On a beautiful day, you’re going to want to spend as much time outside as possible. The same goes for your clothes, as there is just something different about air-dried clothing. The wonderful scent and soft feel will change the way you think about drying clothes. Not to mention, it saves you from wasting energy on a dryer which puts more money in your wallet every month. For those who love to look out and see their clothes drying in the warm daylight, you need a clothesline for your home. Placing it in the backyard of your house offers you a great place to hang things to dry. Adding a twinge of nostalgia to your backyard, a clothesline provides a rustic look to any home. If you don’t have room for a washing machine and a dryer in your home, a clothesline is an extremely cost-efficient way to dry your garments. We’ve highlighted three different options below for you to consider when you’re mapping out your backyard. Here are our picks for the best clotheslines on the market.

Best Adjustable Clothesline

Rather than setting a clothesline up and never being able to change the height of it, therefore making it so that only one person can ever do the laundry, get the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic 50m Outdoor Clothesline. This offers you 50 meters of drying space with a ton of lines for you to space our your clothing. The smart Lift-O-Matic system allows you to adjust the dryer seamlessly to your working height. This can fluctuate between 129 cm and 187 cm and will always have taut lines. This comes with a moteal soil spear, cover, pegs and a peg bag, so setting it up is covered. There’s no need to carry around a washing basket around as the dryer arms turn smoothly, so you can have an easier time loading them onto the clothesline. Even if the clothes are soaking wet and weighed down, it will still turn efficiently. This is ideal for airing cushions and bedding in the lowest position, meaning you can air dry things outside even if you have a dryer because they won’t fit in a dryer. This is backed by a five-year warranty.

Best Rust-Resistant Clothesline

Obviously, if you’re setting up a clothesline, it’s going to be outdoors in the elements. So you’re going to want something that can combat against any rusting. With the Household Essentials Rotary Outdoor Umbrella Drying Rack, you’ll be getting just that. This gives you 12 lines to dry on and over 165 feet of drying space. The lines are made of vinyl and the galvanized aluminum arms are rust-resistant, meaning it’s built to last. The steel pole helps create an extremely stable drying rack. Like the previous clothesline, this can rotate, making adding clothes and taking them off a breeze. It has a single action button that allows you to open and close it quickly and efficiently. This will help save space when you aren’t using it, giving you more room in your backyard to enjoy. This is immediately ready for installation upon arrival and it won’t take long for you to set up. It measures 72″ x 73″ x 72″ for a spacious rack. This uses a shoelace style of hanging the lines, so you can adjust them however you see fit. If you know there’s going to be an area where you want to hang your larger items, string it differently than the other arms.

Best Retractable Clothesline

For those with a smaller backyard that may not have a ton of space to dry their clothes, you may want to consider something like the Minky Homecare Outdoor Retractable Clothesline. This is basically non-existent when you aren’t using it, as it retracts into a compact form. There are two lines that reach out to 49 feet, giving you long lines to work with. These are fully retractable with a UV stable protective casing, so it’s built to last outside. You can even clip off the bracket when winter rolls around, so you can keep it protected in the colder months. Everything you need to set it up is included in the packaging. Each line can hold up to 55 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about hanging some of your larger items from these. You can hold over one load of wash with these.