Moving out on your own for the first time can be scary. There are a lot of things to worry about and decorating your apartment or house is going to be near the top of the list. Not everyone is able to afford a huge, sprawling mansion and not every room is going to be the same size. Sometimes, you’re going to have to create space from wherever you can. If your bedroom doesn’t have that much space in it, a loft bed is something to seriously consider. With a loft bed, there’s more area under the bed that can be used for storage. Of course, loft beds have been popular in children’s rooms for many years but that doesn’t mean they should only be used by children. So whether you or, if you have kids, they want more room in their bedroom, considering any of the three loft beds we’ve handpicked is sure to keep your home less cluttered.

Sturdiest Loft Bed

Allowing for plenty of room beneath it, the WE Furniture AZDOLSL Modern Metal Pipe Full Double Size Loft Bed is a stellar choice. The dimensions for this full loft are 71″ x 79″ x 55″, with dimensions under the bed reaching 55″ x 79″ x 55″. So there’s plenty of space for a desk, chair, dresser, bureau or anything else you’d like to keep under it. What really amazed us about this bed is just how durable it is. The frame and bed can hold up to 250 pounds and there’s no need for a box spring. A mattress with eight to nine inches of thickness is recommended for the most comfortable use. It doesn’t take long to set up, as it comes with guardrails for safety, a ladder and metal support slats. This is an ideal setup for someone who loves to game in their room while sitting in a chair, as you’ll be able to set up a TV or a computer system underneath and sit down and play. This comes in multiple color options, such as black, white, and silver. It is made from powder-coated metal, so it looks great.

Best Loft Bed for Children

If you’re looking for a great option for your children’s room, take a look at the DHP Junior Loft Bed Frame With Ladder. This is an excellent way to free up some space in your children’s room, as it doesn’t provide as much space underneath as the WE Furniture version. It measures 41.5″ x 78″ x 50″ but has enough room to put a small dresser, desk or even another mattress underneath it to turn it into a bunk bed. It is made from a sturdy metal frame with an attached ladder that extends outward slightly, rather than straight up and down. The area below can be used to lounge in, play in, or store things in. The bed has a weight limit of 200 pounds, meaning the frame is extremely durable and steady. It all ships in one box and is pretty easy to assemble. There is no need for additional foundation, as there are metal slats that come with it. This twin size bed is great for a smaller bedroom.

Best Wood Loft Bed

For those who like the classic look of a wood bed frame, there’s the Canwood Whistler Junior Bed. This is an ideal first “big kid” bed, as it is elevated slightly but not as high as the previous two. It is lower than a traditional loft bed and the ladder only has two rungs. This loft bed measures 80.5″ x 41.5″ x 45.4″, making it a strong choice for keeping just enough room under the bed for sliding storage bins or a small dresser. It is made from solid rubber wood and composites and is imported. The ladder is securely fastened and on each side there are full-length safety guardrails to protect against falling or rolling off of the bed. It has a metal fastening system that keeps it all together, making it safe for your home. It meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards, both domestic and international. This is designed to fit any standard twin size mattress. You can choose from five different colors: espresso, cherry, black, natural and white. This makes for a good selection for a dorm room style bedroom.