. It fits most Toro blowers and vacs, including models 51574, 51592, 51599, 51602, 51609, 51617, 51618, 51619, 51621 and 51690.

Best Wand Attachment for Power Washers

If you have a power washer, cleaning out your gutters can be really simple, especially when you hook it up with the Obecome Gutter Cleaner Wand Attachment. This gutter cleaning tool is meant for power washers and is coupled with a 1/4″ brass coupler and a 1/4″ stainless steel quick connect outlet fitting. This works with power washers up to 5,000 PSI. The ball lock design ensures a solid connection, every time you use it. This is made to resist any type of corrosion and wear, as it’s hardness is greater than 700H and it is heat-resistant up to 500°C. Even in high-temperature situations, this works well. This offers a 100% risk-free trial, so if you use it and you’re unsatisfied, you can return it and get your money back.

Best Gutter Guards

If you want to prevent your gutters from collecting a lot of debris, you should seriously consider putting on the FlexxPoint 30 Year Gutter Cover System. These come in different sizes and colors, so you’ll be able to match the measurements and design of the outside of your home easier. These are clog free and can deal with a high volume of water flow. They’re extremely simple to install and include stainless steel installation fasteners. You won’t even see these if you’re on the ground, as they sit inside the gutters and protect them from any type of buildup. They come in easy to handle four foot sections. These are a permanent addition to your gutter system once you’ve installed them, as they secure to the front lip of the gutters. These won’t void any roof warranties either. You’ll be able to clear off the wet leaves that collect on top of it easily, as they won’t sink into your gutters.

Best Value Gutter Cleaner Attachment

Providing you with a ton of bang for your buck, the Twinkle Star Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment comes with five spray nozzle tips. These are made from durable stainless steel and brass fittings and they are compatible with power washers up to 4,000 PSI. The five different spray nozzle tips offer you different angles that you can spray at. The cleaner attachment is fit with a 1/4″ stainless steel quick connect outlet fitting and a 1/4″ brass quick coupler. Not only can you use this to clean your gutters, but it’s also great for your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, and yard.