Having a pool at your home can be a wonderful part of being a homeowner. Being able to take a dip whenever you want and not have to rush out to the beach, the local pool or a nearby lake or pond is extremely convenient. But taking care of a pool is a lot of maintenance and commitment. Besides all the treatments that need to be done to the water itself, you also need to clean it and that comes with gear, whether you want a skimmer, a vacuum or both. But if you’re in the middle of the swimming season or it’s that time of year where you’re wishing it was warm enough to be swimming season, you can use a pool cover to protect your pool. There are pool covers that can be used all year round, in winter or in summer and they serve different purposes. If you have an above ground or in-ground pool, you know you need a pool cover. Let’s take a look at some of the best pool covers on the market.

Best Large Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

For those who have an above ground pool that takes up a good part of your large backyard, consider purchasing the Robelle 3533-4 Super Winter Pool Cover for Round Above Ground Swimming Pools. You can get pool covers for multiple sizes of pools but the biggest one that is offered by Robelle is a 33-footer. This has high quality 8 x 8 scrim and is made from heavy-duty polyethylene that weighs 2.36 oz/yd². The best part about this pool cover is that it offers four feet of extra material, making it super simple to secure the cover. You won’t have to struggle to stretch this as far as possible just to get it to cover over the pool water. It comes in 17 different colors, allowing you to pick whichever one matches your pool or even your backyard decor. The cover includes a winch and cable, which should be used to secure the cover through the reinforced grommets. Each one of these is backed by a 10-year warranty, letting you get ready for 10 straight swimming seasons without a problem.

Best Solar Pool Cover

A solar cover can be used during the swimming season in order to heat your pool, as utilizing a heater means more electricity and more money spent to get the water the temperature you want. Save money and use the sun to your advantage by grabbing the Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover. This comes in just about every size of in-ground pool, whether you have a rectangular or square shaped pool. This goes all the way from 10′ x 16′ to 25′ x 50′ or even a 33′ x 33′ large area pool. You can also get it in either blue or clear, whichever one looks better to you. This film is made from thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and keep heat both at night or even during colder days. The reason why a solar cover is so enticing is that it can prevent up to 95% of pool water evaporation, keeping the amount of water lost to the environment lower than a pool that isn’t covered. A great feature of this solar cover is that you can trim it to fit the exact lay out of your pool. So if you have stairs on either end of the pool or a cover that people can step out or sit in, you’ll be able to account for that by cutting the cover to that shape.

Best Warranty on a Pool Cover

People love a warranty. Why wouldn’t you? It keeps you protected, just like the Blue Wave Silver 12-Year Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover does to your pool. This can be purchased in sizes 12′, 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 28′ and 30′. You’ll get four feet of overlap, so that measurement is for the size of the pool and the four feet will help you tie it down. As stated in the title, this is backed by a 12-year warranty, two more years than the first selection on our list. It comes with a heavy-duty cable and winch tightener, making attaching the cover simple. This is perfect to use in the off-season, as it helps protect your pool and the liner from sun, snow, ice and wind. This will fit most top rails, so you shouldn’t have a problem attaching it.