You don’t want to feel the burn unless you’re trying to lose weight at the gym. If you’re a welder or have done welding in the past, you know how much heat can be produced while you’re working. Don’t even think about welding without protection, and that specifically means gloves. You absolutely need to be wearing gloves when you’re welding, as the right glove choice can mean everything. You can’t just use gloves you may garden in or ones that you have lying around the house for other tasks. This job takes a specific build and a sturdy leather glove is the choice. This will also give you the flexibility you need once that flame turns on. If you’re about to start a welding job, be sure you’re ready by checking out our choices for the best welding gloves on the market. Let’s take a look.

Longest Pair of Welding Gloves

With the ability to complete many jobs, the RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves are a great purchase for anyone who has to deal with heavy duties. These are made from a reinforced Kevlar insulated cotton, flame retardant cotton and air-isolated aluminum foil for maximum protection. These will cover your fingers, palms, back of your hands and wrists from any dangerous sparks. These measure 16 inches, meaning they are longer than most other ones on the market to cover more of your hands and arms. The inner layer of the glove is a 100% cotton that is soft to the touch, giving you four layers with the one touching your hand being the most comfortable. These gloves are guaranteed to withstand temperatures as hot as 932°F. The flame retardant thread stitching is also cold-resistant, sweat absorbent, breathable and allergy-free. You’ll be protected from grinding debris, coals, sparks and open flames. These are made from a 1.5mm thick and soft shoulder, split, natural cowhide leather that is puncture- and cut-resistant. These are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so it doesn’t hurt you to give them a try. This pair is safe to use for the oven, grill, fireplace, furnace, and stove, among others.

Most Comfortable Pair of Welding Gloves

While we know that welding is a heavy-duty job, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it comfortably. With the Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves, it’ll feel like you aren’t wearing anything. These are made from high grade leather on the outside and a soft cotton inside that lines your hands. They are designed to withstand and protect against high temperatures. The outside has Kevlar threading and leather reinforced stress points and the interior is fully lined to withstand daily exposure to heat and flames. You won’t be susceptible to spatter or sparks if you’re covered up wearing these. The soft cotton hand liner and straight thumb design gives you much more control over your fingertips and feels incredibly comfortable. The inside cuff is lined with a twill cotton that absorbs moisture while you’re using it. These are used by professional fabricators everyday and they are recommended to be used during stick welding, mig welding, flux-core welding and during other high temperature jobs.

Best Value Pair of Welding Gloves

For those who just want to guarantee they will be covered and protected from harsh heat, there’s the US Forge 400 Welding Gloves. These are lined leather gloves that are extremely cost-efficient and give you a lot of bang for your buck. They are made from premium leather that is soft and supple. The top grain leather is made for comfort and pliability, so you won’t feel restricted while wearing them. These are designed to protect you from molten metal and ultraviolet rays. The internal cotton liner gives you more comfort and durability. The stitching is locked to make it last longer and for additional strength. You won’t have to worry about this falling apart on you after or during a tough job. They measure 14 inches and come in a sharp blue color that is easy to find in your tool area or garage.