Moving into a new apartment or home is an exciting moment in anybody’s life. Decorating that house can be more stressful than anything but is still something that can be fun. But there are certainly things that you aren’t thinking about when you move in, like window adornments and shower decorating. No matter what kind of home you live in, you’re likely going to need a curtain somewhere. Whether it’s to add some decoration in your living room or to give people privacy in the shower, you can’t have a shower curtain without a tension rod. Tension rods are meant to fit into the space that you need them to and lock into place. It’ll keep your curtains and drapes looking sharp and can be applied to all kinds of surfaces. If you’re looking to class up your apartment or just looking to bathe not in the open, grabbing any of these tension rods for your curtains is a great place to start.

Sturdiest Tension Rod

One of the worst things that could happen while you’re in the shower is for the shower curtain rod to fall down. Not only could you injure yourself, but it’s usually a pain to put back up. For a tension rod that is guaranteed to never fall, get the ALLZONE Tension Shower Window Curtain Rod. This features brand new, patented technology with a unique button setting that will lock in place, ensuring it will never fall. It is 100% safe and can hold up to 20 pounds of curtains or fabric. So this will be good for heavier drapes and even blackout curtains, if you’re someone who works during the nighttime and needs to sleep during the day. You can apply this to any surface, as the ends have material that works on rough and smooth walls. This will work on wallpaper, tile, wood, and any other surface. The non-slip foot won’t scratch your wall or damage the installation surface. You won’t need to drill any holes into the wall to install this and don’t even need any tools. You can choose from there different sizes: 28″ – 41″, 42″ – 81″, or 83″ – 120″. You can also use this as a drying rack that will hang your clothes.

Best Set of Tension Rods

Setting up multiple rooms or bathrooms in your home? Then you’re going to need more than one tension rod to hang things from. You should choose the iDesign Cameo Metal Expandable Constant Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod Set of Two. This set gives you two rods that are Cameo Constant Tension Rods, perfect for bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, changing areas, closets, window openings and more. This has a guaranteed hold that won’t shift and the non-slip caps on each end provide extended stability. Both of them are made from stainless steel with a matte black finish and plastic end caps that won’t damage your walls if you remove them. You can get multiple different sizes, with choices between 26″ – 42″, 43″ – 75″, 50″ – 87″, or 78″ – 108″. These rods are extremely easy to use and set up, as you just need to extend it to fit the opening. Twisting and locking it into place will provide a firm hold. The rods can accommodate any type of curtain ring, so you don’t need to worry about choosing a specific kind.

Best Budget Tension Rod

For those who just need something for their apartment, perhaps temporarily, or don’t want to spend that much on window and bathroom decorum, then the Rod Desyne Oval Spring Tension Rod could be the right choice. You can get either black or white and in the sizes between 22″ – 36″ or 36″ – 60″. This rod is made from solid steel construction with a heavy duty steel spring, meaning it’s built to last. This cost-effective option of a rod has firm gripping, plastic ends that securely hold the rod in place without ever damaging the mounting surface. The dimensions of the rod are 11/16″ in height and 7/16″ in depth. It only takes a few moments to install and you won’t need any tools. Drilling is not needed to put this rod up wherever you need it in your home.