There are plenty of situations where a T-shirt is a completely acceptable top to wear, especially if it’s a nicer, designer one. But when you’re rushing to get ready and you’re already late, pulling a T-shirt out of your drawer and seeing that it’s all wrinkled is the last thing you want to have happen. If only you hadn’t just smushed it into the drawer to save space, then you wouldn’t be scrambling to find something else. This goes for any article of clothing, but especially shirts as they tend to have harder wrinkles to work out. A trick to keeping your long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts from getting that way is to use a shirt folding board when they are fresh out of the dryer. This proven method of folding guarantees they will be folded the easiest way possible to store and won’t develop wrinkles. These boards are incredibly easy to use and will help you out in a pinch. Looking to end the stress of storing and packing shirts? Choosing any of these folding boards is a great start. Let’s take a peek.

Best Overall Folding Board

You won’t find a folding board sturdier than the BoxLegend v4 Shirt Folding Board. It is made from upgraded PP thicker plastic material that will never deform and provides toughness when storing it. It only takes three steps to fold the clothes and you can do it in a few seconds. It will make your clothes flatter and neater than ever before. You’ll be able to save closet and drawer space and optimize the clothing organization of your room. It doesn’t matter what thickness your clothes are, as this can handle thin, medium and thick clothing without a problem. This will work on plenty of other clothes as well, not just T-shirts. This will fold dresses, blouses, pants, trousers, shorts, pajamas, and even towels. It measures 28.3″ x 22.8″ and stores flat, so you’ll be able to keep it under your bed, near your laundry basket or next to the washing machine and dryer. Along with this folding board, you’ll also receive a three-tier closet organizer and a delicate black gift box as a part of the purchase.

Best Folding Board for Storage

If you don’t need something quite as large as the previous folding board, you can opt for something like the Sealegend V1 Shirt Folding Board. Made from high quality PP material, this reusable and adjustable folder will get the job done for you. It is environmentally safe as it is made from non-toxic materials. It measures a bit smaller than the one above it, so it won’t take up much space in your home. You can keep this in a variety of places, such as under the bed, in a closet or on a shelf. In less than five seconds, you’ll be able to fold things to a compact size and get them all to be folded into the same size. This will work with any shirt, long or short sleeved and will save you a bunch of time. Nobody enjoys having to attempt to fold everything by hand. If you have the Sealegend Folding Board, you won’t ever have to again.

Best Value Folding Board

While the other two folding boards won’t cost you an arm and a leg, if your’e looking for a more cost-effective option, choose the PetSure Shirt Tshirt Easy and Fast Clothes Folding Board. This also is a space-efficient design, as it is slightly larger than the Sealegend V1 Shirt Folding Board. You’ll be optimizing your space and your clothing organization with this folding board. This one also only takes three steps to churn out freshly folded garments and is so simple, even your kids will enjoy doing it with you. This is a terrific gift idea for anybody, especially those just moving out on their own or college students who may be doing their own laundry for the first time. It is made from long lasting and sturdy PP composite materials that is flexible and sturdy. You’ll be able to fold shirts, pants, towels or even thick sweaters in just minutes.