Photographs of yourself and your family really help make any house or apartment feel more like a home. Adorning your walls and shelves with pictures of you hiking a mountain, celebrating a birthday or at a wedding makes for a more live-in feeling at your place. Something that frequently makes homes feel more cozy are professional photographs. Now, if you fancy yourself an amateur photographer, you can create these photos yourself, but you’re going to need something besides great camera equipment to pull that off. With a backdrop, you’ll be able to stage the photos to look exactly as you want them to. In order to get that backdrop to stay upright, you’ll need a stand that will hang it. Whether you need a rustic background, a solid one, or just something to hang that green screen you recently purchased, a backdrop stand is perfect for you. Take a look at the three we’ve highlighted below, so you’re prepared to fill up those picture frames.

Best Large Backdrop Stand


If you’re setting up for a large family photos or want to have a lot of items in the background of your shot, you’re going to need a large stand. The MOUNTDOG 9.2 x 10 feet Photo Video Studio Backdrop Background Support Stand is adjustable but can go as large as the stated 9.2′ x 10′. The minimum height it can have is three feet and the minimum width is five feet, giving you flexibility to cater what you need for your shoot. It has a 1.3″ diameter stand tube that’s sturdy and durable, so it’s stable when you’re using it. You’ll get two support stands, four crossbars and four spring clamps that will allow you to assemble the backdrop stand to your desired size. The support stands are made from aluminum material and won’t be wobbly, even when used outdoors. The crossbars are easy to connect and the top one is telescoping. There won’t be any sagging when hanging backdrops up to 11 pounds. The clamps can be used to hold canvas, muslin or paper and their strong grip prevents the backgrounds from slipping out. You’ll also receive a portable carrying bag with a durable zipper that makes keeping everything together simple.

Best Backdrop Stand Kit

Providing you with a lot of accessories when it comes to the backdrop stand, the Emart 8.5 x 10 feet Photo Backdrop Stand is a solid purchase for any budding photographer. This kit is loaded with everything you’re going to need to hang your background. This super simple set up can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s lightweight and portable so that you can use it to shoot anywhere. The top crossbar is telescoping that, at minimum, is five feet and at maximum is 10 feet. With this kit, you’ll be getting two support sand, two crossbars, two spring clamps, four backdrop clip holders, two sand bags and a convenient carrying case. This whole thing is backed by a 12 month warranty, giving you plenty of reason to give it a try. The spring clamps and backdrop clip holders will hold muslin, canvas, paper and others to keep them in place. You won’t have to worry about this falling over, whether you’re inside or outside, with the filled sandbags that are included.

Best Value Backdrop Stand

If you have your backdrop or background all set and all you need is a backdrop stand, you’ll do perfectly with the Julius Studio Photo Video Studio Backdrop Stand. You’ll receive everything you need for a photo shoot and it will take almost no time to set up and have you ready to snap away. With this kit is included two cross bars, one male and one female, a two piece support stand, three photo clamps, two sand bags and one carrying bag. It can be adjusted between 5.3 feet and 10 feet of width and 2.6 feet and 7.3 feet in height. This will hold canvas, muslin and paper backgrounds and the photo clamps provide a strong grip that prevent slipping out. The sand bags are quality and will keep everything sturdy. This is a lightweight backdrop stand made of aluminum alloy for durability and portability.