Bringing out the old sewing kit or heading down to the sewing machine in order to hem, tailor or make may be a lost skill for some. Being able to size the bottoms of your pants properly, so you don’t have to wait to bring them to the cleaners, saves you money and can really help out your family. No matter what you’re doing with thread or fabric, you’re going to need a few supplies to be able to complete your tasks. A pair of sewing shears may be on top of the list. Having a pair of shears that can cut through any type of cloth you need it to, whether you’re making a costume for your son or daughter’s school play or just resewing a button onto a sport coat, will make your life a whole lot easier. If you’re someone who is able to sew or make clothing, you know how important a trusty pair of shears are. If you’re in the market for some, we’ve highlighted our three favorites to keep by your kit or machine.

Best Long Pair of Shears

Handling a lot of fabric and long sheets of it can get tiresome on your hands, especially if you’re making a dress or pants. With the LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors, you won’t have any problem sliding through fabric. These measure 9.5″ with a 4″ cutting piece that allow for easy use. They are durable and made from stainless steel that is rustproof. This steel is high density that makes three times harder than normal density steel. Smoother cutting is what really stuck out of us when we used these. You’ll be able to cut up to 16 layers of fabric at a time, making them ideal for sewing, tailoring, quilting, dressmaking, cutting patterns, alterations, hand craft and home and office use. These have soft, ergonomically-designed handles for maximum comfort and the blade can cut through glue and tape without deteriorating. Each pair of the scissors are independently tested and selected and are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so this makes a ton of sense to at least try.

Best Pair of Shears to Cut Fabric

One of the hardest things to do when you’re cutting fabric is trying to combat it against bunching up. Using the Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears, you won’t have to worry about that. You’ll be able to cut longer, making it ideal for patterns, seams and long swaths. The bent handle design holds fabric flat, making it much easier to cut. It’ll keep it on the tabletop or counter for a smoother experience. This knife’s edge allows it to cut multiple layers of fabric at a time. The double-plated chrome-over-nickel blade finish is both striking and durable. You’ll experience mistake-free cutting and you’ll even be able to protect the blade, as it comes with a nylon sheath. Gingher has been making shears since 1947 and is known for its top quality.

Best Pinking Shears

If you’re wanting to change up the kind of cut that you’re making, then changing a blade design makes all the sense in the world. The P.LOTOR Pinking Shears will do just that, as you’ll be getting a cut that’s perfect for craft making. These 9.3-inch pinking scissors are perfect for fabrics, linings, paper, crafts, or any other professional or personal use. These are made with durable, stainless steel blades, as well as soft, ergonomic handles that are easy to grip. The ball bearing joint in the middle of the shears allows for precision and smooth cutting through any type of surface. These zig zag scissors are made with quality and can be used on photos as well, if you’re putting together a collage. The joint should be greased if it ever stops cutting smoothly.