Who doesn’t want a little bit of floral decorations in their home? On drab and cloudy days, seeing plants and flowers can immediately improve your mood. If you’re someone who loves the look of flowers inside your home, you are going to need some pieces of furniture that help with that. If you have potted plants in your home, they are likely going to be in a planter. Why not give them a little more style by putting them on a plant stand? A plant stand will help raise your planters and pots to give them more ability to accent your home. There are many different kinds of plant stands, including some that can be used inside and outside. We’ve focused on ones for indoors, so you can see what your home would be like with a boosted plant. Decorating your house can be frustrating, so if you want to add some more plants to your home, take a look at the three plant stands we’ve highlighted. That way, you can combat those drab days a little easier.

Best Customizable Plant Stand

Giving you a lot of options when it comes to storing plants, books, and other devices in your home, the SONGMICS Bamboo Customizable Plant Stand is a must-have. This is a multi-functional rack that can serve a lot of different purposes. There are nine tiers, allowing you to outfit them however you’d like. You can separate the tiers if you’d like or keep them all together. It is your choice of your how you want to lay out the 100% bamboo tiers. There are six holes in each leg and eight legs in total, so you link them or keep them apart.  You can also space out the tiers to fit your specific items more easily. The entire set has a smooth and natural finish, as well as rounded corners, so if you happen to bump it, it won’t hurt you. The countersunk screws also are for your safety and your children’s. The measurements are 37.8″L x 35.4″H x 13″W. You can get this in a brown coloring or a natural bamboo coloring and either will fit your color scheme.

Best Plant Stand for Homes with Pets

While you may not realize it before you bring a dog or cat into your home, the plant you have at the house may be poisonous to them. If you still want to keep that plant but also not allow your pet to reach it, consider the Fox & Fern Mid Century Plant Stand. This is an adjustable planter, so you can extend it between 8″ and 12″ in width. It is also set to be either 7″ or 10″ off the ground, as you can flip the plant stand upside down to give your plant some added height to protect your pets. This is great for snake plants or fiddle leaf figs, no matter what size pot they are in. This bamboo plant holder is made from natural bamboo, so you’ll be able to enjoy the soft tones of natural wood. This will add a modern and fresh look to your home that will stay for years to come. These planters are 100% sustainable and renewable for the environment. This doesn’t have any glue on it and the legs won’t get wobbly. There is minimal assembly required and it will stand in any room that you put it in. If you have any issues, Fox & Fern will offer you a replacement or refund.

Best Metal Plant Stand

If metal is more the aesthetic you are looking for, then we suggest checking out the Tosnail 3 Pack Metal Potted Plants Stands Plant Holder. You can either get these three plant stands in black or white metal and all of them are made from stainless steel. Each one measures 9″ in diameter and 5″ in height. The decorative scroll work on the top adds a little bit of design and touch to your home. Most importantly, these create a sturdy place to keep your plants. You can use these to hold pots but you can also use these as a table, making them multi-purpose pieces of furniture. You can even use these inside or outside, as the metal won’t rust in the elements. This would look great in your living room, dining room, or out on your patio or deck.