Being the host of a party can be a thankless job. Sure, you’ll get the half-hearted words of praise when people are leaving, but they are just empty compliments. Cooking, cleaning, and setting up often feels like too much to handle. But you want to put on a good party and show your guests a good time. That will ALWAYS be the case if you put out a charcuterie board. Mixing meats, cheese, crackers, fruits and nuts will really have people talking. The best way to get the most out of your display is by getting those cheese the right shape and size to be grabbed quickly. With a cheese slicer, you’ll be able to pick exactly how you want those slices to look. Slicing up mozzarella, manchego, sharp cheddar, gouda, brie, pepper jack or whatever kind of cheese is your favorite will go a long way to pleasing your guests. We’ve highlighted three of our favorite cheese slicers that will hopefully get you some more thanks the next time you host a party.

Best Adjustable Wire Cheese Slicer

Possessing the ability to change up how big of a slice you can get is a real game changer. Being able to roll it over your cheese and easily get a hunk cuts your preparation time and makes your life simpler. Thanks to the Westmark Germany Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer, you life is about to be easier. This is a sturdy top-seller that is made from coated aluminum with a wire that’s stainless steel. It makes it easy to portion out your cheese and get uniform slices every time. The taut wire cutter glides cleanly through your favorite cheese. This is great for slices on your platter, sandwiches, board, tray or even just to eat right away. You’ll have an easy time gripping this, as the handle is strong and helps your hold. You can adjust the angle of your wrist to change the thickness of the slices of cheese. The built-in tension wheel makes it easy to tighten or replace the wire. The handle has a hole, so you can hang it in your kitchen.

Best Cheese Slicer / Board Combo

Rather than cutting your cheeses and then transporting them to a display board, get a combination set up like the Prodyne Cheese Slicer/Tray with Cracker Well. The wire cheese slicer is attached to the beechwood tray, so you can do all that you need to do right on the tray. At the other end of the tray is a recessed well where you can display and stack your crackers. Obviously, it only makes sense to serve crackers with your cheese and there’s plenty of room to put some other goodies like nuts and fruits. The cutting wire is made from stainless steel and replaceable if it happens to wear over time. But the wire is backed by a lifetime guarantee for breakage, so you don’t have to worry about that. The board and tray measure 11.5″ x 9.25″ The bottom of it has non-slip feet to keep it in place when you’re either cutting or people are grabbing crackers or cheese from it. The wire will cut even the hardest of cheeses and the entire set comes in a decorative box, making it a perfect gift to give.

Best Value Cheese Slicer

Maybe you’re trying to save a few bucks when you’re putting together your kitchen utensils that you aren’t going to use every single day. In that case, you should check out the Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer. This rugged, stainless steel wire cuts to just the right thickness you desire. If you want thick, thin or paper thin, you can achieve it. It is cast from a single piece of zinc alloy and makes for one, heavy duty tool. It’ll even give you slices as thick as a 1/4″. It only weighs 7.2 ounces, meaning it’s easy to hold. This will work well with hard, semi-hard, semi-soft, and soft cheeses, so no matter what you’re serving, you’ll be set. This comes backed by a one-year warranty and a replacement cutting wire, so it doesn’t hurt you to give it a try. This is a cost-effective option that will really deliver for you and your guests.