Even though it is cold in the winter, that doesn’t mean you need to stay inside for months on end. If you’re looking for something you can do in the winter that you can also do in the summer, you should think about getting a fire pit for your backyard. A fire pit is a perfect ambiance piece for your home and allows you to enjoy the outdoors any time of year. Having a fire pit allows you to roast marshmallows, hot dogs or vegetables whenever you want to and gives you a place to crowd around to take in the stars in the night sky. When you aren’t using the fire pit, you should it covered with a fire pit cover. These weather-resistant covers protect your investment when there is inclimate weather. Rather than just exposing it to the elements, the cover is more or less a security blanket. For those with a fire pit that want it to last a long time, any of the three fire pit covers we’ve hand selected below are sure to do the trick. Take a look at our choices and be ready to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Best Fire Pit Cover for Large Fire Pits

The larger the fire pit, the more people you can sit around it. If you have a very large fire pit, consider picking up this Duck Covers Unlimited Round Fire Pit Cover. This particular one fits over fire pits up to 68″ in diameter and up to 24″ in height, giving you plenty of room to work with. This is a high-strength cover that is water-resistant, so through the rainy months, your fire pit will be just fine. The cover is durable, as the stitching all around it is doubled and seams are extremely strong. The straps are made from Velcro to make it simple to open and close the cover whenever you want to take it off or put it on. You can secure it over the fire pit and then put the straps together for an established fit. It has tape sealing that focuses on the important seams of the cover to prevent any leaking. It should be noted that this is not designed to cover all wheels and legs of a fire pit.

Best Drawstring Fire Pit Cover

Rather than using Velcro straps to close up your fire pit cover, tighten the Sunnydaze Round Outdoor Fire Pit Cover over your fire pit with its drawstring. The drawstring and toggle ensure a tight and snug fit as well as a lot of protection for your backyard. You can get these in different sizes ranging from 30″ x 12″ to 80″ x 24″. The cover is made from durable, reinforced vinyl PVC that will withstand both water, weather and wind. This will keep your fire pit lasting longer. It works on propane fire pits and outdoor wood-burning fireplaces when you aren’t using them. It comes in black and blends in with any type of backyard decor you may have. Whether you keep your fire pit on the patio, deck, porch or lawn, this will securely fasten over it. It is backed by a one-year warranty and fits over round fire pits.

Best Fire Pit Cover on a Budget

Keeping your fire pit protected is something everyone who owns one should be worried about. But you shouldn’t be worried about denting your wallet over a cover, thanks to the Classic Accessories Terrazzo Fire Pit Cover. This is guaranteed to fit around a 44-inch diameter fire pit that is round. This cover is a cost-effect option for your outdoors and is meant to do battle against tough weather. It will withstand rain, snow, sun, dirt and it won’t even crack in cold weather. The design fits to your round fire pit, as the elastic cord on the bottom hem provides for a fast and custom fit. It is guaranteed to stay on, as there are loops on it that will tuck underneath any legs to keep it secured. This terrazzo cover will fit underneath the legs, but it is not meant to cover them. It is backed by a one-year limited warranty, giving you time to see if it works for your home.