As little kids, there are few things more exciting than racing cars around your house. It doesn’t matter if they are those cars that you pull backwards to wind up or ones for kids that you can actually sit in and drive. They are super fun regardless of what you’re doing as it helps teach kids what driving is like. But the most fun of the brand is definitely the remote control car. Being able to drive and zoom around the kitchen, living room or even backyard while you climb up and over things to do stunts makes you feel like a NASCAR driver. So if you’re looking to help your son or daughter get their adrenaline fix or you, as an adult, still feel that need for speed, take a look at our selections for the best remote control cars on the market.

Best RC Car with Rechargeable Batteries

If you find yourself needing to win a race against another toy car or if you’re just wanting a car that moves really fast, check out the SPESXFUN RC Car. With a 2.4 GHz radio control system, this updated RC car for 2019 provides a special driving experience. It has a 1/16 scale that makes it more realistic and it holds, not one but, two built-in motors. This bad boy can reach up to 25 kilometers per hour, so you’ll win that race. The entire structure of the car is made from super strong materials, making it durable and able to go on various terrains. It has large anti-slip wheels and shockproof springs for a long-lasting build. It is equipped with two rechargeable battery packs that can each be used for 20 to 30 minutes continuously. Plus, you can charge them with a USB port. The remote control is infrared, allowing you flexibility to control the directions and distances that the car is traveling. This is a great gift for both adults and children.

Best RC Car for Children

For toddlers and children, they’re going to want cars that they can race in their bedroom or around the house that won’t be messing up the furniture if they run into something. With the Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoons R/C Police Car and Race Car, they’ll have a blast any time they play. The best part about these two cars is they are each on different frequencies, so they can be controlled at the same time and race against each other. With a blaring siren and real honking sounds, these also have flashing headlights to make them really look like cars. The realistic effects and the removable police man action figure in the police car and the removable race car action figure make for a fantastic way to enjoy the day. The vehicles run on three AA batteries and the remote controls run on two AA batteries (not included). The remote controls are in the shape of steering wheels for an authentic feel. The remote is very easy to use and entire set is made of plastic.

Best RC Car for All Terrain

Want to see some gnarly tricks from the power of your own fingers? Picking up the Amicool RC Cars Stunt Car Toy means being able to shred and crush all kinds of terrain. This small car is very stable and can maneuver in any direction in a matter of seconds. It has a miniature and sleek remote that can fit in both a child’s and adult’s hands. It features at 2.4 GHz transmitter that guarantees no interference control. The double sides run forward, backward and turn left and right. It can tumble and flip 360 degrees, which means it can be used anywhere you need it to. The TRP tires have a vacuum design that have a bumpy texture that has a strong grip, which allow the car to climb up at a 45 degree angle. If this is used by a child, it can help stimulate brain development. Each car is made from environmental ABS plastic that is non-toxic. This runs on non-rechargeable batteries and cannot be charged with a USB cord.