As much as you may like to think it, you can’t carry everything. Making less trips is obviously ideal and stacking boxes on top of each other and not being able to see over them can seem like a good idea, but one bad trip will really make you regret it. While we all want to believe you only need one trip to the car to bring everything in from the grocery store, sometimes that isn’t the case. These are times when a hand truck and dolly would come in handy. Stacking heavier or bulkier items on one makes transporting them a hundred times easier. Depending on the size and heft of your load, there are different variations of the hand truck and dolly, so we’ve picked three to give you the best idea of what’s on the market.

Most Versatile Hand Truck and Dolly

Giving you the option to use it in multiple ways, the Cosco Shifter doesn’t require any tools to convert. The steel frame can withstand up to 300 pounds of bulk and will stabilize it all. You can turn this device from a hand truck into a rolling cart, so you can decide which method would work best for the particular job and there aren’t any pins to move around when you’re changing it either. As a bonus, it will fold flat when you need to store it. The height is 49.25″ and it weighs just under 15 pounds itself. You can store it in your trunk, basement or garage and grab it quickly when needed.

Best Heavy-Duty Hand Truck and Dolly

For those times when the weight is too much to carry, there’s the Harper Trucks Hand Truck and Dolly. It has a nylon plastic frame that is 30% lighter than steel, but is designed for maximum strength, as it can hold up to 400 pounds. It is also convertible and can hold 300 pounds as a hand truck. The frame is rust-resistant and corrosion-averse. It is on top of 8″ rubber wheels with 3″ swivel casters, meaning moving it around isn’t difficult.

Best Push Cart Dolly

If you’re looking for a rolling car that has full maneuverability, you can opt for the Push Cart Dolly by Wellmax. This functional platform measures 28.74″ x 18.70″ x 27.56″ and the handle can fold flat to fit in your closet or car. This version can hold 330 pounds or you can get the one that can hold 660 pounds. It has four wheels that swivel 360°, providing maximum stability. The non-slip platform keeps your belongings safe and the bumper strips minimize damage. The padded handle is easy to hold and push and the wear-resistant wheels can be rolled onto any surface. It comes with all the parts and tools to set it up in a few minutes.