Are you one of those people who is cold year round? Have a blanket by your bedside, couch and even at your desk at work? Whether it’s poor circulation or you just always like to feel cozy (I mean, who doesn’t?), there’s always an occasion when a blanket can be a saving grace. Nothing can be worse than having cold toes, as that will chill the rest of your body. But for really cold nights, you’re going to want some extra warmth. That’s when you need more than just a throw blanket. An electric blanket provides you with that boost of heat to bring you that enveloped feeling. Adding more heat to a fleece blanket was a genius idea that will keep everyone who uses it toasty. So if you or someone you love is always cold and, more annoyingly, complains about it, pick up any of the three electric blankets we’ve highlighted in order to outlast those cold nights.

Best Queen Size Electric Blanket

Making sure that everyone in bed is super warm, or giving you the ability to wrap yourself up like a burrito, the SoftHeat by Perfect Fit is an ideal blanket for a queen size bed. It measures 84″ x 90″, providing supreme coverage for your entire mattress. It is made from luxurious and ultra-soft micro fleece that has built-in thin wires for even heat distribution. It won’t bunch up or feel bulky. It is made of 100% polyester and can be washed in warm water and then tumble dried low in the dryer. It has patented technology that allows for non-hazardous use. In fact, it’s the only blanket that is certified to be non-hazardous for mattress pad use. It is safe in the presence of moisture and will not harm pets or emit EMFs. The feature control is a single touch button that can run continuously for 10 hours before automatically shutting off for convenience. It features a giant, backlit display with an auto dimming feature that lets you adjust the temperature of the blanket during the night without having to turn the lights on. It’s incredibly simple to use as well as convenient for the whole bed.

Best Heat Settings for an Electric Blanket

Are you someone who likes the electric blanket on at all times, but doesn’t want to take it completely off when you get too warm? Check out the MaxKare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Flannel. With four levels of heating, ranging from 95°F to 113°F,  you’ll no doubt be covered, snuggled and warmed. It measures 50″ x 60″ and has a snap button design to ensure safe usage. You’ll be able to combat the cold weather while snuggling on your couch. One side has a silky flannel feel and the other is made with sherpa shu velveteen to make you feel relaxed and to preserve heat. This blanket automatically shuts off after three hours of use, meaning it’s safe to have in any household. It also has overheat protection to promote a safer experience for each individual user. It can be thrown in the washing machine if it gets dirty and will still remain soft and hygienic. You can even use it as a regular blanket if you just detach the controller. The power cable is long, reaching 9.8′, so you can plug it in from just about anywhere to enjoy coziness.

Best Value Electric Blanket

As with most of their products, Sunbeam provides quality and comfort with their Heated Throw Blanket. It comes in different colors, including garnet red, mushroom, walnut brown, and cheetah, to name a few. This is made from 100% polyester that will feel gentle on your skin but give you an immense amount of warmth. With its ThermoFine technology, it automatically adjusts for consistent heat control, meaning if you use any of the three heat settings, it will adjust it to make the entire blanket that same temperature. The PrimeStyle lighted controller is easy to use and see, allowing you to select from those three settings. This blanket features a three-hour auto-off function to give users peace of mind while lounging around their home. It measures 50″ x 60″ and is safe to throw in the washer and dryer. It also features a limited five-year warranty that will allow you to bring it with you wherever you want to be warm for years. This blanket is a terrific and cost-effective option for your home.