Cleaning doesn’t only have to be done in the spring. While that first time you really do a deep cleaning of your home often falls sometime between March and April, that doesn’t mean the dirt and grime waits until then to pile up. Dust can build up in as a little as a day or so and can lead to a number of problems, including allergies and not being able to kick a cold. What you need to do to combat the dust in your house is get a duster. Dusters will help you eliminate dust from the places you may forget about, especially your blinds and on top of your ceiling fans. We all can usually spot the dust on a bedside table or the entertainment unit, but when it’s in a spot you don’t think about, that’s where the thick coating of dust can really occur. So pick up any of these dusters that we’ve hand selected for you below and keep your home clean not only in the spring.

Best Duster for Blinds

The building up of dust on your blinds is just a part of life (assuming you have blinds). Rather than having to worry about painstakingly taking a paper towel or rag to each individual blind, reach for the HIWARE Window Blind Cleaner Duster Brush. This duster is made from high quality and sturdy polyethylene and the design is genius. Essentially, you have three cleaning sleeves that you can insert into your blinds to slide along them to get rid of the dust. The sleeves are made from microfiber that can pick up dust quicker and more easily. The radian arms are designed to suit all blinds with a triple bladed design that clean multiple blinds simultaneously. This also works well with dust cleaner and spray. This is not great to use on big blinds, as the arms won’t clamp down on it. But you would be able to use the microfiber sleeves with some cleaner on them to wipe down larger blinds.

Most Versatile Duster

Have you ever tried to dust a bookshelf or another area of your house that was extremely difficult to reach because of the angle? There are easier ways to handle those odd angles and the Pure Care Microfiber Feather Duster is one of those ways. You won’t have to worry about buying expensive refills when it comes to gathering up as much dust as you can. The large rotating head can be bent, contorted and locked in at various angles to help you get in and clean. It extends, thanks to the triple section, 64-inch telescoping pole that it’s attached to. This is great for ceiling fans, fan blades, ceilings, walls, crown molding, tall corners, air vents, air grates, door frames or even tall furniture. The duster head is made up of tiny microfiber pads that attach themselves to the dust and dirt. Even if you shake the head, it won’t release the dust. You need to wash the dust off, which is convenient because you won’t have dust bunnies falling all over your floor when you’re coming down from some area that was high to reach. This is able to clean a large surface in a single swipe and work in pretty much any condition. Pure Care stands behind its products, so if you have any issue with it, you can reach out to them for a refund.

Best Duster for Tall Areas

Rather than having to climb up on a ladder just to get the pesky cobwebs out of your home, pick up the Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Super Extender Handle Starter Kit. This comes with four heavy duty duster refills, so you’ll be set for a while. The super extender handle reaches up to six feet long, so you don’t have to stand on that ladder. This helps 77% of users reach all the areas that they need to. The dusters on the heads trap and lock in the dust, so when you’re using it, it will store it in the fibers. The fibers are specially coated to store as much as possible. It is better than most feather dusters and works great with dog and cat dander. All areas of the duster works to snag dust particles, as it is coated a full 360°.