A killer sound system can make or break a man cave. Not only that, but if you’re in a band or just like playing music, you know how important a good speaker can be. Making sure you can rock out and then hear your best sound means everything when you’re getting ready to perform or just like jamming. But the real deal is when it comes to putting together a sound system that you can boast about to your friends and family for ultimate movie and TV watching. With the best banana plugs available, you’ll be able to connect your receiver to the speakers and ensure a flawless link. Banana plugs are very adaptable and versatile, as they can be used with many different sound machines. We’ve picked out three of our favorite packs to get you the connection you need to be blown away by sound.

Best Large Pack of Banana Plugs

Craft the largest system you can think of and truly experience surround sound with the Mediabridge Banana Plugs Pack of 24. You’ll be getting 12 pairs of plugs which are meant to attach to speaker wire for a high-quality signal path to and from different components, like a speaker, receiver, amplifier, or other sound devices. These are compatible with bare wires, spades or even other banana plugs to work with 8-18 AWG speakers. The connectors and crimping teeth are coated with corrosion-resistant 24K gold plating, meaning these are built to last. A wider base minimizes shorting for maximum signal transfer and you’ll receive a secure fit for clarity purposes. The two-piece, screw-on design makes these reusable. All you’ll need to do to set it up is connect it to a current speaker wire through the banana plug’s bottom piece. With the crimping teeth, it’s an easy set up. This pack gives you color coded plugs, so you’ll know which one is for the right side and the left side. Each plug has a female banana plug connector on the bottom.

Best Deadbolt Pack of Banana Plugs

Allowing you to take the connection possibilities into your own hands, the Sewell Deadbolt Banana Plugs 6-Pairs is an easy-to-use solution. These packs come in multiple different sizes, so you can pick and choose either two pairs, five pairs, six pairs or 12 pairs. It also comes in either deadbolt banana plugs or deadbolt flex pins, allowing you to pick what you need. These also have 24K gold plating and crimping teeth, making connecting it simple and keeping it from corroding quickly. These are meant to be used for a long period of time. The fast lock technology makes it easy for you to do the crimping and connecting yourself. Each one has a heavy duty brass casing that ups the durability and each one has a wide base that minimizes shorting. You’ll receive maximum signal transferring, no matter what kind of speaker or amplifier you’re using.

Best Value Pack of Banana Plugs

Giving you a lot of bang for your buck, the Monoprice 109436 Gold Plated Speaker Banana Plugs comes with five pairs that make for an efficient installation. These will work with either bare wires or spades and also can accept between 12 and 18 AWG speaker wires. Allowing you to enjoy proper polarity, the plugs are color coded with red for one side and black for the other side. These 10 plugs are corrosion-resistant and plated with 24K gold. Your system will receive secure and positive contact with binding posts. This makes it easier and safer to create the connection to the back of your amp. The plug body is made of brass and is perfect for making the satellite and center channel speakers in a 5.1 channel setup.